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  1. This is the second time this political posting has been deleted. Don't do it again. This section is for fun, not for your politics.
  2. New aquarium holds 40 gallons, I'll fill that and flood the yard.
  3. When you know they're coming, do you turn off the city water and start using up the aljibe water? Maybe for a few days and water the lawn? I would hate to see all that water run out into the street.
  4. Thank you both, that answers my question.
  5. What are your thoughts or opinion about cleaning the aljibe. Is it beneficial or a waste of time and money. I replace my filter every month. No tinaco, pressure pump. I rent and doubt that it's ever been cleaned.
  6. This is my paradise. A large plant room upstairs with shelving units, water fountains and humidifier. A three shelf cart to fill with plants and wheel outside on the balcony where I can water freely. One third of living room downstairs is an atrium with another water fountain. Outside terrace is lined with plants. One corner of yard has orchids and more. I rent so gardening is all in pots. Even with the dogs and fish, I still have time for margaritas so please visit.
  7. To wander is one thing....go off into the ditch is another.
  8. An area in the back off the terrace is where I do a lot of repotting. Was always muddy. The rain splashed the mud on the terrace and required rinsing off everyday. The dogs and I tracked mud into the house. I hated it. I sprayed it with a strong weed killer, laid down the cloth, had 23 bags of river rock delivered and placed them one by one to fill the area. Problem solved.
  9. It's a power filter I saw on YouTube. Many new innovations to make it more user friendly. Not on Amazon. Good reviews. I'll have Alex Peterson bring it. Bought 5 beautiful little catfish. Found out they were Upside Down catfish and will grow to 4 inches or more. So bought a 40L tank and having a cabinet made for it. At least 350 lbs set up. Catfish need a long tank to be happy and not crowding each other.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, I will keep it in mind. I know ISHOP is also an option. I have plenty of time. Right now I'm investigating having the tank and stand made.
  11. Hola, I'm setting up a large aquarium and would like a special filter. Vendor doesn't ship out of US. Happy to buy dinner for your trouble.
  12. I had a friend who tried to pick up a soccer ball he thought his kids left in the yard. He soon discovered it was two skunks mating but too late. Boy were they mad.
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