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  1. Precious loved the steps, but the new bed is much too tall for only two steps. Like new, light, durable and very stable. 800 pesos
  2. Received the deposit into my B of A account this morning by direct deposit. I haven't filed a tax return for the past 8 years.
  3. It's population control. Why do you think it affects the elderly, those with pre existing medical conditions and pregnant women. It's about baby boomers, SS benefits and the depletion of the world's natural resources. How's that for a conspiracy theory?
  4. I boarded my two pups at Furry Friends in Marisol. Very clean and I knew they would be safe and well cared for. Another plus was having them groomed the day I picked them up.
  5. Check out the Penthouse. Delicious meals, friendly sociable people, attentive staff, lovely gardens, nearby bus stop or taxi can pick up. They usually have an Air BnB apt. available. Centrally located between Ajijic and Chapala. Mostly quiet and by the lake.
  6. I recently boarded my two dogs at Furry Friends in Mirasol. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the boarding room and large kennel runs. The dogs are walked twice a day. My main concern is that they are kept safe and secure and in good health on my return. The best part is that I have them groomed on the day I pick them up.
  7. An ultrasound showed an irritation in my dog's bowel. Dr. Berenice said she was most likely sensitive to something in the food. Rather than put Precious through the misery and my expense of experimenting with the different brands and Ingredients, I researched and began making her food. You Tube has many videos. I chose each ingredient for it's nutritional value and health benefit. It's a relief knowing there are no byproducts, dyes, preservatives or anything that isn't fresh and wholesome. The effect was obvious and exciting from almost her first meal. Even her energy went up with her new healthful appearance. Dr. Berenice noticed it and asked for the list of ingredients, making notes and approving each one. I kept a friend's dog for a month and he saw the difference in his dog immediately. He continues to cook for her now. I also get probiotics for dogs shipped to me from Amazon. I don't recommend this if you have several dogs or a large breed. It's expensive and with the addition of another larger pup I'm making it once a week and filling the freezer. But I could never go back to feeding commercial dog food again. You are welcome to PM me for more information.
  8. I sent you a PM. You can also send me one with contact information. No it's not concerning my Precious.
  9. I bought a new recliner yesterday at the furniture store on the corner across from the big fountain at the intersection going into Chapala. I needed one with a wider seat to make my little pup more comfortable. Sorry my leather recliner I gave to the housekeeper so she can put her feet up at the end of the day.
  10. Furry Friends. Grooming and Boarding. It's the house on the east end of the first road entering Marisol. 376 765 5431 I use them for boarding and grooming and highly recommend them.
  11. I would love to go. I am an easy traveler (long distance trucker for 5 years). No demands, healthy bladder, early riser, good listener although I have stories to tell for 3 days easy. I would like to shop at Walmart. Drop me off and pick me up at specified time. If you would want to meet before accepting, I understand. A word to your wife, I've had 5 husbands...been there, done that "No Mas, No Gracias". Looking forward to being "On the road again".
  12. My favorite revenge is to squirt the windshield with dishwashing liquid. Even better if they turn on the wipers to clear it.
  13. I use a section of fence mounted a bit away from the surface of the wall so the vines can easily wrap around. Once it's covered by the vines you can't see it anyways.
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