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  1. Three of us just visited on last Friday. They have just completed remodeling. The spacious and lovely garden area has a grilling patio for weekly BBQs. A hot tub is planned. It is definitely considered an Assisted Living home to almost nursing care. They have single, shared and couple rooms. All felt comfortable and home like with a friendly and caring staff. Small pets are welcomed. When my situation requires a great deal of assistance to enjoy each remaining day, I could be happy there. I hope they want all my plants.
  2. Blood tests before surgery for a blown appendix showed normal magnesium. My Dr. asked why and I said I drank agua mineral with lime juice every day. He agreed that it was probably the reason and recommended that I forever continue. Filtered water takes the bad but also the good.
  3. Only one 7/11 in Riberas. It's west of the side street at the 7/11 on the lakeside several businesses down. Entrance painted lime green. Next door to Vet entrance painted purple with doggy footprints. I try to frequent both to support both families.
  4. Thanks everyone for the great ideas.
  5. The garden shop just west of 7/11 has some large heavy duty black rubber ones with great rolling castors.
  6. Thanks for letting me know. I've been to 5 local nurseries with no luck. I'll try the Cactus viveros. Found them in online nurseries, but ship US and Canada only. No international shipping and I wouldn't trust USPS to deliver before they died anyways. I'm not sure live plants can cross the border. Maybe I can find some baby bromeliads to put in the baskets I collected or onto the wall mounts I expected to use. Anyone know where the orchid nursery Is? I know they can be mounted. I am disappointed. I'll have another glass of wine or go straight to the vodka. Drown my sorrows
  7. My tree climbing days may be over. Are there any low enough to reach? I have been to two viveros locally with no luck. I will try the ones to the West.
  8. I would like to start a collection of Tillandsias or better known as air plants. Would anyone have some for sale or know of a vivero that has them?
  9. New nursery next door to Johanna’s restaurant in Ajijic. I found several wonderful plants that I haven't seen anywhere else.
  10. Sent to a friend looking for a cat and not a kitten.
  11. Received the deposit into my B of A account this morning by direct deposit. I haven't filed a tax return for the past 8 years.
  12. It's population control. Why do you think it affects the elderly, those with pre existing medical conditions and pregnant women. It's about baby boomers, SS benefits and the depletion of the world's natural resources. How's that for a conspiracy theory?
  13. I boarded my two pups at Furry Friends in Marisol. Very clean and I knew they would be safe and well cared for. Another plus was having them groomed the day I picked them up.
  14. Check out the Penthouse. Delicious meals, friendly sociable people, attentive staff, lovely gardens, nearby bus stop or taxi can pick up. They usually have an Air BnB apt. available. Centrally located between Ajijic and Chapala. Mostly quiet and by the lake.
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