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  1. They are a heavy flannel. Top quality. Tag says Malouf fine linens. One set is the blue Grey and the other is the blue/brown plaid.
  2. I've been taking my girls to Furry Friends in Mirasol for grooming and boarding for 7 years. Always happy. Abby can't wait to get in their door. They can hear her crying from across the carretera because we can't get there fast enough. But that's Abby. She's 40 lbs of high energy and all muscle. Both dogs are finished in 3 hrs. Never had a cut or burn on Precious and I have her shaved and clipped very short. I'm sorry you had such an upsetting experience.
  3. With the paperwhite you can read in the sun.
  4. It wasn't his Bancomer. It was BofA. I pay my rent with a check from BofA each month and my landlord received notice that he would pay a fee now for checks over $500. So now I write 2 checks each month. I think this is all coming from the bank trying to minimize the new reporting requirements.
  5. You would have to paint and seal it to hold water. Check out the Televeras stores East and West of SuperLake.
  6. I gave him Ramshorn snails this morning. They can produce more snails all by themselves. No need for both sexes. He has a large pool. I'm looking forward to the visit with you next week. I can home 4 or 5 males. Strictly a bachelor pad. He asked me why the white Mollie was following the black one so closely. I said they were gay. I'm not surprised, the black one is a beauty.
  7. I have snails 🐌. I'm in Riberas. I have 2 aquariums, one has large Upside-down catfish. Unusual and fun to see. I would love to see Fred's pond and fish but I don't have a car. If you would like company I would be happy to go along. I wear a mask. Fred and I are friends. He may still have a siphon hose for me. 331 319 1012.
  8. I found the broken spring. I'll try to find the replacement and it's an easy fix. Thanks everyone for replying.
  9. Good, more for me. Fried crispy with garlic salt in olive oil and i don't miss bacon. Add two fried eggs 🍳 and grits. Of course the grits are $7 a box of 12 env. Not bad if I'm practicing one meal a day. Hopefully, the small truck farmers will be growing veggies and stands will be on street corners and driving by if there is gas ⛽. I'm not looking forward to being a vegetarian but the dogs and I will survive on rice and beans.
  10. I have found that I like Spam. I like inst Coffee and powdered cream. Mexico buys a lot of energy from NOB and the US will have little to sell. Transformers or parts for them may be out on a ship somewhere. I also wonder what life will be like here when the SHTF.
  11. Something sprung and now the leg rest won't lock down. It goes up and down fine but pops up. It makes getting in and out of the chair very awkward and difficult. I'm going to turn it upside down to see if I can determine the cause of the malfunction and fix it but I MIGHT NEED A MAN! 😟
  12. Inflation is here too. I've been tracking it for a couple of months. Rice, toilet paper, Tuna fish. Mostly goes up a few pesos. Crunchy Skippy Pnut Butter jumped 50 pesos all at once. Favorite Vodka rose 20 pesos right before big Holiday. The Market Place Arrachera pkg holds less meat and went from 147ps on sale to 162 and now is 185. This is at Walmart.
  13. Hamilton Beach electric indoor BBQ grill. Used twice for steak, salmon and pork chops. Comes totally apart for easy cleaning. Searing feature is very nice. Like new. 1400 pesos Grilling alone isn't fun like I thought. I will include skewers.
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