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  1. How about "Nothing ventured, nothing gained". Keyboard warriors. Get a life. Exactly what I expected.
  2. Best to be forgiven than to ask permission. I snuck my dog on a train once. The ticket agent in the station said they would stop the train and put me off if I was caught. I had just finished hiking over 2000 miles on the Appalachian Trail so I wasn't afraid of a little walk. Didn't get caught. I snuck a cockatiel on a bus from Veracruz to Catemaco, 4 hours. Didn't get caught. Usually the dog is put in the sleeping berth below, not in luggage compartment. If the trip has two drivers that would be a problem. Visit the bus station and ask to see the sleeping berth and how many drivers are on the trip. At least you could walk the dog on breaks.
  3. Soft nylon fabric. Screen window or pull string top opening. Fits up to 8 lbs. Wear in front or back. 350 pesos
  4. Flannel Sheets. Queen size, two sets of good quality fabric in excellent condition. 500 pesos.
  5. My email is on my profile page. Send me your phone number.
  6. I have one I'll sell. Chrome, on wheels, 5 shelves and like new. Must pick up in Riberas. 1500 pesos.
  7. For the first month, Abby thought her name was Abbyno.
  8. On the counter at Tony's Chicken store in SAT, I saw chocolate muffins. I don't know if they are Chocolate Lava, but very dark chocolate. Store is East of SuperLake, first door across side street.
  9. Do you have a collection of old newspapers to dispose of? I would like to use them for a project.
  10. What are the hours for Have Hammers woodworking school?
  11. I use Furry Friends in Mirasol. The kennels are a comfortable size in a very clean room. The dogs are walked twice a day. Health and security are my major concerns and I have them groomed the day I pick them up.
  12. Seven new, never worn, lovely scarves or light shawls for 700 pesos firm. Photo doesn't do the colors well.
  13. I guess I don't have a roach problem. And all this time I thought they were working. No fleas either with two dogs.
  14. I believe there are 3 in a small pkg. hanging on the wall across from the toilet seats.
  15. In the section of bathroom accessories. Where you would find the flat rubber covers for the shower drain.
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