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  1. Small, clean and in good condition.
  2. I bought a new recliner yesterday at the furniture store on the corner across from the big fountain at the intersection going into Chapala. I needed one with a wider seat to make my little pup more comfortable. Sorry my leather recliner I gave to the housekeeper so she can put her feet up at the end of the day.
  3. Furry Friends. Grooming and Boarding. It's the house on the east end of the first road entering Marisol. 376 765 5431 I use them for boarding and grooming and highly recommend them.
  4. I would love to go. I am an easy traveler (long distance trucker for 5 years). No demands, healthy bladder, early riser, good listener although I have stories to tell for 3 days easy. I would like to shop at Walmart. Drop me off and pick me up at specified time. If you would want to meet before accepting, I understand. A word to your wife, I've had 5 husbands...been there, done that "No Mas, No Gracias". Looking forward to being "On the road again".
  5. My favorite revenge is to squirt the windshield with dishwashing liquid. Even better if they turn on the wipers to clear it.
  6. I use a section of fence mounted a bit away from the surface of the wall so the vines can easily wrap around. Once it's covered by the vines you can't see it anyways.
  7. I have learned that Donna has been in phone contact with you. I'll leave it to her to make the arrangements. Thank you again.
  8. Hi Beverley, we will be thrilled to pick up your donations tomorrow. Alex's uncle works as our manager and has a small pickup. We also have a young strong resident fellow from Australia that's willing to help Chuy and has an SUV if that might be necessary. He just doesn't know it yet. I will talk with them tomorrow at breakfast and call you to make arrangements. Your items will help to make the Bazar a great success and all of us concerned with helping Alex to heal can't thank you enough. People have asked for updates so I can tell you that his surgery today to fix his broken jaw went well today. Food is fed to him by a syringe. Tomorrow he will have surgery to fix one of his cheekbones and maybe both. I don't know. His nose is still broken. Expect my call about 10am and if you're busy, don't worry, I'll keep calling. My phone number is 331 319 1012.
  9. I've spoken to Donna and she will be donating pieces of furniture to the sale. There will be two chairs that will need upholstery that she can think of right now. I have reduced my apartment by half and I'm including many decorator pieces and kitchen paraphernalia. Including a Rival electric wok with heavy glass lid and a set of dishes for four and a full set of silverware for six. We welcome any and all donated items for sale with much thanks and appreciation. Bags and boxes would be a big help. We're having a bake sale in the dining room where coffee and refreshments will be available.
  10. The residents of The Penthouse in Riberas are having a Bazar to help our young gardener who was badly injured when he was hit by a drunk driver. There may be extra furniture included with the many items that have been collected for sale. I will ask Donna or Mike and report back to you or they may answer personally. The sale will be Saturday, September 22 here at Avenida del Pilar #54. We have just heard that Alex will be receiving an excellent prosthetic leg courtesy of the Shriners as he is eligible at 17 years old. Today he is having surgery to repair his broken jaw and nose. We hope to help with the replacement of some teeth that were lost. We thank the Shriners and members of this community for their love and support as we miss Alex and look forward to the day that he is mended and can return to work.
  11. Yes, he is 17 and a representative of the Shriners has visited Alehandro (we call him Alex) at the hospital and he is going to be fitted with an excellent prosthetic leg. We will now be able to help with new teeth. Thanks to the Shriners for their caring, assistance and love for children. Donated items for sale can be dropped off anytime at The Penthouse, Avenida del Pilar #54 in Riberas behind Mirasol. Someone will answer the doorbell and receive your items with much thanks and appreciation.
  12. We live in Riberas and have a bunch of stuff we can donate,  but don't have a car. If you can arrange to get the stuff there, we would love to help. Call for Beverley at 106-0848 (She knows what we have. I don't.)

  13. Our young hardworking Assistant Gardener was hit by a drunk driver. He's in the hospital with severe injuries. He is suffering with a broken jaw, lost teeth and has had one leg amputated from below the knee. He comes from a good hardworking family, but medical costs are mounting and we, the residents of The Penthouse, are hoping to help. We would like for him to have a good prosthetic leg so he can return to work when he has fully mended. We miss him. We are planning to have a Bazar and bake sale or open café on Saturday, September 22. I am clearing my home of decorator items, kitchen and whatever else that I don't need, want or am just tired of storing. Some items have never been used. It's all going to a good cause. All of us here are joining in to make this a huge success. We will gladly accept your donated items for sale and would hope to see you on the 22nd. Ads will follow with address directions and times, list of items for sale and maybe photos. Look for them in the Classified section. This is "Community Living" at it's best.
  14. Years ago I hiked the Appalachian Trail and we always knew when a hiker had found the wild ramps. The aroma emanated from his pores and enveloped him. We were all jealous of his good fortune.
  15. Another friend came by with a perfect little dog that was a rescue so at least one dog has a forever home and my friend is happy. Thank you for your help.
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