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  1. Before changing tile I would want to know why current tiles are cracking. Why install new if there is a problem with movement, settling or whatever?
  2. You might want to talk to One of the Eager family at Nuevo Posada. Michaels daughter recently graduated in the field of nutrition.
  3. Whoever said we're the second best climate is absolutely wrong -- We're the best, #1.
  4. To the oringinal question Intercasa is correct in his assertion the sticker is showing vehicle imported. It doesn't matter you bought it from a dealership it's just a sticker that all new cars get to show the vehicle is imported legally. Cars come from many countries and are imported by dealers. I believe cars assembled here still have parts that were brought in/imported. No big deal and nothing to worry about. Of course this is just my understanding!
  5. No, but why would you stay; why are you here? It's your choice!
  6. Well I did that RV and found an 1800's origin with the Brits. Now I don't have to call them Native American Clubs! I have not seen them used since the early 50's and then only at posh men's clubs. I understand the principals but was curious why a form of dumbells wouldn't work perhaps augmented with phillipine arnis sticks. My thought process was Mexico has not an obvious claim to the use of these bowling pins due to Spanish rather than British influence. So was thinking of alternatives. But thanks to google I see them readily available so problem solved!
  7. Have had this with Aeromexico. They had no problem with me changing flights to one. Preferable for me. As to cancellation I have found that to be contractual. If one purchases the low rate and ignores the 40 dollar or so insurance I suspect your stymied. Check the small print on the contract or details that come with the ticket and you should find a definitive answer.
  8. I'm sure there's an easy answer. Maybe simply a matter of lines available from the closest junction box. I heard fibre optics now installed in C.H. so download times much greater. Maybe the new phone triggered a connection to this service.
  9. I haven't seen these except in movies of the '30's. Why are they called Indian clubs? Why won't barbells work?
  10. I have always hired Brad Grieve to do a home inspection on property I've purchased.
  11. Just back from Pacifico the fish store. They call monkfish botete. No if's an's or but's about it. Also a couple of other names.. We have been eating lots of monkfish since Tabarka first opened their doors in Ajijic. Still kickin'. I seem to recall it was called 'the poor man's lobster'.
  12. The bullseye puffer, when googled, says it's known as botete diana in Mexico. So botete equals puffer as Windstar said.
  13. Well ok it's a bike path. So no people can walk on it. Only bikes, says so on the sign, cyclopista right. Ever watched and listen to the pedestrians who shout at the bike riders when they almost run them over. Seems to me the commonality is that it's a safe place for people to enjoy without getting run over by a car or truck. I don't think a golf cart on the highway is safe. Now obviously when things are shared courtesy should follow. If we cant all get along what should we do - pack a pistol? We can really get argumentative and anal about this if we fail to accept a courteous sharing philosophy.
  14. It is said that if you don't like something change it; if you can't change it change your attitude. Frankly I think they should be limited to the village/back streets and the cyclopista but I am not in favor of big brother legislation.
  15. I applaud this because I've know his kids since little and who have now moved on to University. These are well rounded kids who speak highly of the Mexican experience. Knowing a couple of other couples whose kids share this experience and are now themselves parents also relay their cultural benefits of living here and proximity to Guadalajara. Paco, thank you for speaking with experience!
  16. Does your kitchen wall enclose a water line? Even small leaks seem to create the salitre problem.
  17. "The sooner you learn it's on you to make life interesting, the better off you'll be.” β€œShe refused to be bored chiefly because she wasn't boring.” ― Zelda Fitzgerald
  18. I think this photo op is a great idea. To me all those white faces show a love of Mexico making a silent statement that they don't buy into all of the negative diatribe coming out of the US.
  19. Yup, before you-all came over here there was no debt, no taxes and women did all the work. Then along came the Europeans and thought they could improve it.
  20. Monadog I think you need to meet with some of the people suggested such as Spencer. To that list I would add Andrea Canon-Preciado who is located in the S&S Auto complex in Riberas. Consider one person to administer your wishes but with the contacts to implement - based on the assumption no one attorney is a expert on all things. I have heard negative allegations against some involved in helping you when most vulnerable. This is just what I'd do, have done, given my experience which is limited to only a dozen years here.
  21. Geezer said "The INAPAM card gets you a 50% discount on Predial and 50% on Water bill in Jalisco. The administration has refused to follow the law sne I have been unable to get my discount. I know in the USA and Canada it would be a big deal and illegal to disallow" Not so -- It, the discount, applies only to citizens, naturualized or by birth. Some may interpret it otherwise, c'est la vie. There is another card available to citizens to get the property tax discount, I forget what it's called but who cares.
  22. Yeah, me too! Never got a negative implication against Spencer. Figured just comparison shopping.
  23. Depends on what level of immigration you're at, imo. For anything up to Permanente Azucena Bateman is great. For naturalization/citizenship then Andrea Canon Preciado who has an office within the S&S Auto complex.
  24. Does volaris have a priority seating program which includes a couple of bags below, priority board and larger up front seats; or, just a one price cattle call board?
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