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  1. Dormimundo just to the east of Black Coffee/ Libramiento for the mattress. Headboard and frame depends on the style you want -- rustico, modern, tradional etc.
  2. Alan, yes always gave RP card and passport with FMM thingy. Yes, same on return. Nothing presented a problem or arose as a problem when we obtained citizenship almosr two years ago. And they went over everything with a fine toothed comb!
  3. I have always checked tourist -- that since the inception of Permanente -- because I viewed it as 'why am I leaving Mexico'. I even put the outbound aircraft on the small form turned in upon check-in; and, the inbound aircraft on the big portion for arrival back in Mexico. In other words I viewed myself as a tourist in the other country. I figured my passport would reflect departure and entry. Departure being the arrival stamp in other country and arrival being the stamp when back in Mexico. As far as driving in and out I never did anything, just drove out and in. So the news of how to do it is great but I'm not going to fear recourse on how I screwed it up in the past.
  4. Who's going to captain the boat? IMO the lake is a little tricky if you don't know it and so nothing I know of in the way of rental. If you want a boat with a captain I'm certain you could work out something with one of the many at the Chapala pier. Hope this helps.
  5. Join club nautico in lower la floresta. That's where we parked for a couple of years.
  6. I pump the ajibe water through the usual 2 filters and uv light and as per Gringal use a reverse osmosis system as a source of pure water to and from the fridge. We have a community ajibe which has filters before distributing the water to the homes within the frac -- again, too old to be hoisting garrafons around and pure water is important to me whatever the cost!
  7. Guess it depends on how long you're coming down for. If intent is for a long period I'd buy a ride down here. Parts are going to be a relatively fixed price. You may find a decent wrench down here or a new hobby for you. Ned Small would give you good advice I think. Look up his name on this board and send him a PM if he doesn't see this post.
  8. Well, am I dumb or what. I didn't realize Angel Flores stopped at Juarez by Rosa's Abarottes and then started again so far south, I thought that was Felippe something or other. Obviously I was telling you about the same store you already went to. Disculpe!
  9. Too, Monday is Dia el Trabajo, a holiday that some take on Friday. There is/was one that if you go north on Juarez and take the first right is a few stores down and on the left.
  10. I believe Asucena Bateman is quite versed in what you need. She is located half a block west of LCS on the north side. Immediately east of Enrique Valazqez' art gallery. Not expensive.
  11. Well beserk I tried. Talked to a couple of friends who are as you describe; unfortunately they had zero interest in SJC/El Limon. I was reminded years ago when I asked about the areas from SJC and west and the reply was that I could get a lot of house for a much lower price but that I should never plan on selling.
  12. Lakeviews, we all got your point! You seem insensitive to ours. Please end this ridiculous and negative banter Sr. Mod, it's obviously on a downward spiral!
  13. While we all know this isn't the US, none the less, there is a Supreme Court decision from back in 2013 http://www.georgesteinmetz.com/ that suggests an 80 to 500' right to airspace above your property. Similarly, upon acquiring the paperwork, you can build a second for third story above a current dwelling so must be my space.
  14. Affixed with a camera they could be an invasion of privacy and liable. For some they make great target practice as long as u know where your round will fall!
  15. What would you like to see happen? Nothing is going to resolve the pool or hot tub issues nor the phone. The only thing that can be argued is their rights to enter the property. Obviously you have articulated all this to them so what is their response. It would seem your only recourse would be to dissolve the lease with mutual agreement and without penalty. If you haven't had cooperation from the management group then perhaps the best course of action is through a good attorney methinks!
  16. The large gentleman in the Chapala store is the same person referred to as the one at Laguna Mall. He has both locations and spends time in both.
  17. "Human rights, government tracking, no no in most democratic countries" through out other democratic exist traffic cameras which are used for surveillance by many government and private factions -- much more intrusive the car sticker described don't ya think?
  18. Moringa - where, what and how. Where do you buy it as a trusted source? What do you buy - powder? How do you know the purity of the oil described by shrimplover - like could it be mixed or cut with a cheaper vegetable oil?
  19. Open house always a good idea to give you a feel. I would suggest you find an informal way to locate a great realtor. Such will be a tremendous asset to you. When we moved here our realtor, in retrospect, was a waste of time who ended up costing me a lot of money. Have found a good one since who facilitated greatly in new house purchases. Unfortunately asking for a recommendation will yield every Tom Dick and Mary so best, in my opinion, to do your own investigation when here. A good realtor should be totally versed in real estate law. In fact while you're here you might also consider researching a good lawyer. Combined realtor and attorney will get you the best notario. I also think a good realtor should have lived here for at least 20 years to know the area and carved out a reputation. The latter a good basis for your search.
  20. Buying a car in another state and then getting it tagged here in Jalisco is one giant hemorrhoid! It starts way too early in the morning ends late in the afternoon and you need a translator/facilitator.
  21. Saw it advertized without them mentioning ppv. But seems like too good a fight to see for free.
  22. I've used the place west of the waffle house and adjacent to Lakeside Auto Body with good results.
  23. Herman, please post how you like your hotel. I recently heard it's nothing like their photos. Well maybe it is but well worn. Just want to know for future recommendations
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