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  1. There are many atrocities to animals at the hands of man, Canadians still club baby seals to death for whatever reason. Bullfighting is of interest to a dedicated and passionate group and the bulls are bred for fighting. One man's atrocity is another's passion dictated by country and culture. It seems to me before we can be too critical we should clean up the atrocities in our own country.
  2. Did you try asking David from Tabarka if he could accomodate? What about seafood specialty restaurants in Guadalajara?
  3. No problem at 7 this morning but lots of traffic due to construction.
  4. Yes, you can use a Mexican SIM card in the US but it seems you must be on a plan rather than minutes. At least that's how it seemed to me with a TelCel minute card. Now I have AT&T plan from here, Ajijic, and works fine. Some stuff to remember to tell your friends up north on how to dial you when you're up there 'tho.
  5. Bronte, please post if new tile can easily be put over the existingand how your project works out. Thanks
  6. Why not go to the furniture expo mid-july in Guadalajara? Might be well worth the wait as I've found out in the past.
  7. Since one of your requisites is communication between you and business people I would think someone articulate in both languages would be more important than a driver. That might lead you to fond a translator and use uber. If not then I would suggest Cesar at 333-475-2518 as meeting your more professional requirements.
  8. OK - did it! Local driver to airport, Uber return. To, used Cesar 333-475-2518 as per recommendations from this board. Great guy, nice car, friendly, bilingual and a reasonable rate 400 pesos. Did this because I am frankly sick and tired of the usual group of drivers usurious fees. Return - walked out of the terminal, used my uber app, 5:45 in the morning, 6 minutes driver was there with his uberX and 246 pesos to Ajijic. Great experience and the info from this board put me at the right place in front of OXXO, I would have screwed around for quite a bit without that info. But Uber on app showed exact place to be as well.
  9. Barcelo, is the oxxo in front of international or domestic arrival? I usually hit the airport in the wee hours and must be to old, dumb or sleepy to have seen it! It's like in the parking lot?
  10. Zeb, haven't done this for several years. Used Miguel Zamora, 1000 pesos a day , when the exchange rate was 10-1, he took a bus home. Don't know if he can cross the border so I'd use Alex Peterson and I'd expect to pay 2000 pesos per day, hotel and meals. I enjoy his company which is important, I think, on a 12 hour trip one way! Hope this helps a little, travel safe.
  11. Yeah but is there such a thing as one rat? If one is around there must be oodles, no? Where do you live? Are the endemic to certain areas? If you-all answer there are tons I'm off tomorrow to buy a manchester terrier or whatever can dispatch these things quickly, a snake or two, as well as an air rifle. Are they found more frequently in areas where garbage is left out or hilly terrain.
  12. Unless you Amazon Coverking or Covercraft probably no "good" cover except maybe through one of the car clubs in Guad. Too, depends what elements you want to resist. Seems the dust is determined to seek residence between the paint and the cover, even with the high end covers. Autzone is as good as it gets, or at least that I've seen, and even with constant removal and cleaning does wear the paint but at least provides sun protection and bird crap.
  13. Because for years it was called "Sorry Anna", maybe it still is. But I've never heard anyone pronounce it with an "o"
  14. "Experienced people opt for Ravs Hondas ect". Sorry Tom I don't believe that nor in 15 years have I experienced your conclusion. It's whatever fits peoples pocket books and or beliefs I think. I drive a Merecedes because I love the drive, the comfort and the safety. BMW - the ultimate driving machine and I've had a couple.
  15. Well they do exist in Guadalajara and have been to a couple of them but can't find any information to send. Couple of problems, it seems parts for beemers brought in from the us do not all match parts on one made here. Can take 6-8 weeks or more to import the part. Secondly you would need to be fluent in Spanish for any of the one's I've met. I have no experience with Ron Young, a mechanic located across from Soriana but his name should come up on a search, might just be what you're looking for. I tend to buy extended warranties and get a new one after 3 years as the numbers crunch for me. Hope this helps a bit.
  16. So Pappy does it follow that loquaciousness is the soul of witless?
  17. Lack of pride and lack of self esteem. They want to prove they can "do what they want" to the point where they make themselves look like $%&/()s. They really stand out in other cultures reflecting badly on their own.
  18. Well I'm with Ned, Pappy and the others you call delusional. I also know a few affluent party goers, and await my time in the old folks home or down under for quiet time. No need for name calling, you made your point.
  19. You might try skyview, a free app that works with Iphone and Ipad.
  20. Denise, sine we don't know where you live we're all over the map BUT if you want to go to west Ajijic there is a great NEW store on the n/e corner of the carretera and rio bravo, that's the border of Villa Nova and Rancho del Oro and kinda across from Yves. You no doubt have a local map so easy to find. really worth checking out if you've not yet found what you want.
  21. Used the guy from Guadalajara who works out of total body care in ajijic a few years ago with positive and lasting results.
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