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  1. I believe it all depends on what and why you need a clearance letter.   State clearance for Jalisco is done in Guadalajara.   Federal clearance is done in Mexico City although there is a Federal Department that SHOULD be able to do it in Guadalajara they are not geared up to do so.   Both State and Federal clearance letters have been/are required on the path for citizenship/passport.

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  2. I believe there is a fee to register your new car in your name; AND a fee to purchase plates.  The purchase of plates is different and runs about 4 or 5 thousand pesos.  The first fee is in your dealer prcing.  It replaced the yearly “tenencia” we once had.  The fee for plates is your hook.   Dealers can do this for you but will charge you the additional 5000 pesos.    

  3. Things do change but I have AT&T Mexico.  AT&T is/was partnered with Iusacell, Nextel, Pegaso (formerly Movistar), and Telcel. Roaming out of the United States will have roaming charges. You might check out roaming options from AT&T and consider keeping your US phone for the exclusive use of your US friends.  Also check Vonage option keeping your existing number.  Of course you would have another phone for use in Mexico.  

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  4. Went to the website but nothing would come up when I clicked on spa for services and rates.   Nor could I find pictures of the different types of room.   Pages cut off so might just be my iPad.   So what did you do, like, eat etc?  Some good reviews on trip advisor.     Thanks

  5. 5 hours ago, IMBurnen said:

    I sometimes read these links, always with amazement that there is the belief that the only possible option for those disenchanted with the Chapala area is to return NOB. I have relocated, after 5 years in Ajijic, to a small city South of DF. The weather is considered by Mexicans to be the best in the country, there are infinite resources, the rents are cheaper and I have no complaints. Trash is picked up on schedule, streets and sidewalks are paved and although I'm sure the expat community here have their gripes, I haven't heard them. So by all means be unhappy in place or investigate the possibilities within Mexico. I will say that there is not the preponderance of English speakers so if you cannot learn the basics of the language of the country where you live, it wouldn't work for you outside the Chapala area. However, after I was scammed, robbed and burgled in Ajijic in one year, it seemed reasonable to see how the rest of the country would treat me. So far, so good.

    What small city did you move to south of DF — is it a University town?   Most I know that have moved, other than for medical motives, have picked Colima or the coast and none had any desire to go back to the excited states.

  6. The questions for me include, do we have the infrastructure, sustainable resources like water, planning etc.,  to support a growing community.   We avoid this hectic time of the year by spending it on the beach in the quiet community of Cuyutlan.  Friends of ours return to Texas for a few months to avoid much of it.   




  7. Toadstool it’s your realtor, to whom you gave a list of ‘must haves’, that would be to blame.   Maybe some blame could go to the home inspector you hired to check put the home before you bought.  Lakeside raises a good point too about first checking.  No sense trying to lay blame better to be asking how to resolve the problem.   It’s not a unique position in which you find yourself.

    To not have used a good realtor, to not have used a home inspector is akin to buying a car on your own in Guadalajara. 

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  8. 15 hours ago, barbara habacht said:

    My wife is flying from Guadalajara to the USA and then back to Guadalajara:

    Does she leave with her Mexican passport or her US passport from Guadalajara?

    Does she leave from the USA with her USA passport or her Mexican passport?

    Thanks for your responses.

    Fred Habacht

    Fred on departure she will: 1 check  in at the airline before going thru security.

    2 There she will will hand over both passports and the agent will fill out a departure card similar to the one she used to get before citizenship.   Obviously ask for a couple more to facilitate next time.   The agent enters data on the computer to facilitate entry to the EU.   That’s EU passport data.   The card she filled out has Mexican passport data and she staples to the boarding pass.

    On return from EU I do the usual precheck and go directly to departure gate.   When boarding I show my Mexican passport.  

    The whys and wherefores is not something I care about.   All I want is to check in and get a coffee 

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  9. Bezerk, two things, imo, for you to consider/research.  Tax implications and investment strategy.    These two things are unique to each individual so pointless recommending any personal bias.    

    So do you want to leave the money in the northern climate?  Hide it? Or keep it close down here in Mexico?    Do your future plans include buying anything major like a car or renovations?   All these impact on what you might do.   

    Me, I’d want to keep it away from any Government’s prying eyes and sticky fingers.  I’d first get it down here in a bank that provides a US dollar account and make my decisions from there to coincide with my living objectives.   

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  10. 4 hours ago, Aquaponicsman said:

    10 years here and the traffic has finally driven me away.  They could have forced people encroaching on federal property to comply with the law, but instead paid them for facelifts to disrupt the frontage, while they put in bike paths. Bike paths are great. But this plan didn't fix anything, and this is just my re-locating opinion... not a slight against the governments decisions.

    That said, tourism and Tapatios are coming more to this Puebla Magico. I am not an engineer, but fail to see any easy fix. (I know, not an engineer, so just shut up.) I will. And "If you don't like it, leave." I will do that also.


    To where did you relocate and how do you like it?

  11. I note you specified from December thru May and agree with you 100%.  Perfect for snowbirds but for year round Lakeside is best.  Many living here have beach houses they primarily use thru the winter months and for weekend retreats.   Not all can afford that option.  Too, with snowbirds selection the beach for their 4 or 5 month visit traffic on the carretera might improve 

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  12. Bdlngton I think you would be the type of person that SHOULD be on this board.  Your approach has clarity, humility and wisdom.    Alas the bulk of humanity seems to fall into the complainer category.  I was very appreciative of the advise I received from this board over a dozen years ago and try to pay back in kind, which is why I post on occasion.:ph34r:

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  13. I am reluctant to comment because most people only want to hear what they want to hear.   I have used a contractor to build a house.  A gringo and proclaimed expert in fact.  Maybe what happened to me can be avoided by you.  So here’s the facts...

    1.  Budget was established which he exceeded by over 50%  2. Paid monthly equal payments with one month in advance.   3. He agreed to pay all licenses and imss.  

    Reality - he paid no building fees, taxes or permits.  No inventory control was in place and he over ordered, placed the material in a bodega and sold it keeping the money.   

    So you can figure out what should be in place to safeguard yourself.   He did this, I later discovered, with several insuspecting clients.    My neighbor and friend used a local contractor.  He falsified documents and sued the client claiming possessionof the house he built.  A house valued at close to 1-million usd.

    would I ever build a house again?   Not on your life.   There are deals to be had on existing homes and bought right I could throw 100grand into a reno, get what I want and be money ahead.


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