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  1. I always take my car to the dealer because I feel them best suited for the job; however, I have known of Felipe’s work for years.   He was the go to guy in Armeria, Colima for all the gringos because he did a good job, spoke perfect english, was trained in the US and never screwed anybody.

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  2. S&S Auto.   I was under the impression there are basically 3 insurance companies and the local agents go to them for a price.  Qualitas GNP and HDI.   I use HDI because in my opinion their overall response time from the scene of the accident to any payout is better than the other two.  It is marginally higher in cost then the others usually.    So to me I want an agent who I can trust and for that I pick S&S Auto.

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  3. Furniture Show in August.   I thought this was at the expo center next week but Senior Google tells me its the Enart show held Feb and August in Talaquepaque.   The later, as I recall, was short on furniture whereas the expo center had a plethora of it.    Your thoughts appreciated.

  4. On 7/21/2018 at 9:36 AM, Helainemorrow said:

    Hi All,

    If you are living in Mexico on a temporal visa, can you buy a Mexican plated car?



    Yes!   You will need a proof of address locally in your name however.   

    Personally I would, with very few exceptions, NEVER buy a used car in Mexico.   You can buy a new March or Kia for under 10K USD.

    For your personal safety and protection my advice would be for you to buy through S&S Auto!

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  5. Mischeif you wrote: 

    “.  If we were "well off" we wouldn't be looking to live there! . 

    Angus said the probable truth - you can't embrace the culture, you will be toast and headed north quickly. 
    If the sole purpose to move here is to live cheaply I agree, chances of living happily here is not a likely probability.    So come down and if you can’t adapt to the lifestyle consider another country   
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  6. From my experiance I would look for a craftsman with a good reputation.    Best price scenario has never worked for me.    Too, it depends where you are located for ease of labor.   In Ajijic I would check out Las Salvias Aluminio.   N/E corner of 5 Febrero and the carretera.

  7. 11 hours ago, mexbound said:

    If I take the macrolibramiento from the Chapala/Airport road heading west, is there an offramp at Lopez Mateos that will get me headed to Colima instead of heading into Guadalajara?  Or do I have to take the Guadalajara offramp and find a returno ?

    I thought this road, macrolibramiento, to be somewhere near los burritos not way up by the airport.   Please enlighten me.

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