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  1. Bdlngton I think you would be the type of person that SHOULD be on this board. Your approach has clarity, humility and wisdom. Alas the bulk of humanity seems to fall into the complainer category. I was very appreciative of the advise I received from this board over a dozen years ago and try to pay back in kind, which is why I post on occasion.
  2. Carretera 3 or 4 stores east of Colon lake side
  3. Best for both burger and mexican together is fonda dona lola. Sorry can’t do accents with this ipad.
  4. I am reluctant to comment because most people only want to hear what they want to hear. I have used a contractor to build a house. A gringo and proclaimed expert in fact. Maybe what happened to me can be avoided by you. So here’s the facts... 1. Budget was established which he exceeded by over 50% 2. Paid monthly equal payments with one month in advance. 3. He agreed to pay all licenses and imss. Reality - he paid no building fees, taxes or permits. No inventory control was in place and he over ordered, placed the material in a bodega and sold it keeping the money. So you can figure out what should be in place to safeguard yourself. He did this, I later discovered, with several insuspecting clients. My neighbor and friend used a local contractor. He falsified documents and sued the client claiming possessionof the house he built. A house valued at close to 1-million usd. would I ever build a house again? Not on your life. There are deals to be had on existing homes and bought right I could throw 100grand into a reno, get what I want and be money ahead.
  5. But you don’t mean to call the current weather a or las Cabañuelas. Right?
  6. All I know about the movie was that Maria Grazia starred and that’s tough to forget. Il Postino, Italian movie. As to Pushing hands I did a little Chi Sau (nian shou) which I loved. Sticky Hands shared sensitivity and timing with Pushing Hands but has the advantage of protection of the centerline and trapping. My background is in Wing Tsun, Sifu Emin Boztepe. His, Leung Ting and his Yip Man. I appreciate your background. Not unlike Segal’s marring his Sifu’s daughter, lol. We have had an “expert” in the past but when he called his kwoon a dojo I lost interest. As to location, given traffic and parking, I can only think of a few. in Chapala, near the lake below the mural. In San Antonio the jardín /zócalo/ or whatever you call it. It has, I think, a kiosko should it rain. In Ajijic I like the 2 Eventos in the west end although not perfect ambiance. Maybe LCS if they’ll rent their kiosko. Looking forward to your arrival.
  7. Yin-yang what style do you teach? I would be interested in Small Frame Style — slow motion short form. And really interested in Tuishou but uncertain of how it fits in with the various taijiquan styles. Haven’t done any taiji for 40 years and then only a very little. Please elaborate. Thanks
  8. I would think the transfer of ownership fee would still apply so it might be worthwhile to go to the office and get clarification not speculation.
  9. The question is fallacious. It’s like asking the question: Three guys walk into a hotel, and they're going to spliThe question: Three guys walk into a hotel, and they're going to split the cost of a room. The room is $30. They each kick in $10 and head up to their room. The manager gets wind of it and tells the clerk the room is only $25. He hands five $1 bills to the bell hop and tells him to go refund the guys' money. On the way up to the room, the bell hop gets to thinking, as bell hops are wont to do, and says to himself, "No way can three guys split $5, I'm going to help out." He stuffs $2 in his pocket, knocks on the door, gives each guy back a buck and heads back downstairs to the desk, glowing in the warmth of a job well done. So now each guy has paid $9. $9 times 3 is $27 plus $2 the bell hop stole--only $29! Where is the other buck?
  10. Not so, my neighbor has 2 and have seen several come down for weekends and holidays. Try googling jet ski guadalajara.
  11. Yes, curp and Rfc just like everyone else. Of course tag info. House color, cross streets and such was never requested.
  12. Consider buying a 1 ton truck with a good sized diesel motor and converting that into a motor home. You could even design a trailer to fit behind to carry toys. I did it with a 3/4 ton ford chassis and a 250 cummings but should have gone with a bigger motor. Just a thought.
  13. It’s self-adjusting. A maid hired to work 4 hours a day will eventually come to work half hour late and leave a half hour early.
  14. Cybertramp I seriously recommend you go thru S&S Auto for your new car. I have the ability and experience to work through a dealer in Spanish and I still go through S&S. I wouldn’t represent myself in court, I wouldn’t self-diagnose, nor buy a house unaided. I buy a new car every year or two and highly value S&S.
  15. Prime rib is from the first 6 ribs from the loin end.
  16. What is your fee, not including price of food, to service a dinner party of 6¿ what foods are your specialty?
  17. Mescal expert locally is Sr. Jacinto Preciado who can be reached at 765 4800, your call will be transferred to him if you ask for him by name.
  18. SYSY - great comments. I would hope you would present this to the new vialidad chief for the area as I believe she implemented the crackdown. Please post the results of your efforts.
  19. Yes, last time I looked it was beside Tobolandia under a tent next to the ten with furniture.
  20. Heavens Robo if you’re used to uber elswhere use it at the Guadalajara airport. Only problem you’re likely to encounter is the driver doesn’t speak english and/or you can’t find where to await the driver. I have never had a problem and have used Uber out of airport many times and never waited more than 8 minutes. I do not use it to GO to the airport at 4:30 in the morning
  21. I would use Andrea Canon-Preciado as an attorney. She can be reached through the number 765-4800. currently it’s a shared line, just ask
  22. Has something happened to force the closure of the bazaar owned by Jose and located next to where Pepe & Aurora's Restaurant was? Its on the mountain side of the carretera just before the road up to los arroyo. Hasn't been open for months now.
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