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  1. I remember the huge lot selling steel beams and stuff.   Mountain side just before the curve along the lake into chapala.  Obviously coming from the west.   There used to be a little restaurant beside it to the east owned by the wife of H2Ole, then an abarrotes and then a huge warehouse type garage door with a green man door alongside.   More to the east was a place that sold those beads on a string doors to keep out flies.    If you search upholstery you should find Miguel mentioned.

  2. Wow Rick S great find ...... but ....... on weekends that whole strip I think called el real is jammed up with weekend warriors bombing around on atv’s and surfboards.   There is a restaurant on the strip, the crab or similar, and its great but busy.

    i find Cuyutlán far more tranquil except for the fact there is an expat presence for sure but not invasive.   It’s only a snore if you need an entertainment committee, imho

  3. On 10/3/2018 at 10:10 AM, Earl said:

    I highly recommend Beatriz. She does a great job; your pets will love her; she loves all animals except gators, and she has excellent references.  She is fluent in Eng, Span, Fr, dogspeak, catspeak, and will also take really good care of your plants.

    Contact for Beatriz Socorro Castillo Castellanos  is beatrizsocorro2@gmail.com

    Get your spot reserved early!




    I tried to pm you but message came that service was not available.    So, what is Beatriz’ phone because she doesn’t reply to emails.   

  4. Michael2595 if you live in Ajijic area I think the chap west of the Waffle House is your best bet.    You might like to check the relatively new Meguiars prodoct called Ultimate Compound.    I have always use a clay bar but gave this new product a try and have never gone back.

    You might specify what you want exactly; like wash, clay or compound, deep polish then a silicone or caranuba finish.   I have just found the devil is in the details so prefer to spell out what I want and then ask how much.

    sorry, have no experience in other communities 

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  5. Interesting BD but I understand the reference to agrarian community land to be an edijo by definition.   All the result of the revolution against Diaz’ cabal.   Article 4 deals with professions.   I don’t see a specific mention of indigenous people in Article 27 but I do see ss 4 referencing the sale of rural land as prohibited from sale to commercial stock companies.   My thought was Mexico was unique in treating natives as being NOT different from any other citizen.   Equality being the key.  So my only point was there is no such thing as “indigenous land” per se.   Indigenous defined as native american.   If you have an exact reference in the constitution to indigenous let me know ‘cause I cannot find it.   Thanks

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  6. Too much work for me.  Parking for inside service not acceptable. Tried to order a pizza but they DO NOT deliver.  Phoned the delivery service who said their charge was 50 pesos.   The pizza was 200 pesos so with a tip of 20 pesos it was 270 pesos for a 12” pizza.  So phoned perry’s, mj closed Sunday, and delivery pizza and tip was 200 pesos and a larger pizza.   Bottom line is this purple garlic will not be a likely choice in the foreseeable future.

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