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  1. If a month ago it was 20.8 pesos to the us $ and today it is 19.1 then it’s the usd that’s weakening; can’t even begin to think the word tanking to even be in the realm of adjectives.
  2. I don’t think confrontation is the answer. Online you should be able to easily find a dog repellant. Seems to me nicotine might be an effective detractor.
  3. Furniture Show in August. I thought this was at the expo center next week but Senior Google tells me its the Enart show held Feb and August in Talaquepaque. The later, as I recall, was short on furniture whereas the expo center had a plethora of it. Your thoughts appreciated.
  4. Yes! You will need a proof of address locally in your name however. Personally I would, with very few exceptions, NEVER buy a used car in Mexico. You can buy a new March or Kia for under 10K USD. For your personal safety and protection my advice would be for you to buy through S&S Auto!
  5. Does Benno’s sell and install all one needs?
  6. Mischeif you wrote: “. If we were "well off" we wouldn't be looking to live there! .  Angus said the probable truth - you can't embrace the culture, you will be toast and headed north quickly. If the sole purpose to move here is to live cheaply I agree, chances of living happily here is not a likely probability. So come down and if you can’t adapt to the lifestyle consider another country
  7. Have an actual location for Dr Carla? Where in Riberas¿
  8. From my experiance I would look for a craftsman with a good reputation. Best price scenario has never worked for me. Too, it depends where you are located for ease of labor. In Ajijic I would check out Las Salvias Aluminio. N/E corner of 5 Febrero and the carretera.
  9. And Tom, thanks for the phone #
  10. For quality contemporary furniture I’d go to Palcencia on Ave. Patria, Karen Colignon on Americas and the store next door.
  11. Four stars to Gualberto as jRod mentioned. This guy knows his business. His cell is 331-026-5450. Lives in Riberas but travels all lakeside.
  12. For a higher valued item I would select the store in west ajijic across the road from the french bakery. A popular spot for more affuent tapatíos. Second choice would be Barbara’s for me.
  13. 5 and 6plus att and, touch wood, no problems
  14. I thought this road, macrolibramiento, to be somewhere near los burritos not way up by the airport. Please enlighten me.
  15. Thanks, email adding the “l” was done by my fat finger or a keyboard elf. Reset. Phone was cell to cell so no 045. Appreciate the information.
  16. Not my day, can’t find the search engine, email for optician at lcs ..... opticalclaravision at gmail not valid, and too her phone 333 640 2272 not responding. So, anyone have updated information for Luz?
  17. Looking for bespoke charro clothing lakeside. Likely to find in Joco and Chapala. Anyone?
  18. Before I worried about matching I would be concerned about the paint type I wanted to use. Then my alternatives are to match closely or exactly or to repaint everything with the manufacturers closest color. Hope this makes sense, quality first color next.
  19. I believe it all depends on what and why you need a clearance letter. State clearance for Jalisco is done in Guadalajara. Federal clearance is done in Mexico City although there is a Federal Department that SHOULD be able to do it in Guadalajara they are not geared up to do so. Both State and Federal clearance letters have been/are required on the path for citizenship/passport.
  20. I believe there is a fee to register your new car in your name; AND a fee to purchase plates. The purchase of plates is different and runs about 4 or 5 thousand pesos. The first fee is in your dealer prcing. It replaced the yearly “tenencia” we once had. The fee for plates is your hook. Dealers can do this for you but will charge you the additional 5000 pesos.
  21. Things do change but I have AT&T Mexico. AT&T is/was partnered with Iusacell, Nextel, Pegaso (formerly Movistar), and Telcel. Roaming out of the United States will have roaming charges. You might check out roaming options from AT&T and consider keeping your US phone for the exclusive use of your US friends. Also check Vonage option keeping your existing number. Of course you would have another phone for use in Mexico.
  22. Hire a lawyer to prepare the necessary paperwork and severance pay. Then have the lawyer fire them. Do not even bother talking to the maid oe gardener about it.
  23. Is it too early to start a Do Not Call list?
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