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  1. A lost and distraught female Saint Bernard was found wandering around the Rancho Del Oro area. She us quite down in weight. She is at the groomers at the bottom of the street going up to los arroyos.
  2. I got one two weeks ago and needed a CURP. I would suggest you go to a lawyer and get one. There are so many things you need it for. Right now I am having to have my Permananente reissued with the curp on it for one branch of the government because they won't take the docs separately. Curp used to be on the old fm's, at least on mine they were.
  3. Never got to try the food. Didn't know the hours and went to pick up something from the cooler but a half hour before opening time. He was not the least bit interested in helping. Sat on his chair and not friendly at all. Would never ever go back because of his personality and from people I've heard from complaining about portion size glad I never did.
  4. What distance does he deliver now? Last year he wouldn't come to Rancho del Oro and didn't have anyone to make delivers who was consistent with a means of transportation.
  5. There is a fellow who moved Lakeside from Armeria. Excellent english, worked Stateside for years and highly thought of in Armeria, Colima. His name is Felipe I believe but don't know his location. Maybe someone else has more updated information.
  6. You are not mistaken. Not everyone has sewer, most have, or had, septic. So yes, you pay SIMAPA for sewage and if you have a condo situation you pay them for water and they pay SIMAPA. In the latter situation it would behoove the Condo Association to have meters on each house. I would expect the fee, installed, to be under 2000 pesos for the meter in this situation.
  7. What are the prices like. I stopped going to Total Body Care as they charge to 300 pesos. I paid 26 dollars in Boise Idaho in November. I know places here that are well over that and others well under. Just curious as to where best to put my pension dollars.
  8. Early morning rate is 400 pesos, any more is too much. PM for driver
  9. Monessen I have found much of what you say reflect the live and let live philosophy of Mexico. I am sure the right-wingers would see things a little different and go on add nauseum. Two different takes on idealology and not worth debating. Maincoons interest on specifics is more likely to bear fruit, I think.
  10. Computer Guy knowing that the infinitum ethernet light only came on if, in this case, the vonage phone was working it only made sense to re-boot the vonage modem. Wiff-boom-bam and and everything is working thanks to you. If you ever want to run Telmex you have my vote - big time thanks.
  11. ComputerGuy- brilliant! Thank you very much.
  12. Yes, it's worked for the past 8 years, well different routers but all telmex. Light went out 4 days ago. Ethernet outlet was used solely for vonage phone. I guess I need to find someone with a a laptop in order to check its set- up. Thanks Sparks
  13. Did that too FTM. But if I did have a problem with the ethernet cable would the ethernet lite on the router be out? Shouldn't it be on even if nothing was plugged in indicating a functioning service?
  14. Ezzie, 1. Yes, 2. Yes, 3. Yes, 4. Yes, DSL comes on. The only light that does not come on is the ethernet. Telmex made the statement they are only responsible for the internet and the phone line thus denying responsibility for ethernet in which to plug in other things like computers and vonage phone etc. Sparks, will try changing plus, haven't done that. Thanks
  15. Computer Guy et al much more knowledgeable than I.................. Telmex Infinitum router ethernet light is not illuminated and the 4 ports are non functional. Replaced router but new one exactly same problem. Telmex no help. Do not have a laptop or computer to do some of the tests thry recommend. The ones they suggested with aniPad have been done. Suggestions? Thanks
  16. Magazine section of any store. Automovil Magazine. Prices for new and old from 04
  17. Enrique Velazquez ......... Gallery, as u probably know, is just west of LCS
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