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  1. The problem seems to me to be that a law may be found in more than say, The Highway Traffic Act. The HTA is, in El Norte, a State or Provincial law. Most often your drivers license must reflect your address and you nave 30 days to notify of the change. That is obviously another charge separate from whether or not the DL is valid. So if you are driving a Mexican plated car with a US driver's license you raise a red flag to many a police officer and are bound to be inconvenienced in the US. Why take the chance? Get a Mexican DL. No big deal.
  2. With respect why not ask the investment advisors at the places in which you're interested. CETES, the government bond, usually returns about 4%.
  3. Have you considered buying a sprayer and a bottle of malathion and doing it yourself? Readily available at home depot
  4. El Cartero

    Tio Domingo?

    I talked to him the other day; don't believe they open until the14'th of August.
  5. I think the architect, Roberto Millan, can get this done for you. On Colon in Ajijic, number in phone book.
  6. I echo the accolades for Rony. The Walkers were spot on with Match's statement and it is a sentiment that has all too much support by a lot of perverted foreigners some pillars of the community. Unfortunately proving rape or extortion cases are not easy because of lack of corroboration and reluctance to file a criminal complaint.
  7. Check Alaska Airlines and see if they have a direct flight. Then contact them to confirm their requirements and, yes, a Certficate of Acclimation is a must. From a Vet, it mearely states the dog can survive temperatures from and to. Remember the health certificate and that rabies must be MORE than 30 days and less than a year. I would buy the crate from the airline if they still sell them because the airline cargo agent will determine if the size is acceptable in their opinion. Check too with Mexican requirements for paperwork and, agree with the shipper what value to put on the dog. I like to ship in the evening when cool but an early flight out of LAX that gets here before 10am would probably work.
  8. What about the restaurants with fabulous lake views up in the racquet club? Is Gerard still in the thick of things. There was always his and Chac Lan. Food wasn't bad and ambience was awesome. My question is are they still open and how is the food. I don't care about the distance or the price or the valet service just the current quality of the food.
  9. "buying a house. When a property listing says, "must close with Notario #2," what exactly (or approximately) does that mean?" It means if you want to buy the house you need to use notario 2. It's a condition of sale. Take ot or leave it. In reality you are right to question this request as it could seem suspicious causing you to walk away regardless. The other reality is if #2 is louis enrique you will be dealing with the best imho. In fact I have sold a house with the exact proviso and no hidden agenda because I was not prepared to play with a personal friend/notaro of a tapatio buyer.
  10. You could try classiccarguy.com. Or one s .... classicarguy -. I've only shipped from the US but any of the guys that transport show cars can handle the job. They would be especialy cognesant of brokering.
  11. There seems to be two threads going here. One of course the peso to usd; and the other, cost of living with a couple of notables suggesting all things better in Texas. I don't want to sound disingenuous but if you're happier in el norte, why are you here? As to the pesos/usd it only suggests a buying opportunity to me.
  12. What make of tires? Size and price? Profile normal (+50) pr low? If you don't feel comfortable naming the seller please pm with the info.
  13. Wow, interesting comments. I like Mr. bull beef. At least the tenderloin. They put bacon around it and shrink wrap for me. Tastes great on/after the barbie. Previously I enjoyed the meat from the butcher at la huerta plaza. But, having them frequently not open, always out of meat, not much fresh and having had a frozen steak that, when thawed, proved definitely rotten -- no more. They did have an awesome vacio but it was that that was rotten and put me off. I think the taste is in the feed and from well marbled beef stock.
  14. Just used Quick Blinds. They actually use a Guadalajara company but should oversee the work, run the fabric alternatives by you and can make matching exterior curtains for shade. Quite like the quality of the work. For me, Carmen and Octavio's work is a little primitive. All depends on the quality you desire to fit best with yoir home.
  15. I would talk to Hennsey first. She may well have experience with this line and is up on retail expectations.
  16. Used the brothers in what was CD Furniture next to Sunrise Restaurant in, i guess, riberas. Pleased with the result.
  17. If you're looking for a nicely finished product try Quick Blinds and utilize the Sunbrella fabric for uo to 95% shade.
  18. She has a home now thanks to Paola, what a wonderfu, kind and caring lady. Thanks to all
  19. Sorry, I don't know of a better way to descibe the location. If you don't know Rancho del Oro area maybe check a map. The very west point is a road which goes north to Los arroyos. But going south towards the lake there is a yellow house, an old vets office, alongside that is the groomer, Joel. All on on the carretera. Hopes this helps.
  20. From my experience the idea of two passports is rift with misunderstanding. The first misconception seems to me to come from the word "renounce" in reference to citizenship. The duality of thought is; first you can have two passports but, secondly, you must renounce citizenship in your birth country. The reality is, while in Mexico, you have no foreign status, you are Mexican. Yet when you enter the US you use your American, Canadian or whatever your birth passport is. The second misconception is in people referencing immigration terms. Thus, the OP's understanding of the example having permanent status can be confused with simply being a full time resident with a Mexican passport. So many rumors and misunderstandings can, it seems to me, be traced back to semantics.
  21. I've seen this happen in remote fly in lakes. Just a surface irritant caused by plants. Of course there are a myriad of negative factors thar can cause it as well. So you're choice - negative or positive.
  22. Maybe the Western store in Chapala. Best I ever had was made from a heavy cowhide and was used for bull riding. Had to buy one for a right handed bull rider and one for a left handed rider to make a pair. But those gloves saw me through a lot of heavy farm work.
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