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  1. Exterior, Sherman Williams, local. Interior the best Behr has, I forget the name, Home Depot. I have found it takes 2 cans of Berel or whatever it is across from Sherman W, or Comex to cover what SW or Behr can do in one. Primers to match, SW or Behr.
  2. A 19 year old girl by herself - think too of her security. As a grandfather I'd want her as close as possible.
  3. Actually I thought it quite cute and I doubt many would know what it meant. Cute the way you wove it into the adverb. I have every intention of using the word verbally and, yes, I will give ucredit!
  4. There used to be two or three in Guadalajara; one of which was in Talacapaque. Check out http://spanishabroad.com/guadalajara-spanish-school-option-1/
  5. I would think your best bet would be to check out Rudy - stone and marble granite guy. South side carretera just east of Rio Bravo but west of Yves and Dental Xpress. Talk to Rudy because the girls in the front office have never been helpful for me and seldom give him a message.
  6. 1 to 10,000 pesos and someone connected. First go to the telmex office, take a number, passport and utility bill and see someone at one of the desks on the left side. Then comes patience and as a last resort what I, and my neighbor, had to do once frustration set in.
  7. I prefer it the old way. With the immigrado status I would just pick whichever of the two lines was shortest. Never a problem.
  8. Does it not say, "SOME are leaving" and not as the Op said, gringos are leaving, suggesting a mass exodus? I couldn't read the article because I found it too full of it!
  9. El Cartero


    I just used Quick Blinds. Had used C & O years ago but was not happy with their build quality. Pleased with the work Quick Blinds did. They have done a few projects fornus and great to work with.
  10. AjijicHiker- the sign up yesterday said passport or residency, original thereof...nothing else......perhaps someone can confirm if policy changed. And for me, that was just to pick up a check I'd requested for a third party. I probably won'tclose my account if you're right.
  11. Ned I thank you (and have blamed my wife for not writing it down correctly). My back appreciates this info!
  12. Thanks, Lupe is a guy and comes to your house. Quite popular. Used to work at thebAmerican Legion.
  13. Anyone have a new phone number for Lupe? 333 959-8921 terminated. Thx
  14. Laminating - no longer at Montoya Plaza - now across from the Priza store west of Oxxo. So still close, just the other side of the street and east a bit.
  15. Then what does that say about the real estate maps that show Emiliano Zapata west of Juarez as Jose Torres when even CFE and Telmex and property deeds recognize it for what it is - Emiliano Zapata.
  16. Alicante is a corn snake and not dangerous except in Indian myth. At least thats my understanding.
  17. As to the watch I took a valuable antique to Daniel Garcia. He took it to a specialist in Guadalajara who made it like new. Just do a search for Daniel the Jeweller on this forum to get contact info.
  18. Ask your gardener. Odds are he will know some one.
  19. Navajoa and also prefer the Best Western on the north of town.
  20. Unless you're fluent in Spanish Rudy's your go to guy. Work quality is excellent as is reliability in my experience.
  21. Yes, or a derivitive, home depot, garden centres.
  22. RV, you're missing the point. It has to do with failure to notify of address change NOT the legality of driving a MX car with a US license. So depending on the circumstances one could find themselves in deep do do driving with a US license when they don't live at that residence. Do you not think a police officer would have his suspicion aroused and suspecta the driver is falsifying information given the tags on the car being out of the state in which the driver, by virtue of the fact a US license has an address in the respective state? There are a bunch of charges which are side bars to the issue which no one is debating isn't legal. Just suggesting not to miss the forest because of a single tree!
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