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  1. Right on El Saltos, great place to visit but wouldn't want to live there. Why buy a part time house when you can rent a hotel to match your pocket book!
  2. My suggestion would be to leave it alone to rest. Birds fly into windows frequently but lead with their heads not their wings. Usually just get disoriented and need an hour or three to recover.
  3. Doesn't VIlla Nova pump to your ajibe? If so the pressure thru your house comes from your pressure tank no?
  4. Ken, to know who's the very best one would need to be accident prone and have tried them all to compare. There are several talented auto repair shops Lakeside. My experience is with Fernando's which now has another name. It's located just west of the waffle house in Ajijic. Depending where you live there may be something closer.
  5. OMG - please tell me they are NOT screwing around again with the street directions. They used to change them with every new administration and a royal pain in the behind. Sanity prevailed over the last couple of administrations.
  6. Daisy, the concern is that the dealer has a vested interest to sell you one of his cars. I use Spencer because he presents a broad range of vehicles impartially. He's working in your interest while the dealer works in his.
  7. Quality used cars seems to me to be an oxymoron in Mexico. I've used S&S several times to sell my cars. I found I could always get a better price as a trade-in than it would fetch on the lot. I don't think the two will ever be in competition. I would personally never buy or sell a car without going thru S&S. they have a proven track record of honesty, integrity and reliability.
  8. Why do you say they were hassled? As opposed to being questioned, certainly something within policer perogative.
  9. Cedros, I got one at Eager Real Estate. Probably most realators have them as a promotional item. Whileit's realatively large perhaps not large enough. I know Cruz Roja was working on one a few years ago as many new streets had since been added.
  10. SusyQ, I would think Brad Grieve would be exactly up your alley. Just google his name, add Ajijic, and I'm sure contact info would be supplied. Known for house inspections but also an engineer.
  11. Article 19 of the Constitution states detention of 3 days maximum unless charges filed. Yes, carry cellphone with your adjuster, agent and lawyer on speed dial.
  12. Any idea if there is a seller of new memory foam gel mattresses for sofa beds?
  13. Termination Pay: The labor laws are very pro worker. Nowhere is this more evident than in the draconian termination law. When an employee is terminated, he is entitled to termination pay; unless: 1. The employment was for a specified period of time, such as while building a house, or for house sitting for the winter while the owner is away, etc. It is best to have the time stipulation in writing. 2. For just cause. This is a very complicated issue, and you may need the help of a labor lawyer if the employee appeals to the labor review board. Just cause is spelled out in detail in the law. The termination pay shall include 3-months salary plus 20 days for each year worked plus prorated vacation and Christmas pay. 20 days means 20 times the daily rate which is 1/7 of the weekly rate. Example: A maid worked 2 days per week for $50 pesos per day for 4 years. That is $100 per week. There are 13 weeks in 3 months. Her daily rate is not $50. It is 100/7 = $14.29. So her termination pay will be (13 x 100) + (20 x 14.29 x 4) = 1300 + 1143.20 = $2443.20 plus any Christmas and vacation pay that may be due. If this termination package cannot be paid at the time of termination, regular salary shall continue until the termination is paid in full. If the employee quits voluntarily, termination pay is not required. A common tactic to avoid termination pay is to induce the employee to quit. One must take care with this because the law cited above spells out what an employer cannot do to harass a worker and his family.
  14. Aye moonhill, exactly the same with us. I spray, most every morning, everthing outside with a prethum (sp) base to no avail. Have had moderate success lighting the coils and using the ceiling fans. Bastards still get us inside the house.
  15. There are 2 booths between here and Cuidad Guzman. Then the one before Colima and lastly the one at Cuyutlan. OP proces sound right. Diversion is probably the old Colima booth which is simply in the way.
  16. Sorry as to 'lately' can't respond. I can only say that 12 years ago no appointment. Get there first thing early in the morning and stand in a long line. Eventually some one spots you and will send you to a specific person thus jumping the line. You might have your partner stand in line and you go off in search of someone in authority asking them what you should do. Even the old way we were out in a couple of hours.
  17. Sorry Cedros I don't remember. I know it was a salt water pool which I always thought conducive to the growth of wee little beasties. Possibly Chino added a chemical but it was almost 12 years ago.
  18. Only person we ever fired was Carlos. Replaced him with Chino and never had another problem with black algae. Chino speaks only Spanish. Sorry don't have contact info for him anymore as in a home with no pool now.
  19. Tom, what do you think of All Clad? Viable alternative?
  20. I believe Miquel, who has been referenced a day or two ago, has a 7 passenger van. Also the guy that owns the silver shop on the corner of Colon and the last street before the malecon, yellow building s/e corner. He did this and, as I recall is a licensed tour guide. If you can't find Miguel Zamora's phone number let me know and I'll hunt it down.
  21. Good furniture, fair prices and always honest. Used them 3 or 4 times and always reliable.
  22. Strom-White in a heartbeat! They have always gone the extra mile for us. We've used them twice from the US and three times for local moves. Highly recommended!
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