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  1. Yeah but you bought a used part. Used cars are cheaper than new too. Is there a risk, when buying used, of buying stolen?
  2. There was a map attached to the web site I sent. Like Natasha I believe it the only place for a new license. Parking is a piece of cake, there are at least 3 parking lots on the back side of the building.
  3. Alcalde ..... http://www.jalisco.gob.mx/es/gobierno/dependencias/semov
  4. Well it's been there for 9 months but new to us. Haven't read or heard about so thought I'd pass along the information. Located beside the building that houses Daniels the Jeweler on Hidalgo in Ajijic. The cook is Thai and partnered with the really nice man/family that owned the original Tepetate at that location which closed a couple of years ago for family reasons. Anyway, loved it before and loved it now! Provecho!
  5. El Cartero


    I believe a tlayuda is baked or roasted over a frill whereas a tostado is fried. I 'll pass if these are the Oaxacan ones with roasted grasshoppers on top!
  6. Just saw when in Alfredo's Antiques. That's 2 or 4 doors towards the lake from Actinver. 14,000 pesos
  7. Can you not go to the office on Degollado in Chapala?
  8. And then there's the OP's question......... anyone used or heard of Dr. Jose Pascual Salas Llamas, a cardiologist @ Integrity?
  9. I third baceloaman and second jaykay. Years ago he was the best game in town. Always helpful, reliable and honest. Now his son is running things and he's fluent in English.
  10. "Do not dwell on the past, do not speculate on the future. Concentrate only on the present". Buddah
  11. I believe Strom only handles this service for their clients. I experienced a similar problem years ago in the states. That one had to do with a thread change. Maybe there has been a change like that here because I can't even imagine the folks in Santa Cruz giving you the proverbial runaround. Have you considered having a line run from the existng line in your house directly to your grill?
  12. Espz - very well said. Frankly I love the noise of cohetes, roosters and burros braying. It reminds me I'm not in Kansas any more and that I'm still above ground. Viva Mexico!
  13. Yeah been there done that bad experience. My buddy brought down half a dozen handcuffs, a couple of 'Sam Brown's' and some other equipment. At the borderr he was accused of having brought them down to sell and he was strip searched. 3 days later after a buch of crap we were able to go back to the airport to pick up the equipment. What kind of training do you have in mind that an english speaking person can impart on a spanish speaker? Obviously nothing to do with the law given the vast difference of powers.
  14. It seems to me the demographics have changed dramatically in terms of affluence and lifestyle. In the past foreigners teneded overall to be more financially secure, adventurous, educated and were excited to be part of the culture. The more affluent tended to live in Ajijic while the less so sought the cheaper lifestyle afforded in Chapala and parts inbetween. It was once a popular retirement area for military personel and it is said the officers picked Ajijic while the non-coms went to Chapala. Now we see more moving here for the climate, cost savings and try to live a lifestyle to emulate little America/Canada. This is not a negative just, imho, an evolution and sign of the times. This is just a quick observation and my typing skills, or lack thereof, make it difficult to desire expanding this position.
  15. If you go toward the lake down Colon (Ajijic) from the carretera, pass the plaza and almost to the lake take the one way street west/right and it's in the middle of the block on the right hand side.
  16. You can start looking at Strom/White Moving. They carry the Napolean line. No doubt others have less expensive alternatives but we've purchased a couple of sets from then for convenience and ease of installation.
  17. Slainte, las aguilas is in Zapopan. May seem like Guad but it's not. I thought, much like you suggested, the person who prints out the license had to be in collusion with one of the people taking the money. I have contacted, or at least sent him an email, the Security Chief of Vialidad. When I hear back I will post. Obviously the other possibility is somethings not kosher in Ocotlan. By getting Vialidad and my lawyer involved I hope to get some answers. When, if, I do I will post.
  18. I'm 93% certain I saw one last week in Barbara's Bazaar. Do negotiate for price, the ones on a lot off stuff ate ridiculous IMHO
  19. OK bmh, my driver took us to the one on Alacade. Apparently there is only one in Guad. There are/is muni offices in Zapopan. So I went to the main office. It may be hard for you to believe but I don't drive in Guad!
  20. Trust me, drivers license originated in Guadalajara. Written test and driving plus motocycle. Last renewal was done in Guad in 2011. That new issue was fraudulant according to the officials in Ocotlan. Absolutely no hanky panky in obtaining anything. Perhas if we'd renewed again in Guad it would not have been addressed. Who knows!
  21. Thought there was only one. Don't know our driver took us in.
  22. I don't know. The person in charge showed me his phone would scan the bar code on the drivers license but would not scan mine. There was no renumeration or benefit involved for the Ocotlan people Cedros, because I even asked them how I was to know at which end the corruption was. I did it with a sense of humor which was met with laughter. As to Guad office it would take a cahier to be on colusion with the person who produces the license. At least I would think only two were involved. They way Ocotlan handled me I felt it was something of which they were aware and, I suspect, being, or had been, investigated.
  23. Renewed drivers license in Guadalajara in 2011 Went to Ocotlan for 2015 renewal. Clerk had an issue with the 2011 issues. Directed to a back room to meet with Department head and a Police Officer. They explained the old licenses were fraudulent and demonstrated how obvious it was to tell. License confiscated. They also explained that had I been stopped by an officer during those 4 years I would have been carted off to jail to have the issue investigated as well as impounding the car. I had to fill out a request to have the original license issue data to be provided in order to renew. Can not drive until it's straightened out. Bottom line many of you may have fraudulent drivers licenses and I don't know how you know or not but bad things could happen if in an accident.
  24. Do any of these situations involve location? When first we moved here internet service was always a consideration factored into where to buy a house. Many used Rod at Laguna.net in an attempt to get service.
  25. Also contact Strom-White moving. They havetwo or three sizes. Google or email contact. I think I paid 200 pesos a month for an 8 foot high by at least that depth. Maybe 6' wide.
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