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  1. From mexexperience......  “If you are driving into Mexico (or currently in Mexico) with a foreign-plated vehiclewith a TIP (Temporary Import Permit) we understand that Banjercito —the Agency that administers the permits— is not giving any extensions to TIP expiry dates due to Covid.  If you fail to drive your vehicle out of Mexico before the TIP expires, the vehicle will become illegal in Mexico (this affects the validity of you your auto insurance) and you will lose your deposit.  A TIP’s validity is usually tied to the expiry date of a Visitor Permit (FMM) or a Residente Temporal permit.”

  2. On 7/21/2020 at 11:12 AM, InChapala1 said:

    I'm looking to hire a gardener and received estimates from three. One said 1x per week for 4 hrs. total, another 2x per week for 3 hrs. each day (6 hrs. total per week) and the third said 2x per week for 4 hrs. each day (8 hrs. total per week). I understand estimate can vary due to many factors, but was wondering if there's some way to determine the amount of work based on garden size, number/type of plants, etc. The garden is about 200 SQM in size.


    I would never hire anyone based on working hours.  Angus hit the nail on the head.   I would ask for references from those you’ve felt comfortable with and check them out.

  3. Just received an invoice from telcel for the purchase of a phone.  Problem is, did not buy a phone.   Name and address correct on bill.  No signatures at bottom and address is a year old.  My concern is that the information of name address and telephone number would have been only available at Anna’s the Telmex Distributor next to Alexs Pasta place in Ajijic.

    i understand this location has been comprised a couple of times so thinking the information was derived from a stolen file.

    no actual charge to a credit card as yet and there would have been none on file with Anna.

    tried contacting telcel but could not get in contact with a real person.  Visiting Anna not an option.   Anyone have success in finding contact information with a real live telcel person?  And, curious to know if this is an isolated incident.



  4. Dobermans here don’t seem to enjoy the popularity they do in the States.  American preferred is somewhat ambiguous.    If your referring to style they, the Doberman, are pretty much the same all over north and south America.

    You can go to the FCM website (Mexican Kennel Club) and click on eventos.  To my knowledge most of the shows have been cancelled.   But a dog show is the best place to go to see what’s available in terms of a breeder.

    i would be very surprised if a reputable breeder would sell you both a male and a female as the implication that you want to breed them is something a good breeder would avoid.


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  5. Dagotee - I try to see if I can find what I want from .com.mx first and check to see its not noted as an importation.   Then I compare with amazon US and buy on US credit card.    I also check mercadolibre mexico, also set up with us card, as they have some great items and opening the account was easy.   I prefer shipping by DHL but Fedex good too.   My least favorite is shipping via USPS as they currently can’t track in Mexico.

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