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  1. Thanks muchly JBear. I had found the name and address but for the life of me couldn't find the phone number. Appreciate your help, saludos
  2. OK, would someone be so kind as to post the phone number for AT&T in Chapala where the heavy set gentleman works. thank you in advance. Obviously, or maybe not, I'm not Lakeside at the moment and Unefon seems to be out of business.
  3. Has anyone renewed their minutes with AT&T / Unefon within last couple of days? Have tried at local abarrotes and OXXO but they all say "no service".
  4. If neither of you are fluent in the same language -- I would have my attorney explain to her that if this performance is repeated she will be fired. I'd have a letter to that effect signed and witnessed. If she fails to comply I would have my attorney fire her and pay the severance and she would sign accordingly.
  5. First sentence says "is being stolen"; then you say problem solved. So no longer is water being stolen, right? Situation resolved. Then you ask "will the next step be". Speculation and a non issue. Not paying water bills, again not your concern. my suggestion is to make the board aware of what has happened, what action you've taken and then forget about it.
  6. 420? To Chapala no? I paid 480 a month ago to the 'jic. Still cheaper than using local drivers who have far less overhead. My point being I would not send them a local driver as I've done in the past. I would have them take a taxi and email them directions, phone etc., to the house. As well as give them directions to the kiosk to pay for the trip and how to go outside and get in the correct taxi if they have little or no Spanish.
  7. Why would the TIP factor in? The current person with the car doesn't have the tip in her name. Seems to me she can junk the car. She's out the money she paid for it but thats the cost of trying to beat the system in the first place. She's trying to have her cake and eat it too, imho.
  8. Do you not think foreigners would be, or could be construed as, participating politicaly? Grounds for deportation no?
  9. Ooh, like the Mr. Grumpy name. Sums up perfectly why once was enough for us, plus food was just ok and no ambience.
  10. I don't think becoming a citizen should be based on a "what's in it fo me" philosophy. I think it's an act of patriotism and dedication to your new country. I have met many people from across the proverbial pond who boasted with pride when they garnered citizenship in America or Canada yet continued to be proud of their Italian, Irish or whatever heritage.
  11. No shortage in Colima or Manzanillo, business as usual!
  12. No, no mudgirl, there is most definetely a conversational spanish fluency test. Same one for seniors as not seniors. Easy to fail if you can't hold a conversation. There is no history test for seniors (so I wove that info into the conversation).
  13. If the stove top has a lid/cover be sure to lift it up when lighting and leave it up while the oven is working.
  14. Andrea Canon Preciado - has an office in the S&S Auto location and can be reached through their phone number.
  15. OMG ! Tipping the baggers is custom. It is their only renumeration. 10 pesos is the perfect amount for the average household order. Nana you dont have an enlarged heart - you are the norm. Any other speculation or opinion that does not reflect personal experience is not relevant.
  16. Can't remember, maybe a Hampton Inn but it has a Chjiles on the same site and cabs run to the airport. West side of road.
  17. dfw, what an ungodly hour to depart. If flight out at 5 I assume a 4:15 to 4:30 board, the former if your flight needs a bus to get you out on the tarmac, the latter if a gate board. Since you note its your first time in Ajijic then a visit to IMN for stamps not necessary and a bit of a time saver. Early mornings tend to be very busy with traffic in and out of the airport. This said I would want to be at the airport by 3:30, departing Ajijic at 2:45. It all depends on your sleep habits but I would find the most comfort of taking a cab to the hotel just south of the airport in the late afternoon. Dinner at Chijles downstairs and arrane a cab to the airport around 3:30. That or go late and grab some zzz's in the airport lounge. Something to consider.
  18. I can't begin to remember all those twisty roads and turns from Comala. Any of the tour guides could take you up. Interesting to use a guide as they will possibly take you to the Guadian Tree. The local indigenous community up there has never vacated the area. They say the tree has been there for four hundred years and so stay they! That is the road that goes past the yerbabuena coffee plantation. A great place to stop and try out this lovely coffee as well as buy beans to bring home. There is another road that takes you closer I believe. My suggestion is to google casablanco b&b in Comala and plan to overnight there. Rosa and Miguel, the owners, can put you in touch with whomever you need. Too enjoy the botanero on the corner kitty corner to the church on the plaza.
  19. Lexy, I would think you need to know if you want a smart tv. If not then measure the size you want and ask Lakeside Express, Cynthia, to pick you up an LED tv X size. She will find it at Walmart or Coatco. Googling in advance, aka armchair shopping, will tell you all you need to know and you can give her the info and she'll deliver.
  20. When you sayprices are higher than somewhere else are you refering to the prices posted on the appliance? Or, the prices the sales clerk gives you from her book, a price considerably lower then posted!
  21. If you direct dial and the cost is nil, why would you phone a collect call number? My point being no bank responsibility.
  22. Thats about 2.25 a shirt, about 1/3 less than dry cleaning and less than prices in PA. Seems comparable to me with the US and not expensive. I would think if the location works and they do a good job then your most important criteria is met. Beats buying a washer dryer and iron.
  23. Certainly atrocious but atrocities happen in el norte and everywhere I fail to see the need to post this. Posts have, I believe, been closed in the past when responders have brought to light the myriad of incidents of fatal crimes in the US. Frankly I don't believe this is the place for such unpleasantries that we can read for ourselves in the paper or tv. Discussing something is one thing, posting something for shock value something else, in my opinion.
  24. Depends on where you hub. If the US you buy from duty free here and it goes up top as carry on. If you hub in the US you retrieve and recheck your checked baggage. At that time you must put the booze into the checked luggage. If flying direct from Mexico city you would buy at the duty free and your booze would fly carry on directly to Toronto.
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