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  1. What about raw goat milk? There is a product, Kabrita, that has a powder and found in the baby product aisle in Soriana, Walmart etc. I am aware canine nutitionists recommend raw goat milk as having less problems than cow. If you insist on cow you might talk to one of the farmers that sell pajaretes on the side of the road. If you don't communicate well in Spanish just ask your gardener, he'll know.
  2. If you are a coffee afficienado then listen to Willie. The other I like from the area is Yerbabueno. But, no not available Lakeside but a great excuse to visit Comala and take in some marvelous sites. For tea there is a Teavanna in, I think, Gallerias Mall. Most everything can be found in Guadalajara if you know where to look.
  3. Motorcyles, in Jalisco, are by law required to "drive on the extreme right" or were when I took my test about 9 years ago. From an "el norte" perspective it's pretty dumb but it is/was the requirement. Cant remember what it said about passing but doubt that it was legal.
  4. There is no such thing as an international drivers license although I have heard referal to the permit as being a notorized translation of your driver's license in the language of the country in which you intend to drive. I've driven in Ireland, a rental, and used only a California Drivers License.
  5. I'd check Dormimundo and take a tape measure. Across from walmart.
  6. Losano Golf Guadalajara - googleble as for a deal on cart batteries maybe costco
  7. If she has an ajibe check to see the float is functioning.
  8. Relajarte Ukiyo, it just struck me as unusual that a post about a specic car was posted to a website dedicated to moving to Mexico. Would be a really interesting post to a Nissan March car forum just questioning the relevance on this site.
  9. This is very interesting as it's loaded with positive economic potential. lake aguamilpa is a good example of the benefits and makes no note of any negative aspects to indigenous species. Doubt we have any whitefish left in the lake, are the charales impacted?
  10. Is it just me or does anyone else find it odd that, all the posters, 3 people with very limited posting are pimping a product that does not normally come up by someone considering a move to Lakeside? It may be the greatest product since sliced bread but sounds like trolling to me!
  11. Come, enjoy a better, more affordable way of life and absorb a wonderful culture and fabulous people.
  12. Flora you have a problem that only can be resolved through the courts; surely you don't expect the answer from this board when you stated on a previous post that different lawyers have given you different answers. Yours is a legal battle not a battle in the court of public opinion methinks.
  13. I have used Nuevo Posado on several occasions and found it perfect. For me its the only place I'd stay for an overnite. For longer I'd pick Cathy's B&B, Casa del Sol..
  14. Across, mtn side, from Super Lake.
  15. Yeah Xena but the meat market that I remember was close to Integrity Clinic, maybe where Best Doctors is now. I dont remember anything that faces the libramiento. Old map, doubt it but now can't find it and too old to remember how I found it in the first place. Will have to take a drive I guess.
  16. Whoa buckwheat, don't include Harley bikers in your little scenario, we'll leave it to you Honda "motorcyclists"!
  17. Would probably be a good idea to drop the info off with the guards in los sabinos. Those guys are on the ball and take data on non-resident cars that attemp entry. Wouldn't hurt.
  18. When you make the plunge to actually go out and buy a car I would suggest you go to S&S Auto. He will take you to Guad, show you the vehicles which meet your requirements and then you can test drive to seek your level of comfort.
  19. Sorry for your loss. This is very valuable information. Puerta Arroyo, if I'm correct, is a gated community with a guard checking access 24/7. So, as GimpyChimp asked - what did the Guard have to say as it appears from your photos the perps entered with a dark colored suv? Too looks like they drove up, 4 in the afternoon, and parked in tour drive. Anyone else in the community get broken into? This is the weirdest B&E I've ever seen.
  20. Just saw a map showing a place called Ajijic Meats. Seems to be located in Interlago Plaza facing the Libramiento. Any info on the quality of the meat?
  21. If the op passed on a solid line he can get a ticket. The transito simply asked which he'd prefer, a ticket or a mordido. All the op had to do was ask for the ticket. Instead he commited another offence by giving the bribe.
  22. If I bought a house in USD and sold it in USD for the same amount how is it overpriced? If anything it is undervalued.
  23. Same building as you pay your frac fee is where you'll find the administrator. As you know just go up the street from the guard shack, paseo del lago. Just past the second street on your left and before paseo mirador is, on your left, the administration office. I don't know if things have changed but it used to be a board comprised of, all but one foreigner, Mexicans. The foreigner had to be fully conversant in Spanish. That was Bill Farrar on paseo colina but I'm sure he's long gone. Hope this helps.
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