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  1. Is there a record of what you paid for the house and what you sold it for?  I ask because property sales are recorded in pesos not USD.   With a volatile peso to usd relation it seems you could be ok in usd but face a gain in the peso.  If that’s the case it seems you would really need the us tax attorney and a mxn tax attorney as well.   Interesting subject to me.

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  2. Posted comments suggest Riberas del Pilar plagued with water problems.   Such as sand in the well servicing Riberas, sulphur smell, service frequently shut down for repair, high water table causing back up of sewage and standing gray water.   
    Are all areas affected?   What locations are or are not?  Thanks 

  3. Solar panels are getting less expensive BUT they are also changing in design and adaptability.   I put in panels in 2014.   One blew in Jan 2022.   Impossible to replace with same model and solar installer says new panels not interchangeable. So, when crunching numbers, it might be worthwhile to consider replacement cost with a 5 year life expectancy.

  4. As to legality of owners iscats is correct.   As to legality of weapon - anything used as a weapon is a weapon wether or not so designed so it allcomes down to use of force.  If the force u use is considered excessive by a court are headed for trouble.   Most teachers of weaponry would advise your first statement to police to be “i was in fear for my life”.

    while I love a baseball bat as a weapon it can be a little heavy and unwieldy for some.   I keep an almost meter of 1 1/2 “ bamboo.   If u chose that Id suggest picking up a book on arnis or escrima and practicing with it ona regular basis.  If you think a gun best Id use a shotgun, less likely to miss.

    i have seen people, or heard thereof,  spray themselves with hornet spray or pepper spray.  People not trained tend not to be able to use weapons effectively in a stressful emergency such as a home invasion.

    Bottom line is there are no absolute clear cut answers in my opinion.

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