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  1. I see a lot of people saying ‘legally a fracc can do this and not that’ but has anyone an actually know where one finds the law, from which authority to do this and not that, exists?
  2. I have searched here for information posted about memberships in fraccionamientos not being compulsory. To no avail. Is there a law, and where can I find it, municipal, state or federal relevant to membership. Thanks
  3. To solve the immediate problem take your old bill to cfe and at the machine where you can pay it will scan it and tell you current amount due. Or, talk to someone there in person, maybe best for long term
  4. Total Body Care used to, as in maybe still does, have an acupuncturist come in. I believe he studied in China
  5. I would think it depends on how tinaco was hooked up to the system. I have had them where water into ajibe then to tinaco and exit from there. Reason was to gravity feed in advent of power outage.
  6. 17 years ago it was a wonderful and quiet little cultural paradise. 2 years ago it became intolerable to drive in the traffic. Moved.
  7. I did as mostly lost suggested but paid in cash at oxxo. Results all positive.
  8. From mexexperience...... “If you are driving into Mexico (or currently in Mexico) with a foreign-plated vehiclewith a TIP (Temporary Import Permit) we understand that Banjercito —the Agency that administers the permits— is not giving any extensions to TIP expiry dates due to Covid. If you fail to drive your vehicle out of Mexico before the TIP expires, the vehicle will become illegal in Mexico (this affects the validity of you your auto insurance) and you will lose your deposit. A TIP’s validity is usually tied to the expiry date of a Visitor Permit (FMM) or a Residente Temporal permit.”
  9. Ortho Fire Ant Killer handles leaf cutters. Going thru the same problem. Wiped out most of the mounds but still some refusing to die. Actually these are granules you apply then drench with water which soaks in and, hopefully, eradicates the Queen. Mercadolibre.
  10. No longer lakeside. If you were in town you’d go to Kitchen Harmony and ask for contact info. (Little strip mall south side of Carreterra just west of Walmart). Alternatively google might yield contact info for kitchen harmony.
  11. Aranza Pamplona. 333-470-2300. Bilingual
  12. I’ve done it but had to pay an arm and a leg for insurance because of Mexican License. My credit card did not include the car insurance but some might.
  13. Don’t know self help cures but my gardener referred to this as “la plaga”. He sprayed the plants every few months and the problem never came back. Is there a garden service Lakeside that will come and spray for you?
  14. Personally, I think thinking in hourly rates is not all that applicable here. In the maid search I would have the applicant come in and either give you a price for the job you expect to be done; or, let her do the job one day for a stipulated price and then give you a price.
  15. Just leave the light in the garage on from dusk tildawn
  16. That’s not an oil leak, just marking its territory
  17. Another yes for Azucena. She’s been in business for nigh unto 20 years so lots of experience and a nice person. i am curious about your “handle” since Bruce died in ‘73 it would appear your into jeet kune do?
  18. I would never hire anyone based on working hours. Angus hit the nail on the head. I would ask for references from those you’ve felt comfortable with and check them out.
  19. Oops, yes Annas is telcel. Had the amigo but now monthly. Will try both, thanks
  20. Just received an invoice from telcel for the purchase of a phone. Problem is, did not buy a phone. Name and address correct on bill. No signatures at bottom and address is a year old. My concern is that the information of name address and telephone number would have been only available at Anna’s the Telmex Distributor next to Alexs Pasta place in Ajijic. i understand this location has been comprised a couple of times so thinking the information was derived from a stolen file. no actual charge to a credit card as yet and there would have been none on file with Anna. tried contacting telcel but could not get in contact with a real person. Visiting Anna not an option. Anyone have success in finding contact information with a real live telcel person? And, curious to know if this is an isolated incident. thanks
  21. Dobermans here don’t seem to enjoy the popularity they do in the States. American preferred is somewhat ambiguous. If your referring to style they, the Doberman, are pretty much the same all over north and south America. You can go to the FCM website (Mexican Kennel Club) and click on eventos. To my knowledge most of the shows have been cancelled. But a dog show is the best place to go to see what’s available in terms of a breeder. i would be very surprised if a reputable breeder would sell you both a male and a female as the implication that you want to breed them is something a good breeder would avoid.
  22. Some may have had a good deal on their solo search but more haven’t. It’s a crap shoot. I’d go with S&S because of their experience and reputation in the business as well as exhibiting honesty and integrity through the years.
  23. Like Curmudgeon I’ve used S&S Auto for years. Tried Parker and Bellon previously but found S&S far more helpful when the chips were down
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