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  1. What is it, a reverse osmosis system? I scanned the website and thought they Just went on and on and on so maybe I missed it. Couldn’t see the cost except it was free if 6 persons were brought into the fold.
  2. Check out the Trouper store in Ajijic alongside of OXXO and Intercam. Great selection in Guadalajara in fact one large store carries only handles. Any of the drivers should know.
  3. Have lived in Colima for about 7 years. This time of year there are delightful morning temperatures unlike lakeside. Hotter in summer but not nearly as hot as Las Vegas or Dallas or Tucson etc. Runs about 10 degrees f higher than Ajijic. As the elevation climbs cooler temperatures prevail so in summer if too hot take a little trip up to Suchitlan. Humidity in lakeside usually too dry for me so prefer here. Best appreciated if you can converse in Spanish at least somewhat. You do not have the safety net lakeside provides. i would suggest you make a few trips out this way and lineup a tour company, kind of fun to google all the attractions Colima has to offer. As to the comments on Volcano I have not found this to be an issue. In fact prevailing winds blow towards Guadalajara and not found here. I could paint a pretty picture however don’t want to encourage the development of another Gringolandia!
  4. Have always stayed at the hotel on Hillside Drive. Beside a great burger joint, think its called Fudruckers. Otherside of the hotel is the mall. Sketchers, Bed Bath Beyond just up the street from the mall, close tomDMV. Sorry can’t recall the name
  5. Aye carumba —— need a gif showing me slapping myself on back of head!
  6. I see some antennas installed supposedly for internet but can’t seem to find any info. They are not the ones from Rod at laguna net
  7. Perfocel is the name but take a picture with you to show as well. I think I bought some at the lumber store across from the waffle house in Ajijic. Can’t remember but think they may have had to order it for me. If you have pegs you might want to confirm hole size 1/8 or 1/4 but for me its been a take what I can get.
  8. I’ve done both. Western route best. Navajoa first night and Phoenix next. New toll roads greatly reduce time.
  9. Strom White for me all the way. A 2 hour move and couldn’t be happier with the care and service.
  10. Well the trike builder is valuable info. Best I could come up with was buy the bike here and take it to Texas for the trike part. Fun ride to boot!
  11. But what about the other 7 years
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