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  1. El Cartero

    Bocas de Pascualas

    Wow Rick S great find ...... but ....... on weekends that whole strip I think called el real is jammed up with weekend warriors bombing around on atv’s and surfboards. There is a restaurant on the strip, the crab or similar, and its great but busy. i find Cuyutlán far more tranquil except for the fact there is an expat presence for sure but not invasive. It’s only a snore if you need an entertainment committee, imho
  2. El Cartero

    Where to get Insurance Mexican Plated Car in US

    Thanks, very much appreciated
  3. Where can one get temporary insurance for a mx car for 1 week stateside? Have been to lcal insurance companies who say it can no longer be done. ie Lloyds. Looks like I need an online insurer or stop for it with an insurer when on the us side like we had to do 15 years ago
  4. Thanks Lexy, Helen is a real gem and a keeper for sure
  5. I tried to pm you but message came that service was not available. So, what is Beatriz’ phone because she doesn’t reply to emails.
  6. El Cartero

    Nogales to Chapala Road Status

    Just back from lunch. Ran into a guy who drove the Nogales route, 15D, and laughed when I told him of the fears of bad roads on this trip. He said two days from Phoenix and, yes, a little construction but nothing mind boggling or any delay. He got here yesterday.
  7. El Cartero

    Nogales to Chapala Road Status

    Ajijic to Phoenix...... haven’t done ythis trip in 8 or 9 years. Used to take the Lukeville crossing as 85 takes me to Buckeye. Option is 15 thru Nogales which seems to be always under construction. Are road conditions on 25 thru Lukeville any better or worse?
  8. El Cartero

    Walmart Hit & Run Car Damage

    I would not even bother. Just go to the body shop of your choice and pay to have yours fixed. I doubt a fail to remain on private property will garner much police support. Sorry to sound negative but think I’m realistic. Just my opinion of course.
  9. El Cartero

    Need a massage?

    What are her rates?
  10. El Cartero

    Car Detailer

    Michael2595 if you live in Ajijic area I think the chap west of the Waffle House is your best bet. You might like to check the relatively new Meguiars prodoct called Ultimate Compound. I have always use a clay bar but gave this new product a try and have never gone back. You might specify what you want exactly; like wash, clay or compound, deep polish then a silicone or caranuba finish. I have just found the devil is in the details so prefer to spell out what I want and then ask how much. sorry, have no experience in other communities
  11. El Cartero

    Cairns or Westies

    Chris, Harry’s wife, PM me. I applaud your decision
  12. Barcelona, who is your go to guy for iptv? I’ve tried a person named Donald but he is not good at returning posts. Thanks, pm if you prefer.
  13. Don’t know why someone would think your post funny as it is the direction many are taking. However when I tried your website got a message saying invalid. Please check and repost.
  14. Interesting BD but I understand the reference to agrarian community land to be an edijo by definition. All the result of the revolution against Diaz’ cabal. Article 4 deals with professions. I don’t see a specific mention of indigenous people in Article 27 but I do see ss 4 referencing the sale of rural land as prohibited from sale to commercial stock companies. My thought was Mexico was unique in treating natives as being NOT different from any other citizen. Equality being the key. So my only point was there is no such thing as “indigenous land” per se. Indigenous defined as native american. If you have an exact reference in the constitution to indigenous let me know ‘cause I cannot find it. Thanks
  15. It seems to me there is no such thing as indigenous lands except within the defines of ejido. The latter which was dependent on the allocation of agrarian land to peasant populace. At least thats my understanding of the Constitution.