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  1. Hi, I live in Zapopan and am looking for bio-identical hormone replacement options close to here(Vallarta Universidad), or generally in the Guadalajara metroplex. Feel free to PM me. Thanks
  2. Thanks for all of your input. FWIW, I do have a compost pile; have been composting for years, and have never had animals in it. Id' love to find a good source of manure here or close, to add to it. That was easier to find when we lived in Ajijic! I'll definitely check out that Madederia. I have some linseed oil too. I have a few reasons for using wood, mainly that it's much easier to assemble than using concrete blocks & dragging each one of those through the house would not be fun. I'll be using the soil that I have and adding amendments to it, like compost. We'll see how it all goes. B
  3. I live in Zapopan, in the Vallarta Universidad area. I hope that this is the right forum for me to ask this question. Here goes. For those of you that like to DIY, do some wood work, where do you like to get your lumber/wood? I've already looked in Home Depots and they don't have what I'm looking for. I want to build raised garden beds and need 12"x2" boards or equivalent or boards I could stack. Looking for untreated wood; pine or cedar. For 3'x6' beds/ 1 meter x 2 meter. Hopefully in the Zapopan area but I realize I may have to drive a bit.
  4. Marty, you can make your own yogurt. Heat milk to simmering. Let it cool to 96F. Add a few spoons of your favorite yogurt. Cover and let it sit in a warm area for 12 hrs. I set the bowl in a bowl with hot water, cover it with a towel and let it sit in the oven overnight. If you want Greek style, drain it in cheesecloth to the thickness you like.
  5. Hi Shan, I tried making mozzarella with the refrigerated milk and it did not work. I believe that it is ultra pasteurized and I know that boxed milk is. This denatures the milk protein & changes the structure. You can't make hard cheeses with it but can make yogurt, cream cheese and buttermilk. I've seen suggestions of using dried milk with some cream added, if good milk isn't available but have never tried this. The raw milk I get, I pasteurize myself.At Lacteos Mama Lupita, in Chapala, the raw milk is 8.50/L, It's listed as Leche Entera and I've been told that it's called Leche Broncha t
  6. It's Iikely she got worms from fecal matter that contaminated the milk. The bacterias and brucellosis also contaminate after it is out of the cow/animal. People get sick from store bought milk too. There are risks with all of it. We could probably go into eternity discussing this aspect of food. I found a Cremeria in Chapala yesterday. I pasturized the Gal./4 Liters I bought and made some mozzarella. I am pleased with the results. I don't know if that Cremeria is the closest one to Ajijc. Has anyone seen others in the area? I am still looking for a press and for cheese molds(plastic or steel
  7. Thanks Don. I will be careful and will pasturize it myself. It's always good to be vigilant about where we get our food. There is so much to enjoy and explore :-) I found Cuajo(rennet) at the Pharmacia Guadalajara. My quest continues....
  8. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get raw cow's milk and raw goat's milk? Are there dairies in the area that I can buy directly from? Any recommedations on dairies in the area..cleanliness, etc? Where can I buy cheese making supplies, such as molds(for draining) and presses? I know that I can buy supplies NOB but would like to find local suppliers. Is this the right forum to be asking about this? Thanks!
  9. Hi Bennie, They are also used for baths, in massage oils, in candles and some can be used as flavoring. As you would use an extract. I used to know more about how they are produced. It's probably rattling around somewhere in here! I think that the plant oils are extracted using distillation.
  10. I think essential oils are distilled. They are super concentrated and you only need a few drops. I bet local spas and massage therapists would have them or would know where to find them.
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