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  1. Hi, I live in Zapopan and am looking for bio-identical hormone replacement options close to here(Vallarta Universidad), or generally in the Guadalajara metroplex. Feel free to PM me. Thanks
  2. Thanks for all of your input. FWIW, I do have a compost pile; have been composting for years, and have never had animals in it. Id' love to find a good source of manure here or close, to add to it. That was easier to find when we lived in Ajijic! I'll definitely check out that Madederia. I have some linseed oil too. I have a few reasons for using wood, mainly that it's much easier to assemble than using concrete blocks & dragging each one of those through the house would not be fun. I'll be using the soil that I have and adding amendments to it, like compost. We'll see how it all goes. B
  3. I live in Zapopan, in the Vallarta Universidad area. I hope that this is the right forum for me to ask this question. Here goes. For those of you that like to DIY, do some wood work, where do you like to get your lumber/wood? I've already looked in Home Depots and they don't have what I'm looking for. I want to build raised garden beds and need 12"x2" boards or equivalent or boards I could stack. Looking for untreated wood; pine or cedar. For 3'x6' beds/ 1 meter x 2 meter. Hopefully in the Zapopan area but I realize I may have to drive a bit.
  4. This may be a federal issue and could tie in with ecotourism. I know that there is great frustration with development in the mountains around Chapala and Ajijic, in areas that are supposed to be protected. The ugly scar above/across from Walmart is an example.
  5. Hi, has anyone here gotten this done recently? Did you have to do it all by mail and not by phone or online? Right now it looks like I have to mail the filled out form to the Fla. office of vital statistics, then send the form I get back to the Fla. dept of state to get the official Apostille, which would then be mailed to me. My sister lives in Fla., so I am going to try to get most of this done through her address there. But I am hoping that there is a simpler way to do it. BTW, trying to get this done before my visa expires in March, so we don't have to schlep it to the border. As it stan
  6. I prefer coconut in my drink, not on........you know. Definitely get Costco TP. I have a hard time walking down the detergent aisle...all the scented paper products, yuck! I suppose you could imagine that you are on a tropical beach, soaking up the sun.
  7. I just saw this and thought people would want to be aware of it. So far, there have only been 2 known cases in Mexico but it's shown up in South America too. http://www.who.int/csr/don/03-december-2015-zika-mexico/en/
  8. My boyfriend was house sitting last year and asked a Mexican neighbor if the incessant barking ever bothered him. His response? "Why do you listen?" I don't enjoy loud constant barking by any means but wanted to share this.
  9. Hi all, I should call this 'What a difference a day makes!' I went back to La Cruz today, with the intention of exchanging my tank for a new one. The man there today looked at it and said "Oh no, Es bueno", and had me drive over to the refill area. Another young man hooked up the very same attachment that the other guys couldn't and now I have a full tank. Thanks for all your replies and suggestions. Maybe the others were new or just couldn't admit they didn't know what to do. Anyway, it did make me laugh.
  10. I haven't checked myself but you might try AutoZone.
  11. Yesterday, I took the propane tank from our grill to the refill station across from El Torito. I was told No llenado and got the impression that one can't get these tanks refilled there anymore. He told me to go to Santa Cruz. So I did. They said they couldn't fit it, though it seemed to fit at one point and I could hear gas going into the tank. They took me over to look at other tanks, that they said were equal(where the hose attaches). That confused me; if it was equal then it shouldn't work at their pump either. I finally just gave up and left with my nearly empty tank. We have refilled thi
  12. Hi, we are looking for a plumber who can replace a bathroom sink faucet. It looked like something we could do ourselves, until we tried. Bottom plate is very rusty and the plastic nuts holding the pipes are so old they are breaking, if you try to unscrew them. Loads of fun.
  13. Marty, you can make your own yogurt. Heat milk to simmering. Let it cool to 96F. Add a few spoons of your favorite yogurt. Cover and let it sit in a warm area for 12 hrs. I set the bowl in a bowl with hot water, cover it with a towel and let it sit in the oven overnight. If you want Greek style, drain it in cheesecloth to the thickness you like.
  14. Hi Shan, I tried making mozzarella with the refrigerated milk and it did not work. I believe that it is ultra pasteurized and I know that boxed milk is. This denatures the milk protein & changes the structure. You can't make hard cheeses with it but can make yogurt, cream cheese and buttermilk. I've seen suggestions of using dried milk with some cream added, if good milk isn't available but have never tried this. The raw milk I get, I pasteurize myself.At Lacteos Mama Lupita, in Chapala, the raw milk is 8.50/L, It's listed as Leche Entera and I've been told that it's called Leche Broncha t
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