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  1. I wonder if the health care and the cost of health care is so good. Why are Americans returning to the states to get care there.
  2. The law also says that you need a drivers licence and insurance to drive here. How many have that. The informador said that less than fifty percent have those. So trying to quote laws here is useless. How many observe the laws and how many are really enforced. Noise and building height laws are not enforced and if they were pay offs would take place. It's against the law for grings tom sell their US plated cars here but many do.
  3. This has been going on in the central section of Guadalajara for some time now. Stay away from the curb if possible these guys are fast.
  4. I drove with expired tags and was in an accident and my insurance thru Lewis and Lewis paid for the repairs.
  5. Sounds good, you have have goals set.
  6. It was well known by the locals that he was involved in other things that were not related to business. Some would say illegal and not moral.
  7. I have had two implants and a bridge for cost of 18,000 in Guadalajara. I received a quite in San Antonio TX for the same for 22,000 dlrs
  8. I have used Mexican notaries many times selling real estate NOB. I never had a problem using them.
  9. I remember when Soriana opened. It was like the gringos prayers were answered. The parking lot and the store was packed. Wow how things change.
  10. A lot of people can't move because they can't afford to or they will take a big loss on the house they bought.
  11. Hell the Mexicans don't even respect their laws. Don't give this guest crap I am a legal resident here. Correct if the cop has a gun he is the boss
  12. I don't think she's using scare tatics just giving out information that has been passed on.
  13. When I had texas plates I never paid for any tickets that I got. My Mexican friend who worked for the state said the foreign plates were not on the state database.
  14. I remember when you bought a coke and didn't want to pay a deposit They would pour it into a plastic bag with a straw. That was the days when gasoline was rated at 83 octane.
  15. I agree. We all are waiting and living in fear for the knock on the door about our cars.
  16. At least Sonia is getting things done while Steve says things can't be done. Homeland security can't even control the border much less controling auto imports.
  17. I have yet to hear of imigration checking visas in nursing homes. Hell living in Mexico for over fifteen years I have never been checked for my Visa. I know quite a few gringos living here on expired visas.
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