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  1. All of my mexican friends would never think of using IMSS. When I ask them about it they just shake their heads.
  2. I think they should be able to pay for their medical care and not be a burden on others fo their care.
  3. read what spencer said.
  4. Mexico is still a third world country. Corruption rules
  5. For the most part taxis in GDL have meters.
  6. They don't cover a lot of drugs and if they do they might be out. The 95 percent is wrong. Another problem is getting admited to the hospital because the shortage of beds,
  7. The Hotel Morales would be on the parade route. The hotel is about four blocks to the Delgado.
  8. The last time I bought tickets was at the box office at the Delgado.
  9. They sure have slowed the traffic in parts of GDL.
  10. I have used Mexican notaries many times with no problems.
  11. I had a 2010 Honda CRV. Sold it after six months way under powered.
  12. The cinepolis movies in GDL give senior discount prices seven days a week.
  13. I have heard comments that the NOB people dressed poorly compared to the locals.
  14. Why not drive yourself. It's not a big deal to drive to or in Gdl. I have been doing it for years.
  15. If you think the roads are bad now vou should have been here twenty years ago. The road from Chapala to Joco was a narrow pot holed fille road. So things have improverd.
  16. I have never unloaded a fully loaded car at Las Palmas. They have security roaming the grounds.
  17. I am happy with mine.
  18. My wife and I live in Guadalajara. A good dinner in a nice resturant will cost us about eight hundred pesos. That's pretty commone here for a nice place.
  19. Why would any body ask what the fine is for not using seat belts. It's common sense if a person who wants to live would use them.
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