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  1. I don't like to fly that's why I take the bus.
  2. Anybody can use the hospital in Joco. If you are a SP member for the most part is free. If not you will have to pay a minimal amount. Most all of the specialists are located in Guadalajara at hospital civil. To see a specialist you must be refered by your local clinic.
  3. Yes,the community hospital in Joco is open 24 hours. Any one can use it. They accept SP insurance for payment. Non members the charges are low. I took my son there for emergency and the charge was 70 pesos.
  4. Watch the news on Mexican tv. Read the news papers and you will learn what's going on.
  5. My max driving time at my age is no more than six hours. Some years ago I did drive from gdl to sat non stop. Those days are over.
  6. I know of at least four of these restaurants in GDL. Most of the time they are full. I guess more money in GDL.
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