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  1. not great photos, only one shows garbage. its worse on most streets, & lots. looks normal to me.
  2. good idea. asking to be alerted is a fair request. going to the mayor to say "stop" is not. it is called diplomacy. yes i thought you meant ajijic, but there ARE some very quiet places in mexico as well, its a large country. keep us posted about the future all nighters.
  3. gringal, most people did move here for peace & quiet. untill several yrs ago ajijic was marketed as a traditional tranquil village. actually the noise started in 2003, then took off. (there was a double refrigerator size speaker full blast last year @ the wensday tianga). this tranquil vill marketing stuff should have been re-phrased years ago. now, i think that the ad copy has been adjusted. 70yr olds do not belong near 18 yrs olds, near frat bars, or discos. good idea to get away, good suggestion. maggiesmom: dont try to manipulate the mayor. you know very well its not about the welfare of "the chillllllldren". they are not your teenagers, stop trying to police the world. its the parents decision, not yours. this is why expats/americans are resented. know your place, & stay there, its not good for public relations. hectors idea is also wrong. the mayor is making some money, it over rides hectors customers. raves were popular thru the early middle 90s, & they are fashionable here. this is for all classes/ nationalities of teens/20somethings. they proberly could not get a permit in guad, so they came here. it is not anyones business how much they pay for a bus. "ajijic is alive" for the right price, the $$ wins, the magic continues.
  4. fhboy, you dont get it, read loscats post. doers? do what? people have lived here for years, they still dont get it. this is the way it is, end of case. (it wont get better). exactly what do you want from people on this board? if you know the secret answers, than YOU "do". you're living in a mexican town, maybe it hasnt occurred to you.
  5. ajijic cento is a party town, not a historic village. if the mayor said "ajijic alive" this is what he means. it its out of your hands, out of hectors hands. this has been going on for years, nothing new. if it bothers you, try to move. if it doesnt, dont rationalize.
  6. the US busy bodies are @it again! but remember, alienate the wrong person, well......you know the rest. what ever happened to tennis & bridge? keep me posted, its a comical mini seris.
  7. no not may 26th. a murder of a female mayor/politican etc.
  8. this is more difficult than a loud bar. you never know when or where this noise will come. aquaponticman: if i was affected i wouldnt care what the occassion was. remember there are birthdays, engagements, many reasons for parties. being "proud" is kind of weird, you dont even know these people, why the pat on the back? no need to patronize, they dont seem to care much for you. callejeras: incessent "meetings" just take up your time. IF you are going to live in an UN regulated neighborhood, this is what you get. what makes you think hector has the power to over ride? i doute most of these parties have "permits" there was one for 48 hours straight on a really nice block lakeside, mothers day weekend. (ps just read MCs post, hector cannot help).
  9. criminals are not stupid. IMO they are way smarter than visitors. they have an opportunity to make some $, they do what they do.
  10. expats have no voice @ city hall, hector knows this. ajijic is a magic town, this is why i like gated developments. the more magic the more noise. remember the mayor said the new slogan is "ajijic alive"? if you dont like it, you are in the wrong place. you have unrealistic expectations, your not in beverly hills. all this back & forth is from lack of meaningful life. shut the window, go to sleep.
  11. mexico city has had trouble, go to google.
  12. sorry i didnt save the links, or the articals. yes you're correct kookie, i dont care much for these things, i have greater passions.
  13. mexico city lost like 12 politicans, including one women. politics is a risky business.
  14. not many, compared to mexico! do you know how many mayors were killed in mex city??
  15. glitner: so true, we all have our priorities. what scares most expats dosnt put a dent in me. on the other hand, i cant imagine driving thru mexico. that is something to see in a movie. crossing a border is not imaginable. there seems to be some obsession here w/police, criminals, cartels, what ever. just dont think about it. just say NO, i am ignoring this aspect.
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