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  1. to add to the bus post: some busses do not have the extra step that comes down. i have seen people lift some very elderly mexicans up the stairs. unfortunately some of the older busses are over 2 ft high. in any event, i dont being the "bus" expert. slowly i am learning to think like a "suburban". that means buy triple of what i need when the taxi is carrying the packages. old habits die hard.
  2. they may have extended the bus hours for the directos. small ones, i think stop @ 8:30pm or so. as for 45 pesos taxi, plaza to plaza: it did happen one or two times. that was when i hailed the cab on the street, he happened to be going back to chapala from ajijic, so he did me a favor. IF you call a cab, or just see one around, the price is 70pesos normally. as for music, there ARE drivers who blast. for me its not acceptable, it is a quality of of life issue.
  3. 1) wrong! it is NOT 45 pesos from ajijic to chapala. more like 70 pesos (as of last year, best price). 2) wrong again, there are no busses past 9pm, that is the last bus. 3) a cab stand in the plaza is useless if you are not walking past the plaza. you need to call them from where ever you are. yes it is easier to call the driver directo. most good drivers are busy, good luck. 3) it was much easier to walk places like 15 or more years ago, but thats over. 4) a "first class bus" is rare, there may be a few new clean directo busses to guad. sometimes there is blasting music from the drivers loud speaker. no thanks. the small busses may have dirty mops, filthy upolstery, clothes need to be washed right away. they are noisy, sometimes packed. again its the luck of the draw, some are newer w/plastic seats. i hop on them to save steps, as walking is not good for me. let me also add that the steps on these busses can be as high as 3 feet. how many elderly people can climb that? are you going to carry serveral lbs of groceries on the bus? 5) my mexican friends who do not have cars, walk & take bus. they are not happy w/this. each to his own. 6) agree some people should not drive. they may need to hire a driver to use their car to take them shopping etc. or sell car, have a regular appt w/a taxi you like.
  4. busses also dont run that often. but taxis do cruise the streets, but only when they have dropped someone off.
  5. i never drove a car in my life. never depend on anyone to drive me places. i have arranged to have food delived as much as possible. can get a meat place to do this? guess i would have to buy many kilos. my maid does some shopping. also if im in a cab, we sometimes stop for a few minutes. i never pass the store w/OUT going inside for fruit/vegs. frozen fruit helps, frozen fish. way back in high school i heard phrases like "my license" "gas station" "permit", later the word "repairs". turned me off. recently i heard that people pump their own gas.
  6. never had a drivers license or thought of getting one. but it is limiting here w/out a car. as i said i take cabs about 50% of the time. but, if i took cabs everywhere all the time, it would be many thousands of pesos per month. therefore i dont have a normal life.
  7. taxies are usually good, but if they are busy you may be out of luck. personally i find taxies easier than having a car, but thats me. many of the small busses are not sanitary. (i use taxies frequently). walking is ok but depends upon location, many streets are not set up for that. personally i think this is a car culture.
  8. luke, i dont know any drs involved. you can pm me for my experiences having surgury in central america. i was in the best hospital & had to stay overnight. the recovery place (12 day stay in my case) was aweful. depending upon the extent of the operation, either you go home same day or stay over night. have a few consults, & dont rush. remember you dont have a back up here legally, youre on your own.
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