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  1. Bigrig1919

    pasta trenta

    My wife and went there today for lunch. It was great. This will be our go-to restaurant from now on when we cannot decide on a place to have lunch.
  2. Is there a place in Lakeside to get a quick oil change for our auto? I've not seen any quick Lub stations driving around the area.
  3. The Maria Posada is no longer on my fav. List. I've eaten there about 6 times and always enjoyed it. We had the Sunday buffet there today and I felt like asking for my money back. The beans didn't get put on the buffet until 12:30. The chicken wings were dryed up and look like they were left over from Super Bowl party. The dinner rolls were so hard that if I threw them across the room, they might kill someone. We always said he couldn't make it on $69 pesos. I think its catching up with them and they are having to keep the leftovers too long
  4. Had lunch there yesterday. This is now my Restaurant of choice in Ajijic. My wife and I are vegetarian and we have a hard time eating out in Mexico. There were plenty of choices on the buffet we could eat. And at 69 pesos, what a bargain. I would have paid that for just the rice and beans.
  5. I just closed on some property in the US last Month and needed to notorize the closing papers. I used Yvonne Jensen. 766-2931 who lives behind Superlake. I've read a lot of responses here on the forum that it's not legal, etc. I talked to my closing Attorney in the US and he advised to go ahead and use an Ex-pat who has a US Notary stamp. All you are doing is verifying the signature and there would be no legal problems unless someone contest your signature . It worked for me. I closed in one day and the buyer and seller are happy.
  6. I've been to the bulk store next to Gossips twice in the last two weeks and no red Bean. The lady keeps telling me she will have some next week. I don't like to use beans in a can because of the large amount of sodium in each can.
  7. Does anyone know where I can buy some dry red beans here in Mexico. I've looked everywhere and no one at any of the stores I've been to, know where I can find them. I'm cravings some good red beans and rice.
  8. I have several friends who have portable propane heaters ( with small bottle in back) that seem to work great. I have looked all over Lakeside and cannot find any for sale. I went to the places they bought theirs last year and the store don't carry them any more. I also need to buy a fireplace propane insert to install permently. Perfer one with electric fan. Does anyone know where I can purchase the above items. Thanks
  9. I live in West Ajijic and gave up on Telmex. After 10 phone calls to Mex City and several vists, I'm still getting around 1meg. I signed up for Telecable 8 Meg's and get around 5 I keep both services because, if one goes out, I can still get on the net. Several weeks ago, telecable was out for four days.
  10. I talked to Robert Patterson (the Mex earthbox dealer) at the Tuesday Ajijic west Market and made arrangements to pick up more Earthboxes at his Guad home next week. He said he has hundreds of starter plants at his Guad home. His phone # is 333-165-5361. Www,earthbox.mx. I'm very happy with the one I have that is planted with herbs. With the water reservoir, I water it ever weekend. Most times, the reservoir takes very little water.
  11. A plastic box similar to the storage boxes you buy at Walmart etc. Earthbox claim to fame is maintance free growing because of water reservoir that keeps plants from being over or under watered. http://earthbox.com/
  12. My wife has Yahoo mail and has been reading it every day, including 15 min ago.
  13. I just bought one Earthbox at the Tuesday Market and considering buying several more to grow strawberry s, Tomatoes and Lettuce, etc. The parent Company in Fla. Says , you can expect double yield over growing same plant in the ground. Has anyone found that to be true in Lakeside?
  14. I was selling property in the US and needed to have my signature notorized. I had Yvonne notorize my signature and sent it back to the broker. Spent half a day and a few bucks and it was done. Money from the sale was wired to me in a few days. Was it 100 % legal? Probably not, but my US Attorney said don't worry about it. She is only notarizing that I sign the document in front of her and it will only become an issue if there's a big lawsuit about me (or some else)claiming I didn't sign the document
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