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  1. Bigrig1919

    pasta trenta

    My wife and went there today for lunch. It was great. This will be our go-to restaurant from now on when we cannot decide on a place to have lunch.
  2. I'm waiting for them to install TV service from telecable, but a friend just told me something that will be a deal breaker for me. He said he thought telecable didn't offer the Golf Channel. That's the one channel we have to have.
  3. I decided go down and sign up this morning for Telecable TV service. They don't require a longtime contract and hopefully if I get the digital package, hopefully, I can get all the channels I want. If I'm not happy with the English selection of channels, I can always cancel. I've been fussing with Telemex for Months over my slow Internet speed and give up a few weeks ago and got Telecable Internet. So far great, I'm not interested in Movies because I use Netflix with a VPN
  4. I have Shaw right now and even though the reliability and quality is there, I only watch about 10 of the channels and dont care for the other 100. I eventually want about about 4 TVs in the house which includes the guest house, etc. It is a lot cheaper and easier to run just a cable to each room I want a TV in than buy another receiver and pay the Monthly fees Telecable would be great if I could get about 25 US channels at a reasonable cost
  5. How many English US channels can I get on Telecable. I've read and heard different stories. Some people say they get several English speaking channels but not many from the US
  6. Another vote for Dees place. We just left out dog there for 8 days and it worked out great. Before we decided on Dee's place, we looked at the one next to Lucky Dog and even though it was clean for Mexico, we didn't like the idea of it being connected next to the rescue. All the dogs barked all the time and who knows what the rescue dogs bring into the compound. Flees, ticks, etc. We didn't want our dog being exposed to 30 dogs barking 24 hours a day. Dees is in the country and very quite.
  7. Alan Got any idea how I can respond to the classified ads. I cannot write or speak Spanish. I would love to find a baby grey around this area. I will only buy one that I can pick up in person. We spent the night in San Luis Potosí at the La Quinta hotel on the way down from the States. Nice town Glenn
  8. Thanks for the info. That works. When I copied "African Grey wanted parrot in Spanish" and Googled it, I came up with many ads with Greys for sale. My problem now is, when I answer the ads, my computer comes back with a message "invalid email address" I guess the classified service wants me to fill out the "contact advertiser" in Spanish
  9. Would a moderator please remove the above post. I reposted it in another category .
  10. I would like to buy an African Grey Parrot here in Mexico. I live in the Chapala Area . I have searched all the Mex classifieds I cannot find any. Someone told me there was an open air market in Guadajara that has parrots for sell, but cannot find out where and when it is and if they have Greys. If anyone has any info, would appreciate it if you would respond. Thanks Glenn
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