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  1. There is obviously a large fire in the mountain. What was it forest fire or purposely set. Anyone know. It is bad tonight.
  2. I live in a Condo and pay a quarterly water fee to the condo association. But have also been paying an annual fee to Simapa that i understood was for sewer. Am i mistaken. Does every home pay a sewer fee?
  3. We use Canadian Forex to transfer from Scotiabank to Bancomer. Find them online, set up an account and it is simply online transfers after that. Excellent phone support.
  4. Where is Terry's nd Chapala Consignment??? My pet peeve is all the posts (regardless of topic) the mention a location and this newbie has no idea for what or where?
  5. We just arrived and cannot send email. What is th outgoing mail server for telmex infinitum and the port #.

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