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  1. I suppose you could use your credit card to withdraw cash if you transferred the cash to your credit card account beforehand...?
  2. So, there's no security issue with continuing to use it? Thanks.
  3. What's everyone doing now that support for Windows 7 is ending in January? Thanks.
  4. I live in Queretaro and have been denied renewal of my SP policy - first at the General Hospital and then again at the SP office in Centro. They said it's not available to foreigners anymore and that we must become naturalized citizens to qualify.
  5. Thanks. A link to the law would be much appreciated.
  6. So, we live in Queretaro and have been refused a policy renewal from Seguro Popular at both the General Hospital and the main office in Centro. Only with a naturalization letter they said. At the SP office, I asked if we can get IMSS and they said no - same requirement. Anyone know what's involved in getting a naturalization letter? Also wondering if doing so would affect our Canadian pensions. Thanks in advance.
  7. This is the first I've heard of this. Do you use one?
  8. Yes, 'they' say it's often not the food on your plate but the thumb of the server on your plate.
  9. So, what are the anti-parasite pills the doctor prescribes? Even if we disinfect everything at home, we don't know how well restaurants do it.
  10. Since we're driving up soon, I've been watching the cameras and wait times and Colombia is often clear sailing while Bridge II has long wait times almost all day. Is there something going on up there that's keeping people away from Colombia these days? Regarding safety, I mean. Or something else? http://www.ci.laredo.tx.us/bridgesys/cameras/bridge4cam.html https://apps.cbp.gov/bwt/mobile.asp?action=n&pn=2304
  11. What day of the week did you cross? We experienced something similar when we traveled up at the end of the Xmas vacation. The website said something like 180 minutes but people had been waiting for many, many hours. I'm sure hundreds slept in their cars overnight at Colombia. I wonder if they count the time from when one enters US territory, not from the back of the line...
  12. Border crossing cameras for Laredo: http://www.ci.laredo.tx.us/bridgesys/cameras/bridge4cam.html I was told that when it says Mexico side it means traffic coming from Mexico.
  13. Thank you. We are planning to drive up on Sunday, the 28th, and I fear the line-ups will be even worse because it's the end of the holidays.
  14. Any more recent reports about wait times for crossing into Laredo? Gracias
  15. Thanks. I wonder if the procedure is the same now, two years later...
  16. I hope this isn't a stupid question. When entering Mexico by car, I understand that each person can bring in $300 US worth of 'stuff' without having to declare anything. Does this apply only to things for personal use, or can I bring in things that I plan to sell without declaring them? Thanks in advance.
  17. Where do you buy this insurance (what website)? Thanks.
  18. Text the word Baja to the number 2222 and that will stop them for at least a while.
  19. Yesterday I tried to download December's bill and got a message saying the PDF wasn't working - try later. I immediately tried downloading November's bill and it worked. Then I was able to download December's right after that.
  20. Right, but the OP was asking if they could use their phone in the US so I assumed that wasn't the case.
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