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  1. Maybe call Telcel and ask them. I think it's *264
  2. Does anyone know how much it costs to do a "baja" in order to plate the car in another state? Thanks.
  3. My bank said I could do this but they couldn't tell me what the fee would be because it depends on the receiving bank in Mexico. They normally charge $5 up to $999 and no fee for $1000 or more. How much is the fee you pay? Is your Mexican account with Bancomer? Thank you.
  4. Thanks very much for this information. So, the only fee you pay is the $15 to OFX, or does Bancomer charge you a fee also? Is the exchange rate they give you good?
  5. With ATM fees going up, etc. I'm looking for the best way to transfer money from my Canadian bank to Bancomer. I talked to my bank and they said it's possible to do a Global Transfer but she wasn't able to tell me how much it would cost because Mexico is a 'special' situation and it depends on the bank on this end. So, does anyone here regularly transfer money from their Canadian Bank to Bancomer and, if so, can you give me an idea of how it works and how much it costs? Thanks in advance.
  6. Yes, I understood what it said. I was wondering if it was a glitch in the system. Thanks.
  7. I'm trying to pay online but I keep getting this message after entering the plate number and the last 5 digits of the serial number: Hay una inconsistencia en los datos del vehiculo, favor de acudir a una recaudadora Has anyone else encountered this problem? Thanks.
  8. Thank you. I see I can pay it online and pick up the card later. I wonder how long I can wait to pick up the card...
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