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  1. There are two males and two females. Pictured is one of the females- perhaps the cutest. Definitely a Poodle Like Thing.
  2. At Lucky Dog we currently have 4 puppies that were abandoned not far from the location. They are black with white markings, and about 6 or 7 weeks old. We are still trying to catch the mother but the pups are weaned and thriving. Our best photographer is on vacation, but I will do my best to get a photo and post it. There are two males and two females. They can be seen at Lucky Dog today until 2 pm, and from 9:30 to 2 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Closed Christmas day. They are going to be small, and right now are incredibly cute. This is the link to the Lucky Dog webpage. Look at Donner, Blitzed,Dancer, and Prancer http://luckydogrescuemexico.com/dog-bios/
  3. That's correct. You can make a check, in dollars or pesos, to "Rescue Chapala Lucky Dog A.C." or, of course cash is always welcome. We are located on Carr. San Nicholas 1100- about 2km from the Red Cross Towards Sta. Cruz
  4. Yes, it's easy. http://luckydogrescuemexico.com/help-a-dog-in-need/ There is a Paypal button there , which is for donations in pesos. Automatic conversion of currencies. You can also use the other button on that page for recurring donations in USD. A monthly donation in any amount helps even out the year so there are not dry spells. Any amount helps and thank you for considering Lucky Dog.
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