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  1. I heard that mail will be coming south a little more slowly than usual because of added delays at the boarder. At least we are still going to get our mail. It is not like problems and or supply issues being experienced at Superlake.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Val. I may have to break down and not drive to Costco and make an order. The trouble is that about half of what I buy when at Costco is something that I, on the spur of the moment, decide that I need the product when I see it. And that is one of the things I love about shopping there.
  3. I sure wish we had a Costco close by. To me, it is so much better than Walmart. But that is just me. I am sure that many of you don't feel that way.
  4. It worked great for me. I'm using Windows10.
  5. Slainte39 thanks for the great information. I know you in the real world and have always appreciated your informative posts.
  6. I love my Honda CRV. I drive it every day when I'm in Mexico (about 9 months of the year). Sure I would love to drive a new and expensive looking Mercedes Benz around town. But the last thing I would want to do (if I had the money to buy an expensive Mercedes) would be to let everyone how rich I was. Especially here in Mexico where there is such a big difference between the very rich and the unemployed laborer who has kids he has to feed. I know, most folks would find me weird for thinking this way. But that's me. Oh, I was broken into once while I was at home here in Ajijic, and it scared the living SH&& out of me. And I will never forget it. PS. Of course I'm not driving my car every day, during the corona virus crisis.
  7. She was mayor between 1978 and 2014, and yes she was a power house. She is still around and will turn 100 next February.. I have always enjoyed kidding around about her in a positive way. Until a few years ago she was the longest sitting mayor in Canada. Now that record is held by Mayor Gordon Krantz of Milton, Ontario where he has been mayor since 1980.. For more info you can always check with my buddy, Mr. Google.
  8. It's my understanding that you are no longer allowed to make collect calls to 905. Apparently Hazel McCallion has declared that if you want to call GMA (used to be called GTA) you are going to have to pay for that call. I hope I am wrong, but that woman has power.
  9. That is really fast for lakeside.JRPJR And I am really happy with my 20 down by 5 up. I remember the old days in 1997 when internet first arrived lakeside. We had Lagunanet dialup which limited their speed to 28.8 KB/sec down by slightly faster up. Rod Collins, the owner had to pay long distance to Guadalajara for his dial up backbone. Each telephone/internet backbone line was at 64 KB/sec up and down. And he could have up to 20 customers per backbone line. Obviously only a small % of the customers were all on line at the same time. (You have to remember that in those days, one paid long distance for regular phone calls from Ajijic to Joco and of course from lakeside to Guadalajara. How things have changed) In those days, we, the customers thought that this dialup internet speed was pretty fast. Little did we know what was coming.
  10. My speed is 19.7 down by 5.02 up (MB/sec) as usual in upper West Ajijic. Telmex tells me that they don't have the backbone to give me higher speeds but says that when they can, I will have no problem getting the higher speeds
  11. Just to add my two cents worth of info. I am about to drive down the main road through town (I can not spell Caratara) and I can not stand those very low concrete things. Why? Because when turning onto the main road I can't see the darn things. And that is how smart I am not And I am worried about hitting or bouncing onto one Wish me luck
  12. Gosh about the only thing I like better up North is that while the closest local Costco is almost in Guadalajara some 65 Km away, the closest store to my small Seattle condo is only 4 miles away
  13. The Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) is an active international temperance organization that was among the first organizations of women devoted to social reform with a program that "linked the religious and the secular through concerted and far-reaching reform strategies based on applied Christianity." It ...
  14. SuperLake is closing or already is closed (I don't Know) because they can not get supplies shipped down from north of the border. So if they can not figure out how to get products from up north, maybe you may have to temporarily use an alternative product, unless you know someone who is coming down to our area from up north. I sure hope things come back to normal soon
  15. La Paz was closed when I shopped at Superlake several days to a week ago, I don't remember which day I was at Superlake.
  16. I saw a group of six Bombaros (firefighters) on the street in front of my house with Yellow police tape checking the trails leading up into the mountain at the top of Juarez in Ajijic. The last time I looked the tape was already put up blocking the trail near the beginning of the month. However there are several trail up here and I guess they were up checking them all and ensuring that they had blocked the trails with yellow police tape.
  17. Although one needs a doctor to write an Rx for 50 mg Tramadol pills up north, down here you can buy them over the counter without an Rx. I was also told to take two 50 Mg pills for minor pain. Down here, I simply buy 100Mg pills and only take one. It seems so much easier. I was told that I had to wait at least 4 hours before taking another dose. There are pain meds down here that are more powerful, but I am not medically trained. Please go to a Doc or dentist for any serious pain issue. And please understand I am just a patient without any medical training who is telling you what I was told to do for my particular pain problem.
  18. I do not believe so. I'm only suggesting, if there is no other option, a hospital which is open 24/7, might be able to find a contact solution for an emergency dental problem.
  19. Probably not over the Easter weekend. If you have an emergency, I would call the San Antonio Hospital. Their telephone # is 376 689 0911
  20. I knew what the bad word meant, but being a non smoker, I had to look up the word, puro.. I learned that it means "cigar". And I thought that I kind of sort of speak Spanish. I have much to learn.
  21. When I shop at El Toritos, I always wear a mast and surgical gloves. I have never been teased. I probably don't need to wear this stuff yet, but soon the Corona virus will spread here like it did in my home town up north (Seattle and Kirkland) where masks ang gloves were or are being suggested for protection.
  22. The mountain trail that's starts at the top of Juarez in Ajijic is closed. There is yellow "police tape" there saying closed or do not proceed or something like that. The point is the yellow tape blocks the entryway to the trail
  23. Everything good with my internet speed from Telmex in upper west Ajijic. I'm getting a normal ping and normal 19 MB/sec down by 5.05 up. I get the idea that where you live has a lot to do with speed and reliability. I live 1070 meters from my internet connection (DSLAM card) per the Telmex folks, the wiring is relatively new and everything is great. But live in an area where the wiring is old and you are far way from your internet connection and the reliability and speeds seem to be much worse.
  24. Thanks, Xena. Thinking it wasn't available here, I would bring Vicks VapoRub down with me, along with other stuff that I have also discovered is available down here. As time goes by, I am finding fewer and fewer things I need to bring down with me from North of the border.
  25. It was open a couple of days ago and there were no signs up saying anything about closing. I sure hope I am correct. I need to go there again in a couple of days
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