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  1. Me too. I just arrived up in snowy Seattle this morning and one of my things on my "do it list", is to transfer some funds down for next year. I will, off course, have my US banker double check before making the transfer to insure I get a fair rate of exchange
  2. 8 Mega watts over a year is about 22 Kilo watts per day and assuming 10 hours of sun per day (there's more), that is only 2.2 Kilowatts per hour. Looking at these figures this way makes them look normal or small
  3. Snowing in Seattle. maybe an inch or two this Sunday morning.
  4. I just got back from a great Christmas eve dinner, in West Ajijic attended by 6 of us where even a 7 year old was tri-lingual. German, Mexican Spanish, and American English. We all had a great time. Please folks, this is Christmas Eve. I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I choose not to make negative comments on what I just read above. Again let us all have a great Christmas weekend both in person and here where one can post. I say again MAY YOU ALL HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  5. I am not sure about your meds, but when the pharmacist did not have any Benazepril 40 mg tablets at her store she pulled out her laptop and looked up this brand. After a search, she said sorry Benazepril is not manufactured or sold in Mexico. Apparently many patients from the US have converted to a Mexican product called Zestril (Lisinopril). Check with your doctor and see what he recommends. I did so and I was placed on this drug until I was able to go up north and get more Benazepril. Why did I go back to Benazepril? Because my US insurance company pays for most of the cost of my meds and it's cheaper to do so than to pay retail for this more economical Mexican alternative. (I take these meds to lower my blood pressure)
  6. Glad to hear the positive comment about Farmacia Cristina, maybe 15 years ago, which was the last time I compared their prices to other pharmacies, Cristina's prices were often somewhat higher than the competition.
  7. I heard about it on my local Seattle and Vancouver TV stations and on several other national US and Canadian stations viewable on Shaw Direct lakeside. They also covered his son and I believe grandson who are also entertainers (to include singing in the same style of Senor (to include~) Fernandez.
  8. But that only has 5 wheels. Pedro needs at least 6 or 7
  9. Do folks actually do that? How sick. About how many are doing this in Ajijic or Chapala each Christmas? I love my dogs. And when one passes away, I try to find another rescue dog, hopefully not a puppy that would need to be house trained.
  10. Good to see you posting Rod. I remember the good old days and that I became a client of yours when I bought my house and moved to Ajijic in the fall of 1997. In the summer I lived on the shores of Lake Cavanaugh located between Seattle and Vancouver and we didn't have internet in my part of the urban US until maybe two to four years after you were the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) down here. Thank you for your great service say I. These days I a switching between Infinitum which is maybe 45 Mb/sec down by 12 up when working which is much of the time but certainly not all of the time and the cable company which although much slower, never seems to go down. (10.6 by 1.4 Mbps)
  11. It says it's a 2008 model E350 in the title
  12. johanson

    Keto options

    Here is what Bing said. Trouble is I am still confused "Ketosis is a metabolic state characterized by elevated levels of ketone bodies in the blood or urine. Physiologic ketosis is a normal response to low glucose availability, such as low-carbohydrate diets or fasting, that provides an additional energy source for the brain in the form of ketones. In physiologic ketosis, ketones in the blood are elevated above baseline levels,......"
  13. It's OK early morning but it can get really bad and very very slow during the afternoon
  14. What I read was that Fox was far to the right and MSNBC far to the left. And that CNN although slightly to the left, is closer to the middle than the other two networks. What are your opinions on this matter?
  15. I have a very smart iPhone but at 82, I'm not smart enough to take advantage of many of the smart(er than I) apps. Oh well. I can pretend that I can still understand those 80 some apps I downloaded when I was younger
  16. You understand that I did not have to pay for these vaccine shots. At least we don't have to do so up north and I understand in many other countries these shots are free as well.
  17. Above all of what I have read on the subject, I trust my two family Doctors. And they both highly recommended that I get my vaccine shots, Pfizer, in my case.
  18. Tingting, when deciding what to do, I did exactly as you recommended and checked with several very knowledgeable persons whom I highly respect; my two family Doctors (One here lakeside and the other in Seattle). And guess what they both recommended? They both highly recommended that I get my vaccine shots ASAP, which of course I did. I will be getting my booster shot later this month. Sadly, for health reasons there are a few who are better off not getting these vaccine shots. And just as sadly, there are some who have found a faith healer or two or three who don't believe in these shots for anyone and are recommending that their followers not get these vaccine shots. Sadly those without their vaccine shots are much more likely to be more adversely effected should they catch the virus and could be so badly effected that they could die. So, please folks. Follow the advice of your doctors and get vaccinated if possible.
  19. When I asked that same question 4 weeks ago, I was told that NO, they were not available. I am overdue for my 6 month booster as well. I sure hope things have changed. If so please post here letting us know where we can get that booster shot. Thanks in advance for any information you may have.
  20. Thank you for explaining the 8 hours per day definition. I assumed but did not know whether this was the definition or not. My full time gardener makes $2,730 pesos per week or $60.67 pesos per hour which is $485.33 per 8 hour day. My property manager stated that this is a normal amount to pay lakeside.
  21. The minimum wage from where I have lived both up north and in Europe was the minimum wage per hour. And suggesting we pay $172 pesos or more per hour is pretty good. At 21 pesos per US dollar that equates to over $8 US per hour. So I'm guessing that that maybe they are talking about per day, rather than per hour. So are we talking ten hour days or what and how about Saturday? Something is missing here
  22. I could be wrong but I thought the going price was $750 pesos when the shots were first introduced last month. And I thought we all were posting that this is what we paid. EDIT for KAM I just checked with San Antonio Hospital and they said yes $750 was what most everybody was charging and is still the price for the shot at the clinic/hospital.
  23. when many of us got our flu shots about a month ago, most everyone posted about where they got the shot and, if I remember correctly everyone was charged exactly $750 pesos, not $800.
  24. We've got many great choices here, lakeside. I happen to have chosen what is now called Opiere Solar and am totally satisfied. I also chose to put in a few more panels than were needed or recommended, so that on those very cold nights I could heat the master bedroom and bathroom, not using my fireplace, but with a small electric plugin heater. I have only used 12KWH this month. I guess its time to plug in my electric space heater. Oh and yes, I know that there are many more economical ways to heat a house than through the use of electricity, but I chose this alternative because it's so easy to use.
  25. Although this topic may have little to do with Ajijic, Chapala Etc., I loved it. It's posts like this that makes the Chapala Forum so interesting. 🤣 😂 🧐
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