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  1. I read Dec 1985. It's even older. That thing is dangerous with gas in it.
  2. Right now, I'm on a short visit to Seattle, and staying in my very small condo. Guess the speeds available in my building. I am only getting about 75 Mb/sec down which is more than enough. But should I want more, I can get 1,000 Mb/sec down for $45.88 US per month. Oh, 1,000 megabits = 1 gigabit The world is changing and I can't keep up And I don't really care.
  3. Gosh cedros, that is slow. So sorry to hear that speeds like that still occur lakeside.
  4. And I thought my 15.6 Mb/sec down was good . I have the fastest service offered to my neighborhood by Telmex. And the closest customer with ILOX is only 3/4 of a block away. So I could probably get ILOX if things get bad. Things are changing for the good, lakeside.
  5. It is both a Bank and a brokerage house. I think they open at 8:30 in the morning and I am not sure when they close, maybe 5 PM ? I do not think I have seen an ATM. At least I have never seen one. Oh, and they have free coffee as well
  6. Interesting topic. Living in a small condo in Seattle when not in Ajijic, I had gotten used to these high prices. No I "aint" moving to Nebraska. Now I call Ajijic home and hope to live there until the end.
  7. And I like Actinver Bank and their Brokerage Branch. Are they best? Heck I do not know. I just know that they are very accommodating and make it easy for me to wire funds from my ML account (north of the Border) to my Actinver brokerage account free of charge and at an exchange rate very close to the spot rate.
  8. Aren't these the two brothers who came down from Canada maybe 20 years ago who have this, well deserved, great reputation?
  9. Some 10 or so years ago, I bought a bag of the wood smoking pellets at one of the two Costco stores in Guadalajara. I have no idea whether they still sell them or in which of the two Costcos in Guadalajara I found them.
  10. Shag, your intensions were good and that is what counts. I remember when I offered a musician 20 pesos if he would leave the restaurant, and he did. But guess where he was the next day looking for another 20 peso donation to leave? We all make mistakes. No big deal
  11. I first joined the LCS in about 1998 and have been a member ever since. I am there at least once per week to attend the local weekly computer club meetings. Yes, many to perhaps most members are newbies who are learning about Lake Chapala and wanting to meet other newbies, but there are also many folks like me who go there for other reasons. Hey give it a try, it's quite economical. And you can join for as short as one month. They also have a great social area for drinking your morning coffee or perhaps having a BLT sandwich for lunch with friends or new acquaintances
  12. I have a hiatal (spelling?) hernia now for maybe 20 years. Yes I have to sleep on a bed that is slightly sloped downward where my head is perhaps 8 inches higher than my feet, but so far, no problem. Yes I take a pill to stop making acid in my stomach, and without the Omeprazole antacid pill I had problems. But now everything is great. So I am guessing that there are different types of hiatal hernias. Yes, you are right, I aint no Doctor
  13. I guess that might be another reason to open up a bank or brokerage account and wire the funds needed directly to the brokerage account at a better exchange rate. And no, I am not charged a fee every time I wire money to my Mexican account
  14. $9,600 pesos is about $500 US. I do not think I have ever taken out even close to that much. If this becomes law, perhaps the ATMs will simply have to put a limit on how much one can take out at any one time. You know, less than $9,600 pesos. Even in the states the average amount taken out is $200 US or less, according to my B/A branch manager. So this rule will not impact many folks. And if you need more than $9600 pesos, you might just have to make two or more transactions or withdrawals.
  15. I had always used the Scotia bank ATM. And yes it was convenient. But I did not like the exchange rate. So I looked around and found that if I wired money to a Mexican bank checking account, (in my case, Actinver Bank) I would get a slightly better rate of exchange than I got at the local ATM which was usually the Scotia Bank ATM. Soon thereafter, I moved some of my retirement account from Merrill Lynch to Actinver where I opened up a brokerage account. And soon thereafter I discovered that if I wired funds from up North to my Actinver Brokerage account, I discovered that I got an even better rate of exchange, in fact it was very close to the spot rate. In fact the last time I bought pesos was maybe 6 or 8 months ago, and I remembered that I got 20.4 pesos per US dollar. Right now the spot rate is 18.6535 and I would get a rate close to that. So if you have a bank or brokerage account here in Mexico, do yourself a favor and do some checking about what your exchange rate would be, if you were to wire funds from up north to your bank and or brokerage account, you might be pleasantly surprised how much money you would save. Good luck.
  16. Kyle, thank you for the correction. I was just copying from a 2019 LCS phone book. I just looked at a 2018 Chapala Directory and it shows what you posted ie; use 880 here in Mexico when calling a north of the border 800 number. I just checked the 2020 LCS phonebook it also agrees with you.
  17. I like my Ooma (internet) phone with a Seattle phone #. I take it with me whenever I travel. That way my Seattle neighbors can call me whether I am here in Ajijic 9 months per year or in British Columbia or at my Seattle Condo.
  18. Isn't the DAC rate based upon the previous 12 months? And if you exceed a certain amount (maybe 2500 KWH) during that previous 12 months you go into DAC until your previous 12 month total is less than that certain amount. I can't remember now that I have had photovoltaic solar panels since 2008
  19. For 800 it's 883 For 866 it's 880 If you are a member of the LCS, it's listed in their phonebook.
  20. Yes, I just check here in upper West Ajijic and my Telmex internet is up and working again. The phone never went out, just the internet..
  21. 20 hours ago all was OK in upper West Ajijic across the street from Las Salvias. However, as of this afternoon, the phone is working but no internet (Yes and I tried rebooting the wireless modem 3 or so times.)
  22. Everything has been and still is OK in upper West Ajijic. (both Telmex phone and internet)
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