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  1. I"VE GOT MORE PANELS THAN YOU. So there. Actually that doesn't mean much, because I got mine back in 2007 or 8 and in those days each of my panels was rated at 160 watts Now when I checked with Mr. Google he told me that today often the panels used are more than twice as powerful as mine. I originally was trying to keep out of DAC (CFE's most expensive rate for heavyweight residential users). Today because I have changed my habits, I am often averaging only - 4 to + 2 KWH per day and am often only billed $46 pesos every 2 months. One of the biggest things I did to save electricity was to stop using those 100 watt old fashioned light bulbs. Now I am using LED bulbs that are rated at 60 watts but only use 9.5 watts for the same amount of light according to the box holding these bulbs. And if your swimming pool pump fails, check out those pumps that use less electricity. When it comes to cooling, I find that my evaporative cooler that I have installed on my flat roof does a great job during those months when it is not only hot but the humidity is very low. It uses a small portion of the electricity that my mini-split AC uses on those days when it is both very hot and humid and my swamp (evaporative) cooler becomes ineffective. Right now it is 83 F out and the humidity is only 29%. Time to turn on my swamp cooler.
  2. Actually the area code be it on Telmex or Telcel for Guadalajara was 331 then when they ran out of numbers it went to 332 then 333. Finally like in Mexico City they took the first two numbers and 33 which is now the area code for Guadalajara and unlike us lakeside where we have a private number of say 766-1234 in Guadalajara, their local numbers are one number larger because their area code is smaller, you know 1234-1234 instead of 766-1234 or showing both your area code and your number, in Guad it might be 12,1234,1234 while lakeside it could be 123,123,1234. I hope this isn't too confusing but either way we both dial or press10 numbers on our phones
  3. Well, Mr. Google showed me that you just made that number up.. You should visit Mr. Google over the coming weekend. He will be able to show you how far off you are.
  4. I always check which option is best for transferring funds from up north and transferring same in pesos like I did when I bought my CRV from S&S Auto. If I had transferred my US dollars to my Actinver checking account I wouldn't have done as well as I was able to when I transferred funds to my Actinver brokerage account. S&S also offered a good rate of exchange. I can't remember why because it was seven or so years ago but it was in my best interest to wire money to my Actinver Brokerage account and then pay in Mexican pesos to S&S auto. I remember that my worst choice would be the slightly lower exchange rate the Actinver Bank account offered than the Actinver Brokerage account. And we are talking about a very small of money saved here. but a few dollars or toonies saved is a few dollars or toonies saved. Oh and for those of you don't know, there are two Canadian Loonies per one Canadian Toonie
  5. In your Face Book page search bar enter... Lost and found pets - Lakeside area and you will go immediately to the page referred to above.
  6. I find the least costly way is to either increase the maximum funding I can put on one or two credit cards from my two Seattle B of A accounts and use one or two credit cards to buy that car or as I did in 2014 when I bought my then new HONDA CRV from S&S Auto, lakeside. I wired US funds down from my Bank of American checking account to my Mexican bank account which happens, in my case, to be Actinver Bank in Ajijic. And then they wrote for me a certified check for the specified cost in pesos of my car from the seller, S&S Auto. I got the best rate of exchange for my US dollars when I wired down US dollars to my Mexican account. Then my Bank converted the funds to Mexican pesos
  7. I know he comes to the new San Antonio Hospital. I saw him there as a patient earlier this year. But he isn't there full time. I believe he works somewhere else as well. Two hospital numbers for an appointment are 376-765-4805 or 376-765-7697
  8. I wear a mask any time I am out. Sadly it is not an anti-virus mask, Apparently, if you believe the advertisements there are some very expensive masks that will protect you from breathing in the virus. My question is do wearing just your glasses with your mask protect your eyes much? They sure are not the plastic face masks I occasionally see on TV and very occasionally lakeside, that cover from the head down over your eyes and a little farther to about the end of your nose. Thanks in advance for your comments, should you like to make some.
  9. Today is the first day restaurants are allowed to open according to a post shown earlier on this forum quoting the new regulations starting today. The information was an English translation of the new regulations made by the Jalisco Governor Even though today is the first day allowed, some restaurants will not be opening until later in the month
  10. I was terribly interested and saddened. So much so that I didn't want to post anything. I truly pray that whomever the pilot was that s/he will be alright.
  11. So before the pandemic wasn't the spot rate for the US dollar at about 19.5 to I and 850 pesos/19.5 = about $43.60 US dollars So today the spot rate is 23.86 and 1000 pesos/23.86= about $42 US dollars So as clients are reduced, prices remain about the same or drop slightly based on US dollars, Compare the costs using Russian Rubles, Eric and it gets even more interesting. But I will let you check that yourself.
  12. Yes, Eric iShop is near Superlake. Sorry, I do not know what type of forms they have.
  13. But artsnob, you forgot to mention we have seen you drink with your breakfast and lunch. Only kidding.
  14. Is that good or bad? Sure I understand, but I have never heard that term used when talking about a car. I can see how down here that would be a good term to understand.
  15. I asked Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga between 1978 to 2014 where it was and she said Torona (spelled Toronto) is a suburb just east of Mississauga and the Pearson International airport. People from Toronto say no, Pearson International Airport which is the largest airport in Canada is also called the Toronto Airport. But look on a map and you will that Pearson International is next to Mississauga not Toronto. By the way Hazel who is 99, and is in good health is the current Chancellor of Sheridan College, which is West of Mississauga and "Torona".
  16. Thanks for the correction. When it comes to spelling in Spanish, I am mostly lost
  17. Our breakfast group will eating outside so with proper spacing we should be alright. I hope
  18. If my oversized Ajiba is filled with water, even when the water pressure pump fails I have plenty of water pressure in my home. How can that be, you say, is your aljiba is under the ground? Yes it is. However I live on a steep hill and my under ground Aljiba is farther up the hill. And if the Aljiba is filled to the top, it is the equivalent of three stories higher than the bathroom sink on the second floor of my home . So my under ground Alijba is so high up under ground on the hill behind me that it would be much higher than a tinaco were I to place one on the roof of my home, So, no I don't need a tinaco. Do I need a water pressure pump? Not really, but I like a little more pressure, so that the sink, toilet, washing machine, you name it, fill up a little faster. So I have a pressure pump placed near my aljiba.
  19. And I remember the estimation that they hoped to be finished by the end of the year, 2019. Well the corona virus stopped all construction. I hope that the corona virus backs off and lets the folks complete their project.
  20. Question. I know about the hospital in San Antonio where I have received excellent care. But I remember that there was also one under construction on the uphill side of the Libramiento. I presume that this second hospital is now finished as well. No I am not sick. I am just curious. Any information on the new hospital would be appreciated.
  21. Maybe because we are in quarantine and the only places we can go are close places like Walmart, Pancho's and Superlake, we talk about them because there is not much more to talk about. Me? Living in West Ajijic, I also talk about the El Torito grocery store in Ajijic. And I want to report that the staff all wore their masks correctly and where we entered there was a person offering to wash our hands and sell us a mask, if we did not have one.
  22. And legal liquor is so much more economical here than in Seattle, WA or Vancouver BC. But if I were addicted to it and had to have my Bacardi and it wasn't available because of the corona virus, I do not what I would do. Probably something stupid..
  23. Is your structure able to hold up so much weight? Remember that one liter of water weighs 1 kilogram. Or a gallon of water weighs 8.345 pounds The tinaco I saw holds 1500 liters, There are some somewhat larger and smaller. But 1500 liters times two is 3000 liters and weighs 3000 Kilos or just over 6,614 pounds. So before considering doing this I would check things out with a structural expert. I would hate to have the two tinacos filled only to have them fall through the roof
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