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  1. Sure hope we get a little rain from it, although not likely per todays projection.
  2. Yes another thanks. And if you haven't quite adjusted to the new version, you can always look to the left for a column titled navigation and chose the (I believe) the second option titled "original website". Sitting in Seattle, working on my taxes and wishing I was home in Ajijic, I am very thankful for this website. It's always nice to see what the weather is at home, even when I am not there. Again, thanks for this great website
  3. It looks like ChapalaGuy doesn't normally post or visit this site, RobertP. So if you need more information I think you are going to have to phone him. He posted his # to be 332 828 9338
  4. I don't mind a little rain, but I wouldn't want much wind. And it looks like whatever we may get as a result of this storm will be quite small.
  5. I was working on my taxes and just checked what I paid in the US for a 90 day supply of Clopidogrel (75mg). The price in 2020 was $7.06 for the first 3 quarters and increased to $7.79 for the 4th quarter. That seems like a very low price. But that is the price offered to my insurance company, Humana and was passed on to me. This is the actual price, because Humana did not offer to pay anything for this medication. Yes, Humana gets you great retail prices for the meds that the Doctor has chosen for me, but sadly Humana helps pay for only about 1/2 of those Rx's my doctor prescribes to me.
  6. I would rather not say, other than it was one of the major airlines with a stopover in Texas.
  7. San Antonio Clinic and/or Hospital. I paid $1,000 pesos last weekend. When I arrived at the check in counter at the airport on Tuesday, I mentioned that I had the test and that I was negative. But no one bothered to look at the paperwork. It was as if it didn't matter whether I had the test or not. Maybe others had their Covid tests looked at. I do not know
  8. So sorry to hear that David is no longer with us. I hadn't seen him for quite a while, and wondered if he was travelling. We all shall miss your dad, Mike. I wish you and all of his relatives the best during these difficult times.
  9. working in the AM and at noon at a neighbors who has Shaw.
  10. Come on folks. If we would just all get vaccinated with a decent vaccine this problem would all go away. And we could find some other topic to act or react about. This is a very serious matter and we are loosing many loved ones. I say again just get vaccinated and wear your mask where required.
  11. It is so sunny out this evening. it will be a miracle if we get any more rain tonight
  12. Thanks, Virgo Lady for correcting my error
  13. Sure hope it rains tonight. The Ajijic Weather station has measured more than 11 inches so far this month which is the highest for the month of July since 2013 when we had 13.2 inches for the full month of July. It would be fun to see the lake almost full again like it was in the olden days, you know, the 1970s and to a smaller degree in 2018. GOSH I just made it to the rank of Explorer as a result of the above post. I sure wish I knew what that means
  14. What crisis? Only kidding. I think it's the folks who won't get the vaccine shot who don't understand how serious this crisis could be.
  15. I thought all Covid-19 shots were free in the US. Earlier this year I went to the closest site where the vaccine shots were being given in Seattle and got each of my 2 Pfizer shots for free. Maybe if you are not covered by Medicare you have to pay.
  16. Well at least the covid antivirus shots are free in many countries to include the US. And living in Mexico most of the time and in the US for short visits, I get my Pfizer shots for free when up north. I do not know if one is charged for these shots if he gets them in Mexico.
  17. I've had USAA since the 60s. They presently provide coverage for my US located small condo and my Honda which is in storage up North. I too, have always had the greatest of service from them. I'm sorry, Lexy, you are having problems
  18. I kind of sort of remember that being a continuous towel for drying ones hands after using the latrine. And I am pretty sure when I was young and knew even less about good health habits than I do now that I would have used this hand dryer every time I ran across one for drying my hands in the public latrines of days past. Or should that be a frown ?
  19. Get your vaccine shots. Please help those too young to get the shots by becoming immune. It was and still is so simple to do. Please
  20. There is only one airline flying nonstop from GDL to Seattle during the daylight hours. It's Volaris The next best choice is AA it is not nonstop and one has to sit around in the DFW airport for perhaps 5 hours doubling the the time it takes to get to Seattle from GDL. Volaris has such a bad reputation that I guess my only choice is American Airlines.
  21. The trouble is, it can be raining very hard in one neighborhood and not in another. I have a favorite weather site for Ajijic, but that only talks about a very small area of the lake. Their URL is https://www.ajijicweather.com It also shows the lake level over the three previous years. Yes the lake is lower than it was at this time for the previous 3 years, but the lake level is climbing faster than the previous 3 years.
  22. The guys referred to above in San Juan Cosala are the best. They have a well deserved very very good reputation 😄
  23. I am happily vaccinated with Pfizer. I went North last year and got those 2 vaccine shots ASAP. Oh and I am a conservative and go to Church too for what ever that is worth.
  24. At least one of the two deaths was a person riding on a two wheeled vehicle, probably a motorcycle. I only saw one body covered with a cloth on the road. Maybe the other person who died was being transported to a medical facility.
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