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  1. I was terribly interested and saddened. So much so that I didn't want to post anything. I truly pray that whomever the pilot was that s/he will be alright.
  2. So before the pandemic wasn't the spot rate for the US dollar at about 19.5 to I and 850 pesos/19.5 = about $43.60 US dollars So today the spot rate is 23.86 and 1000 pesos/23.86= about $42 US dollars So as clients are reduced, prices remain about the same or drop slightly based on US dollars, Compare the costs using Russian Rubles, Eric and it gets even more interesting. But I will let you check that yourself.
  3. Yes, Eric iShop is near Superlake. Sorry, I do not know what type of forms they have.
  4. But artsnob, you forgot to mention we have seen you drink with your breakfast and lunch. Only kidding.
  5. Is that good or bad? Sure I understand, but I have never heard that term used when talking about a car. I can see how down here that would be a good term to understand.
  6. I asked Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga between 1978 to 2014 where it was and she said Torona (spelled Toronto) is a suburb just east of Mississauga and the Pearson International airport. People from Toronto say no, Pearson International Airport which is the largest airport in Canada is also called the Toronto Airport. But look on a map and you will that Pearson International is next to Mississauga not Toronto. By the way Hazel who is 99, and is in good health is the current Chancellor of Sheridan College, which is West of Mississauga and "Torona".
  7. Thanks for the correction. When it comes to spelling in Spanish, I am mostly lost
  8. Our breakfast group will eating outside so with proper spacing we should be alright. I hope
  9. If my oversized Ajiba is filled with water, even when the water pressure pump fails I have plenty of water pressure in my home. How can that be, you say, is your aljiba is under the ground? Yes it is. However I live on a steep hill and my under ground Aljiba is farther up the hill. And if the Aljiba is filled to the top, it is the equivalent of three stories higher than the bathroom sink on the second floor of my home . So my under ground Alijba is so high up under ground on the hill behind me that it would be much higher than a tinaco were I to place one on the roof of my home, So, no I don't need a tinaco. Do I need a water pressure pump? Not really, but I like a little more pressure, so that the sink, toilet, washing machine, you name it, fill up a little faster. So I have a pressure pump placed near my aljiba.
  10. And I remember the estimation that they hoped to be finished by the end of the year, 2019. Well the corona virus stopped all construction. I hope that the corona virus backs off and lets the folks complete their project.
  11. Question. I know about the hospital in San Antonio where I have received excellent care. But I remember that there was also one under construction on the uphill side of the Libramiento. I presume that this second hospital is now finished as well. No I am not sick. I am just curious. Any information on the new hospital would be appreciated.
  12. Maybe because we are in quarantine and the only places we can go are close places like Walmart, Pancho's and Superlake, we talk about them because there is not much more to talk about. Me? Living in West Ajijic, I also talk about the El Torito grocery store in Ajijic. And I want to report that the staff all wore their masks correctly and where we entered there was a person offering to wash our hands and sell us a mask, if we did not have one.
  13. And legal liquor is so much more economical here than in Seattle, WA or Vancouver BC. But if I were addicted to it and had to have my Bacardi and it wasn't available because of the corona virus, I do not what I would do. Probably something stupid..
  14. Is your structure able to hold up so much weight? Remember that one liter of water weighs 1 kilogram. Or a gallon of water weighs 8.345 pounds The tinaco I saw holds 1500 liters, There are some somewhat larger and smaller. But 1500 liters times two is 3000 liters and weighs 3000 Kilos or just over 6,614 pounds. So before considering doing this I would check things out with a structural expert. I would hate to have the two tinacos filled only to have them fall through the roof
  15. My property manager who is a Mexican national and has been doing this type or work for years, was also surprised when she dropped by the local Telmex office today only to find it was closed. The local cable company was open as were other operations of this type.
  16. I was wondering the same, but was afraid to ask
  17. My Telmex line has been very reliable since I first got it in 1997. I said is was Then last Thursday night an old and abandoned telephone pole broke about ten feet from the top and toppled over until it was stopped by the telephone and the IZZI cable lines. The lines held up the broken end of the pole, but sadly both my Telmex and cable internet went down. I am now using my iPhone as a hot spot and have been doing so since Friday morning
  18. Yes I have gone to the Ajijic Panchos and it was too small and not room to have that many different products. I heard from an employee that Poncho sold the Ajijic Panchos to a new owner. I did not ask who this no owner is.
  19. Pedro: A question. Living in Ajijic, I don't go to Pancho's very often; but when I go, it is early and I haven't found it that crowded. In fact, the biggest crowd were the kids stocking the shelves. My question is, was there a certain day or time you found most crowded that I should avoid? Thanks in advance for your recommendations
  20. I mix one can of the red with one that is white. Been doing it since my first update or repair in about 1998. It's not my favorite color to look at, But I am at the top of the hill on Juarez in Ajijic and no one lives above me anyway. And the only time I look at it is when I check the roof every 3 to 6 months for possible maintenance needs.
  21. Well the lock down has made a big difference up north and they say if the lockdown had started in the Seattle-Kirkland area a few weeks earlier that many more people would be alive today. So I think but don't know that the quarantine started too early here. But better too early than a little later than when one should have started the lockdown . I sure hope that the lockdown will start unlocking soon down here, but not too early or too fast as some are saying is happening in some parts of the US.
  22. I too am confused. What was your reply? I couldn't find anything here other than what I quoted
  23. Sadly, I did not loo to see if they painted the place. The few selves that were empty and very clean and light colored. So just maybe they were. I didn't anything dirty. But sadly, I was looking so hard for the products I wanted that they did not have, that I didn't notice anything different than the clean, maybe white shelves that were yet to be filled which were very clean.
  24. I'm from Seattle and have a small condo up there. I normally would have already made reservations to fly north about now to escape the heat that we normally have. I'm on hold this year and may head north after things loosen up down here, but not before.
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