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    I shall TEST (not text) you back, maybe next year
  2. Sorry, Yes I am in Seattle and after Slainte39 was so helpful explaining how the various lakeside sites were distributing vaccine shots, I wanted him to know of what I thought/think is a more friendly method to distribute vaccine shots especially for us elderly folks that they might try lakeside. And knowing Slainte39, I thought he might pass this method of distribution on to some of his politically connected friends.
  3. Slainte39. I am glad you all posted your experiences. Learning from it, I set my appointment for !4:45 Saturday afternoon for my shot, rather than standing in line, all day.. I will report back to you and the forum, to let you know how long I had to wait for my first shot on Saturday. EDIT: Sorry, I am in Seattle, I was just teasing my friend Slainte39 and should have sent him a private message and not posted this publicly. I guess I was simply suggesting that scheduling by time of day works a lot better for us old folk who would have a hard time standing in line all day
  4. Gosh, Pedro, the 75E dish OK, but for a better signal and less signal loss when it is raining, it was recommended by local satellite dealers, that one gets a larger satellite dish. mine is 1.2 meters in diameter, which I understand is the recommended size for lakeside for Shaw Direct.
  5. I just remember that the Picture of Pedro was taken quite a while ago. I don't think it could have been the year the lake was so low. But I am not sure when the picture was taken.
  6. I remember seeing a picture of Pedro taken on, I believe the first day of January, standing or whatever with water up to or almost up to his neck. I remember the picture well because so many of us thought it was dangerous to do so. It was quite a few years ago near year 2000
  7. You are too funny, Happyjillin. Thanks for the kind words. Is it true that Millet only just got internet? Is it really just dialup? Looking forward to reading your next post
  8. Millet is so small that it is shocking that it is incorporated. The last time I checked the population had gotten even smaller than 1,900. It was just over 1000 persons. Apparently many of the inhabitants go south for the winter, which lasts longer than 6 months, that far up North. They say that 90% to 95% of all Canadians live within 100 miles of the US Canadian border. Millet is so far north that one is more than 330 to 400 miles north of the border. Apparently less than 1% of all Canadians live farther North than Millet or Edmonchuck AKA Edmonton, Alberta. At least that is what my Calgary relatives told me.
  9. My comments above mentioned 2012. I thought it was closer to 2000. I just don't remember
  10. I guess it was 2012, I do not remember. because I have been coming down to Lake Chapala since 1997. What I remember is that the lake was so low that there were roads where you could drive on what is now covered with water. Heck, the lake was so low, that you could drive due south of where the lakeshore is now some one hundred to 200 feet to reach the shoreline. The lake was actually somewhat smaller during those very dry years.
  11. You're too funny, Pedro. 🥵 😃 Check your lakeside digital phonebook for the lakeside contact information
  12. Here is what gadget guy posted, Pedro: Hello everyone! My name is Jonathan Clifton and I can't tell you how excited I am to fix your gadgets. From the time I was old enough to hold a screw driver in my hand I was taking things apart to see how they worked. To my siblings whose toys I chose not to always put back together....sorry, I was young, I'm sure I've made up for it in free repairs since then. I'll keep it simple, this is what I ultimately do best. We live in a world full of computers, tablets, and all sorts of gadgets. There's only so much you can do to stretch the life of a product. Eventually repairs will be needed. So here I am! My goal is to be able to do what I love most, what I'm best at, and make a living at it. From what I've seen so far my costs are substantially lower than most. I want to make it clear that your not sacrificing quality whatsoever. Everyone has a price on what they feel their time and effort is worth. This is just mine. I look forward to putting that "new toy" smile back on your face. See Less He goes on and on. He really knows his stuff His up North or US Address is 210 2nd Street SE. Cedar Rapids, IA, 52401 You can find him on Facebook
  13. Gosh, they put in three phase in 1997, after I rewired the house. You know 127 per phase or 220 with two instead of 2 times 127=254 volts,
  14. TCM is viewable up North and is being transmitted on either Anik F1R or Anik F-2, and not on G1 which is only viewable up North. How do I know? I'm up North and I just fired up an old system with an Old LNB pointed only at AniKF-1R and Anik-F2 And not at Anik-G1 and I got TCM on channel 491. Note: Those of you who have recently purchased a Shaw Direct system could have the new channel lineup, where the channel numbers have been changed. Us old-timers where given the option of either keeping the original channel numbers given us by Star Choice or upgrading to the new numbering system. Many if not most of us old-timers opted to keep the old channel numbers
  15. Yes Adriana was/is an attorney and they did have a law office. Now, I have seen Kevin at The Moon where he was working the last time I was in Ajijic and probably still is working there. Her maiden name was Adriana Perez and i Kevin's last name is Paulini
  16. Sadly, as to be expected, almost all of the channels are in Spanish. I could not tell whether their CNN and FOX News channels are in Spanish or English
  17. Lakeeside7, my message box should be working. It is at only 38% of capacity and, to the best of my knowledge, working. I just sent you a test message.
  18. I have read that internet arrived lakeside in the Spring of 1997, I had recently purchased a home and when I arrived lakeside in the fall of 1997, I signed up for internet from the only ISP lakeside, Lagunanet, which was run by Rod Collins. He provided us dialup internet at half the speed of normal dialup. We were clamped of at 28.8Kbits/sec It was a reliable service. Some years later, he upgraded to faster speeds using WiFi to distribute his signal throughout areas from Chapala all the way to Joco. You needed an antenna at your end to point toward one of his internet towers. Then in the early 2000s Telmex began to offer their services. Now, there are even more internet options.
  19. Gosh, Lakeside7. It looks like it had been full for 10 or more days. I just blindly deleted 25 of my 50 messages in my mailbox. Apparently one is only allowed 50 messages saved in their message inbox. Thanks for letting me know so that I could delete 50% of the mail therein
  20. You may be right, Pedro. However Mr. Google has a definition for both. pediatrist - a specialist in the care of babies. baby doctor, paediatrician, pediatrician. medical specialist, specialist - practices one branch of medicine. However A podiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in treating the feet. ... They are sometimes called podiatric physicians or, when qualified to perform surgery for such problems, foot and ankle surgeons.
  21. That is so true. He is something else
  22. I am up north right now and I can only tell you that a friend with two 1.2 or 1.5 meter in diameter satellite dishes, one pointed at Anik F1R and the other at Anik F2 is getting uninterrupted signals from these two satellites. I also understand that Ajijic Electronics (the local satellite dealer) has had to fine tune some of the satellite dishes that were pointed at Anik F1R and F2 and that once fine tuned, everything was fine.
  23. I can not imagine anyone telling you that a $25 pesos per month electrical bill is perfectly normal by people living here.
  24. In the old days before Star Choice, now Shaw Direct, we used to have C-band satellite dishes and they were 10 to 16 feet in diameter. And people are complaining about going up from a 75E to a 4 foot in diameter satellite dish? They have got to be kidding.
  25. Thanks for sharing, Cedros. Sorry that you are going to have to move. Did Ajijic Electronics tell you what they would charge to upgrade you to a larger dish? I would hope that the cost to upgrade would not be so high as to make it necessary to have to move. Best of luck
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