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  1. Every March about this time and in the fall, the sun will pass directly behind the satellite you are pointed at for Shaw Direct. The time it goes out in March is close to 13:35 to 13:45 and will continue to do so for maybe a week or slightly more. It is no big deal. Now Shaw has two satellites that we are pointed at. They are very close together. And because they are not in exactly in the same space, if your programming is coming from the second satellite the date that this begins, will be slightly different. But it is no big deal, it always happens at this time of the year and in the fall as well.
  2. In upper West Ajijic, it just came up here to at about 6:30 PM
  3. I just checked my messages on Telmex and two hours ago they sent out a message stating there was a major outage in our area and don't bother to report it as we already know. I just got another message saying things are now working. Yes I have a dial tone, but still no internet. I tried rebooting and that did not help. That is why I have Telecable now Izzi as a backup.
  4. I went to Actinver bank this morning where only two women came to work. Those men and the two women who came to work, kept things moving and I was able to get all of the money (not much) that I needed. I didn't get the idea that they had a shortage of money at Actinver, just a shortage of staff. But everything seemed OK And I stress that I greatly respect those who chose not to come to work.
  5. So Eric, is it true that should you have been in the greater Seattle Kirkland area, like I was and if you were exposed to the Corona virus, like I might have been, that drinking a Corona beer at least once per day like I did, that the chances are the symptoms from the virus will be less? It has worked for me. I have been back three weeks now and I am feeling pretty good.
  6. I remember very well, that on Feb 21, 2001, Star Choice activated the satellite, Anik F-1 and the signal from that bird reached us here in Mexico. I already had a Star Choice account on Vancouver Island and Star Choice was happy to help me point my large Star Choice dish at the satellite from here in Mexico. And all of a sudden I had my home town stations from Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver in Mexico. Those were the good old days Then the CRTC got involved and it was no longer OK for us to have a Star Choice Systems down here in Mexico, per Canadian, not Mexican regulations and/or laws. And of course, none of us have Star Choice systems down here anymore
  7. Yes it does. It has a slightly stronger Wi-Fi than the old modem but still not that strong. But I am not complaining, not when there was no charge for the new modem/router and the monthly charges for infinitum are so low.
  8. It's real simple to hook up; all you do is plug in the telephone line plug that you used on the old one into the back of the new modem/router and plug the power cord into the back of the modem and into your protected (ground fault interrupter) 127 volt electric outlet.
  9. I received the same notice, followed by a second one saying they could find my house. To make a long story short I took my very old modem and power cord in 8 days ago and got a new modem. I installed same, which included connecting my telephone line and power cord and I was in business. Two days later my download speed went from about 15 MB/sec to almost 20 MB/sec and my upload speed was greatly increased from about 0.6 Mb/sec to 5.0 MB/sec. So far it's working great
  10. Daylight savings time starts this Sunday, up north, but not here in Mexico until Daylight saving time 2020 in Mexico will begin at 2:00 AM on Sunday, April 5
  11. Thanks for the correction. I only kind of sort of speak Spanish and I often make mistakes.
  12. I had a very very old modem and they messaged me that I needed a new one and that it was on the way, then sent a message which stated they did not know where I lived and then when I dropped by the office to figure out what was happening, they told me to bring my modem, to include the power cord to the office and they would give me a new one. I was totally shocked, and even more so when they increased my internet speeds a couple of days after I installed the new modem.
  13. UPDATE to my post above. No one showed up from Izzi for my afternoon appointment. Oh well, somos en Mexico. At least my Telmex speeds have increased this week. I was getting about 16 MB/sec down by about 0.5 up. Thanks to a new Modem provided to me last Friday and a speed upgrade I am getting 19.6 down by 5 up Look at those figures carefully I was getting about 16 down and now I am getting 19.6 down. However my upload speed has increased by a factor of 10. I was getting about 0.5 up now I am getting 5 up. That is 10 times faster
  14. I agree, virgo lady; I always come go up in late May and then come back in late June, once the rainy season has started.
  15. I bet most medicines are available down here, and often much more economical than the US. I don't know about Canadian pricing. If one of the medicines is "Levothyroxine Sodium" at a dosage of 25mg per tablet, it is much more economical here than in Seattle.
  16. I am looking at where I go three times per year, Seattle, and see that this is one of the centers for Corona Virus in the US. Sure hope things slow down up there come this June, when I normally go north.
  17. Yes, I just got a phone call in Spanish from the cable company, setting up an appointment for tomorrow afternoon for a technician to come out and upgrade my modem and doubling the speed from 5 to 10 MB/sec without a price increase in fact, if I understood correctly, I will be paying slightly less each month for this new service.
  18. Thanks for sharing, Vetteforron. What a great picture. I bought a dust mask last week, and wore it scaring a small % of those who saw me until I held up my can of Corona Beer.
  19. We only mention 107.1 because it is a US station, broadcast in English, and receivable in Ajijic as explained above.
  20. Yes, I enjoy listening to WBUR Boston, which is at 107.1 FM(while driving around Ajijic). I greatly appreciate the snowbird who comes down and using a very low wattage repeater, provides us a live (well a few second delay) feed from the Boston NPR station.
  21. I too visit Dr. Garcia Garcia, in fact earlier this year, a morning visit resulted in his sending me to a Guad Hospital where his son (also a cardiologist) with more sophisticated test gear than what we have here lakeside, confirmed that I needed a stent, asked me if I wanted it immediately, and I said, yes, why not. And later that same afternoon I got my first stent. The results were great.
  22. My old modem was OK but had a weak WiFi signal. The new Telmex modem has a much stronger WiFi signal and at 4 to 5 meters, my WiFi signal is almost the same as my wired signal. Thank you Telmex
  23. Telmex just messaged me and told me it's time to upgrade my (very old) modem. When it didn't arrive me they messaged me again asking me to call a phone #. Only being so-so with my Spanish, I dropped by the Telmex office and was told to bring in my old modem and the power cord to their office for the new one. I will be picking it up later today. More later
  24. For me, an old man who takes all kinds of meds, the best solution is to bring a 90 day supply of meds that are mostly paid for by Medicare, three times per yea (I go north three times per year)r. Now 90 days of pills purchased three times per year up north turns out to be 270 days not 365 days of meds. However several of the meds I take, vary upon how high my blood pressure is or how fast my heard beat rate is and I am given a higher dose with instructions to cut my pill or pills in have, much of the year. Other meds are so cheap down here that I pay less retail in Mexico than I pay up north after Medicare has paid their share of the cost.
  25. The pictures did not show up on my screen. I guess I don't have Visar, whatever that means :). I went to Mr. Google and he said Search & Rescue History In 1988, at the request of the Government the group of people running the informal search and rescue service was ... VISAR - Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org › wiki › VISAR en.wikipedia.org › wiki › VISAR Cached Similar VISAR may refer to: Acronyms. Velocity interferometer system for any reflector, a velocity measurement system; Video Image Stabilization and Registration,
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