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  1. Thank you for the offer, gringohombre. There used to be a service that you could pay to remove those satellite dishes. I bet it is still around. Today, I am only using a 4 footer and my 2.4 meter or 8 footer and no, I do not have Dish network, it doesn't provide me my Seattle home town stations
  2. Hey, Gringo Hombre, when I first bought my house in 1997 there was an old 18 foot C-band satellite dish on the roof. I've down sized to a 4, 6, and 8 foot Ku band satellite dishes and an old rotator 10 foot C/KU band dish.
  3. I use Actinver Bank in Ajijic. The last time I deposited a US dollar check with them was maybe 5 or 6 years ago. And at that time it would take 28 days for the check to clear, before I could have those funds. These days I don't get checks down here, and when I want additional funds I wait until I am up north and have my Bank of America account wire any needed funds to my Actinver Account which takes maybe a day or two before it clears in my Actinver Bank Account.
  4. Come to think of it. I am not sure whether the young lady or Ana took my money and added time to my iPhone. I think it was the young lady, but it could have been Ana. I just remember that they were both there.
  5. When I was last at her office, maybe 3 weeks ago, there was a young lady there who handled my purchase of time for my "Plan Amigo" on my cell phone. Ana was helping someone else, maybe buying a phone, I don't remember. I've got to go there tomorrow on another matter.
  6. As I look out over the lake from upper West Ajijic, it looks cloudy out over the lake. But it is not as dark as yesterday evening and it looks more like maybe no rain tonight. Hope I am wrong. I would like a little more rain to add to yesterdays totals.
  7. I too, have had great help from Dr. Gonzales a very good Orthopedic Surgeon
  8. I just lost my Satellite signal and noticed the heavy rain clouds over the lake. Now they are coming this way and I'm getting scattered rain up here in upper West Ajijic at 20:10 PM I want rain
  9. Ana has been around for years and is very knowledgeable. I have always found her very professional and never rude. But that is just me.
  10. I looked in the phone book. I believe it is called Lakeside Friends of the Animals, AC and the phone # shown is 376-765-5544
  11. If I had any rain last night in upper West Ajijic, it was so little that there was no trace of it outside this morning.. The Ajijic Weather station located at https://www.ajijicweather.com/ showed only 0.02 inches of rain which aint much that fell between 10 PM and midnight, last night. Maybe gringohombre could help us better understand this. How about it, gringohombre, could you help us?
  12. As of a week or so ago that excellent repair shop you mentioned on Colon NORTH was still there and I bet it still is. I go down that street every day and remember looking inside one day when the traffic backed up and I was stopped there.
  13. It seems to be happening in my neighborhood, in Ajijic
  14. I am in upper West Ajijic at the top of Calle Juarez and I can not hear any Music.
  15. Here is what I have. This doesn't answer your question because I am not sure what it is. Maybe by explaining what I did have will help you. My iPhone is Chinese. But I bought it in Seattle without a sim chip. Now if I wanted a Canadian Number I would need to buy a sim chip from my Canadian provider, If I wanted A US #, I would need to buy a sim card/chip from a US provider. Because I plan to use this phone mostly in Mexico. I went to a Mexican provider (I chose Telcel) ordered the sim card inserted it into the side of my phone and then pay for the plan of my choice offered by Telcel. I chose the Amigo Plan. I am sorry if this does not help.
  16. Rick, Spencer also speaks very good local Spanish. I t know it is a lot better than mine, and mumble Spanish pretty well
  17. Have any of you ever asked what the reading was when someone checks you temperature with one of those temperature guns or whatever they are called? I was shocked at how close to my actual temperature it was. Yes I started taking a normal thermometer with me so that I could make a comparison. I also didn't realize that the temperature of my skin was so close to my internal temperature. I'm guessing that would not be the cases up north when it gets real cold out.
  18. I'm guessing, but isn't almost everything available on Amazon?
  19. I am afraid to suggest this because the picture suggests that the wall in which the window was installed might be concrete. But should it be wood, could one get several pieces of 4 by 8 foot plywood and some 2by4s and with a screw gun install something covering the opening created by the broken window?? Yes I know we are on the metric system down here so what sizes of wood available are probably a little different and my idea might not work, But I am always surprised by what these builders can do down here. They are so talented.
  20. The humidity, according to the Ajijic weather station had been showing humidity levels as low as maybe 18% and up to perhaps 29%, since yesterdays light rain, every time I have looked the humidity was at least 50%. Why am I so interested in the humidity? Too save money. When or If the humidity is low, I can turn on my very economical evaporative (swamp) cooler to cool the second floor of the house, however when it is higher, I must turn on my A/C which uses all kinds of electricity, just to cool the bedroom
  21. After the high wind yesterday evening, the Ajijic weather station showed the highest gust for the evening of only 26 miles per hour. I don't know how fast the wind actually was at my home at the top of Juarez in Ajijic. But I'm guessing that it was a lot faster than 26 miles per hour.
  22. She also has an office in Jalisco. She was just pointing out the differences between offices in different areas and/or states across the country
  23. It's kind of cute , Ibarra. I'm from Seattle where Amazon started (or a suburb thereof) and so I recognized my area code, and then with my kind of sort of Spanish, I remembered that in College I learned that España was the Spanish word for Spain. We all make mistakes, and I loved your very minor error
  24. That first telephone number that you showed, Ibarra, +1-206-922-0880 is the local Seattle number for Amazon.com You also posted "número de teléfono de Amazon de atención al cliente en España es " If I am not mistaken the word España means Spain. So if I am correct this second telephone number is in Spain for clients in Spain. Too funny
  25. It didn't rain that much. But it sure is nice and cool tonight.
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