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  1. Thanks for sharing. Here in upper and slightly West Ajijic, we had plenty of rain, but apparently very little compared to you. There was absolutely no apparent damage on the streets of upper Colon nor upper Juarez, in West Ajijic, this morning when I drove to and from downtown Ajijic for breakfast.
  2. That's right. It's just that iPhones receive the messages sooner than those silly android things. If you don't believe me, check it out on Bing or Google search.
  3. That outage of Facebook, etc acted very differently than this outage. At least in my neighborhood the internet service keeps on going off and then coming back on. Weird. And Mostlylost, my iPhone uses Telcel not Telmex.
  4. Now it is back up. I'm getting a lot of short outages with Telmex, today.
  5. Upper Ajijic. Top of Juarez Infinitum working great, for once Ping Download Upload 16 45.05 Mbps 10.57 Mbps Well it is now down. Weird. Glad I have a backup connection
  6. Gosh, I used to get all of Lisa's spam, but darn it, not any more. I found much of she wrote to be terribly entertaining and of course, ridiculous.
  7. The last I heard, there were only two testing stations in and around Guadalajara. And these two stations only have the capacity to take care of a small % of all the folks in Guadalajara. So nothing to worry about now. Maybe they will add stations in the future, maybe they won't. Only time will tell. Please someone correct me if my information is outdated.
  8. Yes, twice per year, every Spring and Fall.
  9. Did any of you notice that we all lost our Shaw Direct signal at about 14:20 today. It's going to happen every day now for the next week or two. What is causing this? Well every spring and fall, when the sun is directly behind the Shaw Direct satellites our satellite dishes are pointed at, the Shaw Direct signal is temporarily lost. How long does the outage last each day? Well for a minute or two the first day and perhaps 10 to 15 minutes on the 8th day or so then outages slowly get weaker and weaker and after a week or two, no more signal loss. So no big deal. There is nothing wrong with your Shaw Direct system. It's simply the sun temporarily blocking your signal.
  10. You are too funny, Mostlylost. I'm sorry you are so confused. Maybe one day you will see the light.
  11. Hey, Mostlylost, what is an Android? I think I saw some once in a toy store, but I am not sure.
  12. Yes, I just looked at my Apple Watch and I received a text message on my watch screen saying my Telmex Infinitum was up again. Yes, it is on but a little slow, but you would expect that after such a long shutdown. Everyone is back online trying to catch up with their email accounts etc. Let's see how long the internet lasts from infinitum before it goes down again.
  13. It's 11:30AM here in upper Ajijic, at the top of Calle Juarez and still no internet from Telmex. However, I had the local cable company out and they replaced my cable modem and at least IZZI or what ever it is called, it providing me now with a slow internet connection. I'm getting 10.4 mbps down by 1.4 mbps up. Beforehand all I had was my cell phone, which I used to provide me a Personal Hotspot connection, which was very very expensive.
  14. Yes, we are still out at the top of Juarez in upper Ajijic. I got a message from Telmex on my iPhone stating that we are in an area affected by an outage and that there is no need to report the outage to them. Oh, it's 20:25 in the evening. So far this has been quite a long outage, much longer than normal. Thank God for my iPhone hot spot that provides me internet via my Telcel account to my laptop, when Telmex has problems.
  15. No internet at the top of Juarez in Ajijic. My Telmex landline seems to work, just not my Telmex infinitum internet. Thank goodness my old iPhone X has a hot spot that I can activate, when Telmex is down.
  16. Are you talking about this site? Https://Ajijicweather.com They just upgraded to a new format. Look at the top of or near the top of the navigation index. There is a link to the old format. Apparently that link to the old site is only temporary and will go away sometime in the not to distant future.
  17. Yes, good to see you on line, More Linia. It's a while since I have seen you lakeside, maybe 20 years, I do not remember.
  18. I have a roll up garage door that was installed during my 2003 remodel and I love it. I have never had any problems. Sadly, I have no recollection who installed it.
  19. Would Mr. Google be able to help? Could you enter the name of your watch and model and search using Google discover the battery size you need? Then maybe on line you could order them via the internet, or if only available in the US, have a friend bring the battery down or as was just posted by Mostlylost try Wally Mart
  20. Yes, I have had my two Pfizer vaccine shots, in fact I got them earlier this year in March and April. And since then, I have flow to and from Mexico once and am about to return maybe next week. Yes I am worried about catching Covid19, but all I can do is wear the best masks available N95 or the almost at good XN95 mask and hope for the best. I sure hope you all have gotten your covid19 vaccine shots, and that my 2 Pfizer shots have also given me protection for this trip. Hospitals are filling up to 100% capacity with sick patients who neglected to get their vaccine shots and who are dyeing from Covid19. Sorry if you have heard this message too often but get your vaccine shots to keep you alive .
  21. Do you want these items or do you have some to sell? In 1997, when we first arrived lakeside, Telmex actually charged long distance for one to call from Ajijic to Joco. And of course, calling up north was even more expensive. So Ham radios were the thing and we had our own ham radio club. I'm in Seattle right now, but I think I still have my antenna and possibly old ham radio parts stored somewhere upstairs in Ajijic. I just don't remember. My ham radio license has long since expired.
  22. I am only guessing because I am not quite sure what it means either. But maybe it means "Yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel". I am not sure
  23. As tombo wrote above, thanks for all of the helpful responses. I'm going to be returning home to Ajijic next week and it is always good to revue what needs to be done up here in Seattle. So far, everything is going correctly Or so far I have done everything as I am supposed to.
  24. Please folks, if you are able, get vaccinated. It could make the difference between a mild case of Covid-19 and/or death.
  25. So sad. We will miss him. Was he not able to get his Covid-19 vaccine Shots?
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