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  1. Just did a Bing search and here is what I discovered. The US springs forward on.......... Sunday, march 13, 2022
  2. The number shown above has a minor error in it. The number on their business card starts with 332 not 333 as shown above. The number is 332-945-3267
  3. The last time I flew to the US was just after Christmas and I needed to get a Covid-19 Antigen test. I decided to get mine at the Hospital San Antonio where my GP practices. I phoned up several days beforehand and made an appointment for a day before my flight. To make a long story short, it all worked out well. I got my test with negative results and I flew out the next day
  4. The title of this topic is MX peso tanking. Well not any more. I just checked. And the peso has dropped back to 20.95 pesos per dollar, this Wednesday morning. That's still a little better than what it was, but not much. I have no idea where the value of the peso is going. But it doesn't seem to be in a hurry for a rapid change as had been suggested by the press.
  5. On the Yahoo financial page, instead of showing about 20.4 pesos per US dollar, this morning it was showing 21.32 pesos per dollar. EDIT: I just looked again and it has dropped a bit down to 21.29 . That's less than a peso increase as of now, but every little bit helps.
  6. Yes Eric, I know who I am. Do you really want me to PM you, when we can do it in public right here? Please respond at your earliest convenience via hotmail or here, on line
  7. I just got hearing aids from them. The brand they sold me are labeled PHONAK Audeu M. The Phonak brand is from Switzerland. My new hearing aids seem to be working just fine. But I am no expert. I'm just a happy user
  8. About the only thing I can cook is a TV dinner. But by putting something in the microwave and letting it run for awhile aren't you cooking it more?
  9. Yes, I too have had good luck there. The cross street there is Juarez.
  10. At least the NY Times prints a retraction or a correction when they make an error. Too bad Faux News doesn't correct many of their errors or exaggerations.
  11. Although I get posts from various sources, the ones I do not recognize, I simply delete. I get posts from the Epoch times quite often. I have always deleted them and until now, didn't even know what they were. Thanks for the information, I shall continue deleting them
  12. Where in Riberas is this store? Say I, in upper Ajijic.
  13. I live in upper Ajijic, above the last light going West (Juarez) and I am connected right now to the internet on my Telmex telephone line and just phoned Seattle using Telmex phone. Everything is working here. I hope you get your service back soon .
  14. I had to look it up. Epithet: "Adjective expressing quality or attribute, not a Trumpism; significant appellation" I kid you not. The above is a quote.
  15. Thanks for the Lithium battery suggestions, GDouglas. Things sure are changing fast
  16. I have had to replace my 6 volt deep cell batteries once and it is about to happen again within a year or so And yes if I were much younger and not in my early 80s I too would be contemplating lithium batteries.
  17. Hey GDouglas, I was stationed in the Netherlands, just maybe 2 hours north north-east of Amsterdam, and as I remember, there were many many people there riding bikes. And I can't ever remember seeing that many cars jammed on the street like you have in the photo you posted. But maybe, I just don't remember EDIT I was stationed there in 1965-6 north of Zwolle, near Meppel.
  18. Gosh, I love my solar panels, battery backup system, etc. Back when solar panels were new lakeside, a normal electric solar panel generated a whole lot of wattage, or so we thought My first 10 panels put out 160 watts each, and then when I upgraded, I got 12 panels that by then put out even more, 170 watts per panel . And finally, so that I could go off the grid we added 6 panels at 255 or so watts each and 8 six volt deep cell car batteries, or what ever they are now called plus an inverter, you know, something that converts DC power to AC power. Now the same sized panels are approaching 500 watts output each, and we all thought 160 watts per panel was good. Give it another 20 or so years and only God knows what will happen. I just know that I generate more than enough electricity from my 28 solar panels. And my bill is always the minimum amount, which is around $50 pesos every two months.
  19. I'm from Seattle, WA. Since our state made Pot legal, apparently fewer kids are smoking it. Why, apparently because now that it is legal, it is not as fun to smoke. Oh well, I'm happy here lakeside in Ajijic doing just Coke. That's all I need. Oops, I am out of diet Coke, guess I will have to have a Pepsi Light
  20. I feel cheated. I had my first Pfizer in March 2021, my second in April and a Moderna booster in December 2021, and I didn't have any side effects other than I sore arm. I feel cheated. I wanted several side effects NOT. My only side effect since March 2021 is that I got a year older, and that is a lot better than what some folks are trying to tell you, to keep you from getting a booster shot, first shot or what ever If you haven't gotten any or all of your booster shots, hurry up and get it or them. ! ! !
  21. I am getting a little too old to like the drive between Ajijic and Costco, so I simply get everything at the local animal Shelter. I pay a little more, but my three cats and two dogs don't eat that much. 🤑 😀
  22. Thanks for sharing what Bob Rae said, Mudgirl. That makes a lot of sense 😁
  23. You can believe what you want, but every little bit helps. And if we all get our vaccine shots, that's a lot more than a little bit. And if I get this darn variant, I will be a lot better off after having gotten the vaccine shots than if I had not been vaccinated.
  24. I live alone, therefore when I go out to eat the price is perhaps 50% of what a pair would pay. And with tip, it is often less than $200 and occasionally slightly more, but never close to $500 pesos. I never go out at night anymore. So yes, I can go through $500 peso notes at Superlake, Ponchos, El Toritos or Costco, but I sure don't need any when eating breakfast in the morning or lunch in the afternoon, but that's just me.
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