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  1. I had a pair of sound cancelling headphones and they aren't bad. It was just that my headphones were so large . I think that it's time to check out a new pair to see if smaller ones might be more comfortable when I sleep on my back.
  2. Many many years ago, I was in a US Army Artillery unit. And gosh, did I learn how loud things could be. Heck, even if these earplugs only drop the dB level by 20% or 40%, that could be just enough to keep the fireworks from waking me. I enjoy a full nights sleep and will be happy to spend a few pesos, dollars, or whatever to help me get that wonderful feeling one gets after a full nights sleep.
  3. Those loud noises sure bother my 2 dogs and 3 cats. Oh and it seems that one of the spots where these rockets are being fired is about a block below where I live and often the explosions are about the same elevation as my home. So yes it can be very loud up here. It all depends upon where the fireworks are when they explode and how powerful they are.
  4. It is not necessary. But, if I can easily turn the volume down, why not?
  5. Thanks for your help. I shall get some tapones para oidos today. The fireworks, although not many yesterday evening were quite loud.
  6. Boy, I forget, each year how loud the local fireworks can be. I was told that there would be fireworks off and on for the next week or two in the greater Ajijic area. Does anyone have any idea where one can buy ear plugs locally? I forgot to bring some down this year. Hey, I even had double glazed windows put in my bedroom to help cut the noise levels at night. But the fireworks seem to be getting louder and louder each year
  7. It really depends upon where you live. I have had Telmex for many years and the internet has usually been quite good. There have been too many outages lately, though in my neighborhood. (Upper, slightly West Ajijic)
  8. There is a bus station/stop in Western Central Ajijic on the lake side of the Carretera. It is just about 50 meters east Colon..
  9. Thanks for the help understanding this word. I am proud that I kind of sort of speak Spanish, but I am a long ways from speaking Spanish fluently.
  10. The Andador Is Returning to Ajijic OK, I have to admit I have no idea what you folks are talking about. All I know is that my spell checker does not recognize that word, Andador. Google showed me an adv for walkers for old folks. I'm definitely an old folk, but I have no idea what you folks are talking about.
  11. I got a phone call yesterday from the San Antonio Hospital/Clinic, asking if I wanted to come in for my Quad4 flue shot. I went in this morning and upon asking, I learned that they had received 150 injections, that they gave out 50 shots yesterday and that they are working on the remaining 100 shots today and maybe Friday. I know, I had signed up for the shot, so I am guessing that there may not be many or any extra shots for those whom are yet to sign up. What was my cost? $750 pesos
  12. Gosh, I guess it depends upon where you live. If your home is close to the Ajijic Telmex office and you have a direct line to their office, your speeds can be pretty good. Me? I have the Telmex $499 peso per month package and my usual download speeds are 45.5 to 48 Mbpsec down by about 8.5 upload. During periods of heavy use, like right now (19:10), I still get about 42 down by about 7.8 up and that is all or perhaps more than I need for streaming or internet. These speeds are wireless. And my computer is about 3 meters from my Telmex router. Wired, I am only slightly faster. Still less than 50 down by 10 up. Which, again, is all or perhaps more than I need. EDIT: I would love to hear other experiences with Telmex for internet. To the best of my knowledge, my connection is copper wire, not fiberoptic.
  13. Telmex offers a landline with basic internet for $389 pesos per month or at 20 to 1, less than $20 US per month. So if Telmex offers only a landline without internet, it would be for even less than $389 pesos per month
  14. Thank you all for your help. I will be trying to wean my Gardener from using this very poisonous substance.
  15. Any time I have needed Malathion in the past, I purchased it in powered form and the gardener would mix it with water and he had his liquid Malathion. However, my gardener now says it's available in liquid form and he asked it I could it him a liter or two of liquid Malathion. I live in upper slightly West Ajijic. Does anyone know where I might find some Malathion in liquid form rather than powered? Thanks in advance for any advise you might have.
  16. So true. Any time I want to go from West Ajijic to say Mom's Deli or Poncho's store/restaurant, I try to go and return before 10AM or so. It's getting really bad. 9AM 1 PM 🙂 🥵
  17. Too funny. I enjoyed your post about "The Heron" who you choose not to feed
  18. I'll take a little rain, if Pamela would like to share it
  19. One of the great things about Lakeside is that we have two Thanksgiving dinners that we can attend, the Canadian Thanksgiving this coming Monday and the US Thanksgiving on the third Thursday of November. I would love some recommendations about which restaurants to choose for this coming Monday, hopefully near Ajijic. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  20. When I am getting up each morning, getting ready to go out to breakfast, I just turn on my Seattle local news channels, usually ABC. I've got it on right now as I check what's new on my computer, ie the Chapala Forum, emails, etc.
  21. I have always gotten my flu shots for free when I was up north during this time of the year. However this year my timing is way off and I will not be returning until immediately after Christmas. Why the change in schedule? Because of the Covid Virus and availability of vaccine shots, which I now have. QUESTION: Do the lakeside Doctors have access to an effective flu virus? And if so, what time of the year is it usually available? Thanks in advance for any information you might wish to share about the availability and timing of flu vaccine shots lakeside.
  22. I just went to my spam folder for the first time in ages. And I kid you not, but 1/3 of the emails marked as spam were from the "Chapala.com webboard" stating that someone had sent me a message. Sorry, Mainecoons, several were from you that I never got. I will read them now
  23. Those to the right, often find FOX better. Those to the left, often find MSNBC better. They say CNN is almost in the middle, but slightly to the left. And depending upon your political leanings, you will often like the news station which is closer to your political leanings as your favorite station. At least that is what has been written and spoken about on line and on various talk shows. I force myself to watch a little of each, although I like the one best, that most closely follows my political views.
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