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  1. Gosh, I missed it in upper West Ajijic. Everything is dry but I have a great view of the rain clouds as they pass overhead, leaving us dry.
  2. The US market is open and dropping. The Dow Jones is down between 7 and 8 percent as expected. Oh, I bet you are talking about the local food market, and I do not know. I know my favorite pharmacy is closed.
  3. Hey rafterbr, I and/or my friends could be wrong too.. What is more important is what they are charging these days
  4. Hey artsnob, the folks at Scallions told me that they never sold their coffee for $35 nor did they ever charge for a refill. The next time you are there, check with them. They will tell you the same thing. Friends that go there for coffee each morning, 6 days a week said the same thing.
  5. Oh my gosh ea93105, I tried to write in Dutch " Ect Vahr " But I forgot how to spell in Dutch, its been 54 years since I lived there for 13 months before I was transferred to Oberammergau, Germany for another 5 years where one speaks Bavarian.
  6. I don't know what I should do, but I somehow feel safer here lakeside than I felt one month ago when I was in Seattle, just a few miles from Kirkland where so many old folks have died from the corona virus. I was lucky that I returned when I did (more than 14 days ago) Every 6 months or so, I go to a Costco to buy this and that to include 30 rolls of toilet paper and several 12 packs of paper towels. I just did an inventory and I only have ten rolls of toilet paper and 6 rolls of paper towels at the house here in Ajijic. (all from Costco, of course). I had been planning to drive to Costco in a week or three and buy another 6 months supply of this and that to include TP and paper towels. But it sounds like it might not be such a good idea. I hope everything calms down including my fear of catching the Corona Virus I wish all of you the best of luck during this scary time for us "Old Farts" (that's what some of my much younger relatives call us old folks).
  7. artsnob, I went to Scallions this morning on the way to church and asked if what you posted above is true. They said no. You do not pay ,extra for each refill you get. Rather you pay for a coffee which can include refills if you desire and for no extra charge
  8. When I installed my photovoltaic solar panels back in 2008, I also put in a battery powered electrical back up system. I have 8 deep cell golf cart batteries to provide power at night, should the CFE power go out. . In the daytime, of course, my power comes from my solar panels and or CFE. I have sufficient solar panels to also recharge these 8 golf cart batteries when necessary. Now, not everything is backed up. But yes a couple of lights are backed up in each room, and in the kitchen, also the refrigerator. In my office/bedroom I also have backup power for my satellite TV system to include the TV and for my computer. My only cost is that every 6 years or so, I have to replace by rather expensive golf cart batteries.
  9. Another source: Notary #2's wife has translated medical documents for me from Spanish to English. She is multilingual and also translates into or from Dutch. If I remember correctly she speaks fluent German and French as well. Notary #2's office is located across the street from the Sunrise Café.
  10. I sure hope you are wrong, artsnob. This morning I had my oatmeal and a cup of coffee and two refills. The cup was not totally empty when they refilled each time. I paid the same as I always have. Now I just handed them cash and never saw the bill, so maybe they undercharged me, I do not know. The oatmeal and coffee used to be $105, and as usual and I paid $120 including my $15 peso tip. If we are paying by cup, I was undercharged.
  11. On Jan 6th I visited the heart specialist at the new hospital. His name is Dr. Garcia Garcia. The cost of the surgery for the 3.5mm stent and ride to the hospital was $4,000 US. I wrote a check for that amount on my US B/A checking account. The cost of using the operation room and the room I stayed in that night at the hospital was in pesos and worked out to be slightly more than $6,000 US. So the total cost was slightly more than $10,000 US for a stent and staying overnight in the hospital.
  12. I go to Scallions several times a week for breakfast. I love their oatmeal. I haven't tried their hamburger for lunch, but I am looking forward to trying it.
  13. I would fly up to Seattle 3 times per year and I remember that when we had that crisis around 2009 or so that when I went to the Guadalajara Airport, there were people there wearing face masks for protection, and forcing everyone to have their temperature taken. They had some type of thermometer that they placed against your forehead and if your temperature was to high you were sent or taken somewhere. I don't know where, because I was OK and was more worried about catching my flight. I am over reacting to this outbreak and have purchased a large can of Corona Beer and then when going a small event I will wear my face mask, really a dusk mask, and sit down at the table and tell them I have Corona. And then after watching how they react, I say I have proof and I put the can of Corona Beer on the table. Some folks got really upset with me, others laughed I think maybe I should stop, because some were really upset about what I had done.
  14. Hey Mainecoons, I love that picture. I normally go to Costco about every 10 months for another supply of toilet paper. I may have to delay my trip now until everyone calms down. And Yo1, I too look forward to Todd Strong's annual presentation, once someone here on the Chapala Forum gives us a link for it.
  15. Every March about this time and in the fall, the sun will pass directly behind the satellite you are pointed at for Shaw Direct. The time it goes out in March is close to 13:35 to 13:45 and will continue to do so for maybe a week or slightly more. It is no big deal. Now Shaw has two satellites that we are pointed at. They are very close together. And because they are not in exactly in the same space, if your programming is coming from the second satellite the date that this begins, will be slightly different. But it is no big deal, it always happens at this time of the year and in the fall as well.
  16. In upper West Ajijic, it just came up here to at about 6:30 PM
  17. I just checked my messages on Telmex and two hours ago they sent out a message stating there was a major outage in our area and don't bother to report it as we already know. I just got another message saying things are now working. Yes I have a dial tone, but still no internet. I tried rebooting and that did not help. That is why I have Telecable now Izzi as a backup.
  18. I went to Actinver bank this morning where only two women came to work. Those men and the two women who came to work, kept things moving and I was able to get all of the money (not much) that I needed. I didn't get the idea that they had a shortage of money at Actinver, just a shortage of staff. But everything seemed OK And I stress that I greatly respect those who chose not to come to work.
  19. So Eric, is it true that should you have been in the greater Seattle Kirkland area, like I was and if you were exposed to the Corona virus, like I might have been, that drinking a Corona beer at least once per day like I did, that the chances are the symptoms from the virus will be less? It has worked for me. I have been back three weeks now and I am feeling pretty good.
  20. I remember very well, that on Feb 21, 2001, Star Choice activated the satellite, Anik F-1 and the signal from that bird reached us here in Mexico. I already had a Star Choice account on Vancouver Island and Star Choice was happy to help me point my large Star Choice dish at the satellite from here in Mexico. And all of a sudden I had my home town stations from Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver in Mexico. Those were the good old days Then the CRTC got involved and it was no longer OK for us to have a Star Choice Systems down here in Mexico, per Canadian, not Mexican regulations and/or laws. And of course, none of us have Star Choice systems down here anymore
  21. Yes it does. It has a slightly stronger Wi-Fi than the old modem but still not that strong. But I am not complaining, not when there was no charge for the new modem/router and the monthly charges for infinitum are so low.
  22. It's real simple to hook up; all you do is plug in the telephone line plug that you used on the old one into the back of the new modem/router and plug the power cord into the back of the modem and into your protected (ground fault interrupter) 127 volt electric outlet.
  23. I received the same notice, followed by a second one saying they could find my house. To make a long story short I took my very old modem and power cord in 8 days ago and got a new modem. I installed same, which included connecting my telephone line and power cord and I was in business. Two days later my download speed went from about 15 MB/sec to almost 20 MB/sec and my upload speed was greatly increased from about 0.6 Mb/sec to 5.0 MB/sec. So far it's working great
  24. Daylight savings time starts this Sunday, up north, but not here in Mexico until Daylight saving time 2020 in Mexico will begin at 2:00 AM on Sunday, April 5
  25. Thanks for the correction. I only kind of sort of speak Spanish and I often make mistakes.
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