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  1. Hey Artsnob, I presume DirecTVgo is via the internet. Am I correct?
  2. Our president says the we now have a space force. Isn't this the new Mexican Space Force HQ? Whatever it is, it is very impressive looking
  3. You are so right John, but I just forgot how. I'm like you, I want to see all responses to the topic I am reading and I can always skip over a post and look at the next one rather than blocking that person if the post doesn't seem interesting. Again thanks for the information on how to ignore user
  4. Great, it sounds like one is 2.4 meters in diameter and the other a 1.2 meters in diameter Ku band satellite dish . What is the dollar amount we are talking about here, for each?
  5. I remember that it was real simple to do, but darn it, I can't remember how to do it.
  6. Gosh Pedro. I haven't seen you or a picture of you for maybe 7 to 10 years, You're looking great. And if I have seen you, and I might have, I did not recognize you.
  7. You are correct, sm1mex. The new satellite you mention above is better focused on Canada,, and it was suggested that because of a better focus, the signals reach about as far south as San Francisco, But certainly not all the way south to the US Mexican boarder nor even further south to lakeside. The newer satellite is called Anik G-1 has been in place since 2013. The two older Satellites that reach lakeside are Anil F-1R was launched in late 2005 and has an average expected life of 15 years, and the other older satellite which is called Anik F-2 was launched in the summer of 2004 and has already stayed active 1 year longer than its average expected life of 15 years Sadly lakeside, we can only receive the signals from the two older satellites and once they die off, which should happen very soon, we will no longer be able to watch the Shaw Direct programming in Mexico. And that is sad. Without Shaw, we will only have Dish Network or DirecTV via satellite. How much time do we have left on Shaw Direct in Mexico? Maybe a day or maybe a year or three, no one really knows Are there other alternatives? Yes, if you have a good internet connecting with reasonable speed, you can always start streaming TV via the internet. But that will take a little time for you to learn how. Just maybe you should start leaning now
  8. Me too. And going north a couple of times per year for short visits to Seattle or Vancouver Island,, I found the trip from Guadalajara via air to be much faster than from anywhere in Costa Rica
  9. Eric you started this topic or thread and as the starter, you can delete everything. Go to bottom right of the last post of the thread that you started and check out the link on of the options. One of the options is to delete everything
  10. So Gringohombre, you have two satellite dishes that were used to pick up Dish Network. That means they are the modern Ku type. Before we can talk dollars, I need to know the diameter or size of each satellite dish. I'm looking forward to hearing from you..
  11. Hey sm1mex, often when using Shaw one uses a dish that is not large enough for cloudy days. My dish is more than 4 feet in diameter and I almost never loose my Shaw signal. And yes Dish network is great, but in my case I want my home town stations from the greater Seattle-Vancouver area to include stations from smaller cities close by. . With Shaw one can get 5 stations from Seattle and many from the Lower mainland (Vancouver, Victoria Etc) And Dish doesn't provide any of those stations So it all depends upon where you live and which system provides you the stations you wish.
  12. The condo I live in up here in Seattle offers internet speeds of up 1000 megabits or one gigabit. So streaming is easy. They also offer DirecTV via satellite. Trouble is that DirecTV doesn't come in that well lakeside.
  13. Do you still have the Dish network LNBs? That would make a big difference
  14. Very true, bmh. I only purchase masks that are advertised as N95 or better. What I do not know is if what I am buying will really meet these N95 standards the sellesr claim they do..
  15. Gringohombre, I am interested. How large are the satellite dishes and are they only C band capable or will they also work with the higher frequency Ku signals?
  16. MtnMama That was too funny. Thank you and everyone else for these funny posts.
  17. I am pretty sure that Eutirox is the Mexican name for Levothyroxin, and is what I buy when in Mexico, when I run out of the levothyroxine Medicare provides me when I am in the US.
  18. Star Choice now called Shaw Direct, arrived lakeside via satellite Anik F1 in I believe early 2001 and I immediately gave up Dish. What I know about Dish is therefore is a little outdated. But Dish provides programming on three satellites each spaced far enough apart that one needed to point a different satellite dish at each of the three satellites in the sky. However most of the programming was on one of the 3 satellites flying overhead. So most lakeside customers only had one satellite dish pointing at the satellite carrying the most channels. I had all three satellites it was OK but I couldn't get my home town stations from Seattle or Vancouver, so when Shaw Direct (then called Star Choice) arrived, I immediately switched. What am I going to do when Shaw stops using the two old satellites that can be picked up lakeside, I don't know. Maybe stream, maybe Dish, maybe DirecTV. I hope someone with more current information will update my information on Dish.
  19. I find the biggest problem is that the same medicine has one name up north and another in Mexico. For example the sleeping pill Estazolam is called Tasedan in Mexico. My thiroud
  20. I have had great service from Dr. Gonzales's father, who is also an orthopedic surgeon and who sees patients at the new hospital and/or clinic in San Antonio.
  21. I only know that flying into the United States on the way from Guad to Seattle, that when I come to my first stop in the US, I have to retrieve and recheck my luggage at the first stop in the US. It's been that way for more than 20 years. Sadly every time I fly back from the US to Guadalajara, once I fly into Mexico, my first and only stop is Guadalajara, so I don't know the answer to your question.
  22. I feel dumb. I have had a pool at home most of my adult life, but I had no idea what a pool noodle was. I went to Google search and now I know Thank you, Mr. Google.
  23. I realize the Mexconnect forum has to go away, but darn I am going to miss going there and very very occasionally, maybe once every month or two, binge able read a post and answer it if someone hadn't already.
  24. Don't you remember David McLaughlin and mexconnect.com/ It was the most active forum here many years ago. Now, we are the most active here. We have many posts each day and Mexconnect got up 2 posts during the last 24 hours and that is a record high in the last several years. Left click on David's name, it will bring back many memories from the past. Leftclick the next link to see the very old forum; https://www.mexconnect.com/forums/?t=search_engine
  25. Slainte and I are talking about The Other third Board which these days is kind of boring We get a new post there at least once a month, and sometimes once per week.
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