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  1. I wonder if that is the same Jim Forman, of Duncan B.C. who ran Ultra Vision Satellite Systems, who helped us so many years ago set up our Star Choice satellite systems so we could watch English language TV in Mexico?
  2. Thanks for sharing. Gosh, 9 days of fireworks. When I first got here in the late 1990s I never thought I would ever get used to the many loud explosions. I still don't like them, but it's no big deal to me anymore nor to my native born animals. When I first came down, I brought a dog down with me from up north. He was about 6 and lived a long life. However, he never did get used to the loud fireworks.
  3. I have a full time gardener who works 45 hours per week. His weekly salary is $2,730 pesos which equates to $66.67 pesos per hour. Who helps determine his salary? It's the amount recommended by my property manager. Part time gardeners, of course, make more per hour but almost always work fewer hours per week. After having read the next post about rates depend upon where you live, I thought I had better mention that I live in upper Ajijic.
  4. I'm overdue for my 6 months Pfizer update. Are any vaccine shots of any type available these days, or do I have to wait another 5 weeks until I return up north for a visit
  5. A local told me that he had heard on the street that at least some of the outages are because Telmex is upgrading to 5G. Not being a tech expert himself, he said he had no idea how true what he had heard about the upgrade is or was true.
  6. MY MISTAKE, ERIK WAS TALKING ABOUT FLU SHOTS I didn't know you could get a vaccine shot from a private doctor. I thought all Covid19 vaccine shots were being handled by the government. It's time to get my 6 months booster shot and I thought I was going to have to wait another month before getting mine when I go up North.
  7. I knew it had to be something like that. But yes, I forgot the day. But don't tell anyone, I don't want them to know that I'm in my young eighties.
  8. I know today is not an official holiday, but something has been motivating neighbors to fire off somewhat large batches of fireworks starting last night and again this late afternoon in upper and slightly West Ajijic. There was also loud music in the early evening, yesterday. None yet tonight, but it's still early Hey it could simply be several large birthday parties. Whatever it is, it's no big deal. I'll remove my hearing aids when it's time for bed.
  9. Looking forward to an answer to the original question which was made by a long time member Oatsie who has been a member since 2006. His question was: Is the Canadian Club of Lake Chapala still in operation?
  10. There was a Canadian Club that had been here for many years. You may remember they were the organization that would sell those beautiful poppies each November for Remembrance day each Nov 11th in honor of our fallen troops. For reasons I did not understand, this organization is no longer active here and very few of us had left over poppies to wear. Hopefully someone posting here, can update and or correct this post.
  11. Carol the best way you can hope to find a home for this dog, is to take a picture. I believe doing so could really help in your efforts to find this dog a forever home.
  12. I passed by the accident at about 12:30. I'm guessing it could have occurred maybe around 11 AM
  13. I heard that too. The person I talked to said it was not to far West of Ponchos. I didn't mention it earlier because I thought the person reporting same might be getting locations wrong and I guess I wrongly assumed there was only one accident
  14. Thank for posting the warning. It saved me a great deal of waiting time in heavy traffic. Sadly, while driving on the side-street, I did see one body covered with a blanket or cloth lying in Carretera across from the Ajijic Pemex. Those attempting to go East or West on the Carretere were barely moving. I feel very sorry for all concerned and hope for the best, if that is even possible for the family of the victim and any other participants in this terrible accident.
  15. Thanks for sharing this information. At least, lakeside, many of the expats have electrical solar panels. My last bill was typical, 50 pesos. Yes, I know, I have a few more panels than necessary. But that's just me.
  16. So, how are the Millet Oilers doing this year, happyjillin? I actually have no idea how they did or are doing this year
  17. working in upper Ajijic. Maybe that is why Telmex internet but not phone is out.
  18. Infinitum internet is down in upper Ajijic West of Juarez. Thank God I have IZZI a a backup. Telmex internet has been down quite often lately. Luckily their phone (Telmex) is working.
  19. Sorry Alfa. No harm meant. Thanks for the helpful information.
  20. I love my solar system. Thank you Opiere solar and Go Solar for all of your help. My last CFE bill was $50.51 pesos
  21. At first, I believed it to be a major outage over a large area. Yes, there was an outage, but the outage was over a much smaller area than I thought. The great thing was, that CFE came through and had the power back on in the very early afternoon
  22. I love my Apple watch. It just told me that I have taken 2,276 steps so far today and that I have walked up and down the equivalent of thirteen stories. I haven't checked it yet for the weather, my heart rate, my blood oxygen level or any other of the many things it can do, should I ask it. It's about time to do an ECG though Oh and if I loose a device, like my iPhone, it has a "find your device mode" that will lead me to it. I could bore you to death listing all the other things it will do. Yes, it even tells time
  23. Why all the fear? gosh Pedro, if you keep on posting on Facebook, you might become an antique yourself, and that's no fun.
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