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  1. I mix one can of the red with one that is white. Been doing it since my first update or repair in about 1998. It's not my favorite color to look at, But I am at the top of the hill on Juarez in Ajijic and no one lives above me anyway. And the only time I look at it is when I check the roof every 3 to 6 months for possible maintenance needs.
  2. Well the lock down has made a big difference up north and they say if the lockdown had started in the Seattle-Kirkland area a few weeks earlier that many more people would be alive today. So I think but don't know that the quarantine started too early here. But better too early than a little later than when one should have started the lockdown . I sure hope that the lockdown will start unlocking soon down here, but not too early or too fast as some are saying is happening in some parts of the US.
  3. I too am confused. What was your reply? I couldn't find anything here other than what I quoted
  4. Sadly, I did not loo to see if they painted the place. The few selves that were empty and very clean and light colored. So just maybe they were. I didn't anything dirty. But sadly, I was looking so hard for the products I wanted that they did not have, that I didn't notice anything different than the clean, maybe white shelves that were yet to be filled which were very clean.
  5. I'm from Seattle and have a small condo up there. I normally would have already made reservations to fly north about now to escape the heat that we normally have. I'm on hold this year and may head north after things loosen up down here, but not before.
  6. I was at Superlake this Saturday morning. It is open and the shelves are about 3/4 full, mostly of local products. There were not many of the imported goods of the type I was hoping for. But it looks like they are trying and that things will slowly come back to normal.
  7. I'm staying in but I only know the cobblestone streets I take from the top of Juarez in West Ajijic that I take to the grocery store. And none of these damaged cobblestone streets have been touched. Here's hoping the come to Ajijic.
  8. What is shown above are the 800 numbers we use with our basic Telmex plans that we are charged to use on our Telmex phones down here. It must be different with Telecable IZZI and/or iLox. And gringohombre apparently has a business plan with Telmex that allows many special options. I also have an internet (VoIP) phone where I chose a # that is local to my up north home in Seattle. That way, my friends and neighbors from up there can call me toll free from Seattle. There are many different providers that offer this type of service. Mine happens to be Ooma. And, of course, I can phone any, north of the border 800 telephone number for free be they in Canada or the US. using my Ooma phone be I down here or up north if I take the Ooma VoIP phone system with me
  9. That is the best way, cedros. But sometimes from down here it gets very hard to find the local number of the company that is listed in the phonebook or on line with a north of the border(s) 800 number.
  10. Looking at the rain statistics on the Ajijic weather station, which shows ten years of rain data, it shows that we have had more rain during the first 7 days of the month of May than all but two Mays have had for the whole month of May, during the past 10 years.
  11. UPDATE. A Chapala municipality government truck just showed up, checked out the damage and has also phoned Telmex IZZI reporting that a pole had broken and fallen their lines. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for some of the workers from either Telmex or IZZI cable show up to make repairs now that the someone phoned from the government has phoned up.
  12. When I posted above that the Telmex internet went down again, I left one important fact out. As I drove away this morning to buy groceries I noticed that an abandoned and old telephone pole had broken in the middle and the top half fell down on both the Telmex and Telecable cables; breaking the telmex cables only. I still have telecable. CFEs lines are on separate poles which are appreciably higher and the were not impacted at all. So the outage I reported only impacts 4 homes. Being an old timer, and having moved in in 1997, I am used to having power, telephone, and internet failures and learned that the best thing to do is to have a backup for most everything. In this case, as I mentioned above I have IZZI cable internet as my backup.
  13. Telmex internet down again in upper West Ajijic this Monday morning at 7:45
  14. I'm in upper west Ajijic and I had a very light sprinkling of rain. Too little to measure around sunset. We just get more later tonight. Here's hoping Edit: it's perhaps15 minutes later. Well it is turning into rain. Not much yet, in fact the Ajijic weather page still doesn't show any rain yet.
  15. For a second there I got confused, until I went back a few posts. You see I went to UW and when up North, my condo is in the same city, Seattle as the University of Washington. "Go Huskies" (I guess I have never considered United Way as UW
  16. And if you live in Chapala apparently the watch guy on the East side of the Tianguis has a retail store in Chapala. Sadly, I do not remember where. Maybe someone reading this post could tell cookj5 where their shop is.
  17. Rony: One thing that our property manager is doing with her many? clients (I don't know how many) is to have her clients (us) continue to pay our employees even though they are not able to come to work because of the Corona quarantine. The more of us who do this the fewer those with financial problems.
  18. Sadly the date happyjillin posted is what most all the charts would say plus or minus a day or week and is a very good guess. I'm just hoping something goes wonderfully wrong this year and get all kinds of extra rain early this year.
  19. If I remember correctly, Maincoons is an expert on the subject of when the rainy season usually starts. I would love to hear from him what he thinks is happening this year and when he thinks the rainy season might start this year. I started to use my A/C and evaporative cooler, for short periods one or two days this year and I thought that I would probably need same or and more every day until mid June. I how wrong I was. This is beautiful weather so far this May
  20. Now just to confuse things. Which Dr. Garcia who practices at the Hospital San Antonio. do you mean; Dr. Carlos Garcia or Dr. Ramon Garcia? The first one is a GP ( I believe) and the second one a Cardiologist. I have been seen by both at the Hospital San Antonio
  21. Hey I like the idea about being able to write about Mexican politics when they directly effect us. I am a little scared about doing it though, because someone is going to go way to far and insult too many of our neighbors. I hope we can do it in a positive manner.
  22. Out in upper West Ajijic. It sounds like a general outage over a large area, I should get a message soon on my iPhone from Telmex, letting me know that Telmex's internet is down and not to bother to phone up and complain. I often get that message not right after the internet goes down, but right before it goes back on.
  23. Telmex internet in upper West Ajijic seems like its out every one to three days lately. It used to be so reliable. Now it is so unreliable. What is up? Thanks God, I have IZZI cable as a backup. And although I have the most economical IZZI cable package as a backup, they recently upgraded their local internet speeds to almost 10 Mb/sec down by about 0.8 Mb/sec up
  24. This is getting very political and I suggest we get back to the topic of Sound Lost or go to a new unread post. But that's just me.
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