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  1. I found that only way I could keep from being occasionally rude was to post under my real name. No one else does it. but I have been doing it for years and so far no problem.
  2. I greatly enjoy the Chapala Forum. And maybe it is because I am a middle of the roader, neither totally conservative nor totally liberal. And I don' t find this forum too conservative or too liberal. I find it just fine. Sure every once in a while someone will go a little too far one way or another, but it doesn't bother me. Often I find it entertaining. My biggest complaint is my age. So I lie about it and claim to be older than I am
  3. I just want to add that some to many restaurants are also serving to the very small # of folks who venture out and want to be served at the restaurant. Apparently Thursday was the first day this was allowed. The tables were widely spaced to ensure proper 2 meter spacing at Scallions .And when I was there, there were maybe 6 to 8 other customers, which of course, is much fewer than normal.
  4. I got a new modem from Telmex maybe a month ago. And for the first few days there were no speed changes. Then all of a sudden instead of getting about 15 MB/Sec down by about 0.6 up, Telmex upgraded my speed to about 19.8 MB/sec down by about 5.05 MB/sec up. I went into Telmex and thanked them for the increased speed. And asked if I could pay more for even higher speeds. They smiled and suggested that maybe sometime in the future they could do so, but not at the time. Where an I located? In upper West Ajijic 1,700 meters from where the telephone lines attach to the internet (to the DSLAM card). How do I know the distance between me and my connection or DSLAM card? That is what shows up on the Telmex computer when they bring up my account at the Ajijic Telmex office. This distance is about the same as the driving distance between me and the Telmex office.
  5. Telmex is showing no change in speeds for me. And I am afraid to do a speed test on my Telcel iPhone simply because I only have a few pesos left on it and wouldn't want to run out of funds on my Telcel supported cell phone
  6. I suspended my maid with pay. My gardener will continue to work
  7. I am retired and am on social security and income from my investment account. And of course my investment account which is a combination of stocks and bonds has lost some 20% to 30% of its value since the corona virus became serious. Do I deserve the $1,200 given out by the US government? I do not know, but I will not be complaining when I get the $1,200 deposited in the same account that receives my monthly social security check.
  8. I said I looked everywhere for masks. However the two places I did not look were Walmart and Soriana. Oh well.
  9. I went to most every place I could think of Thursday Morning looking for anti-virus masks. They were all sold out. All they had were masks for working around dust. Where did I search? From Ajijic to the San Antonio Hospital, stopping at every pharmacy and the Hospital. If you have any other ideas where one might get a protective mask, it would be great if you could share your information here. Hopefully, thanks in advance.
  10. I seem to remember that the Spanish version of Cream of Onion Soup was on the shelves of either Super Lake or El Torito a couple of days ago.
  11. Lulu is the best. I was there this morning hoping to buy anti viral face masks. Sadly they and every other store I tried had been sold out for several days to several weeks now.
  12. A real estate broker told me that several of his potential buyers sent him letters saying that their retirement funds some of which were in the stock market have lost so much that they no longer feel they can afford to buy a home down here. Apparently some have actually walked away from their deposits on their future homes because they had lost so much of their remaining funds. So, yes things have slowed way down here lakeside
  13. I too love a little humor during these difficult times. The only trouble is that we are all a little more sensitive than usual and perhaps some of us will not catch on that we are just trying to lighten the mood. I again wish all of you and me too the best during these stressful times
  14. I found it easy and economical to find and/or buy "DUST" masks. But there is a big difference between a dust mask and one that will protect you from viruses. I will check tomorrow and I bet that if in fact my pharmacy carried them, that they will be sold out by now
  15. Come on now Angus, we can all see that shown in the picture above is a "g"
  16. How many emojis do you think you can use per day? I have never been limited
  17. But the first day we quarantined was Saturday not Friday. I just phoned a Real Estate broker whose first language is Spanish and he told me that yes, his offices lakeside are closed through Wednesday
  18. the self quarantine started Saturday and ends Wednesday night.(unless it is extended for another few days).
  19. Sadly, that is what our President called it, and I believe he was quoting someone else. Being an ex beer drinker, I have no problem remembering that it is also called the Corona Virus, which usually keeps me out of trouble.
  20. I don't think so, Mainecoons, at least not in Jalisco, because of our Governors' action.
  21. Today Monday, March 23, 2020 the average US Dollar exchange rate in Mexico is 1 Dollar = 24.2395 Pesos Got at https://www.eldolar.info/en/mexico/dia/hoy Whichever the exchange rate is, the US dollar is sure gaining strength
  22. Went grocery shopping this Sunday morning at about 11 AM at El Torito. The town was dead. Almost no traffic. I got what I needed and got back home as soon as I could. It would appear the majority of the folks are following the stay home rules.
  23. Thanks for sharing, Angus. That is just too cool
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