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  1. Just had 3 minutes of almost heavy rain, and maybe small hail balls. At least that is what it sounded like. The rain cloud was quite small. I could see dry areas in most every direction. I guess we are just having a little more crazy weather, which I like
  2. I too, am in upper Ajijic at the top of Juarez. I heard one or two maybe a week ago. But not for long. I am looking forward to hearing them in force soon
  3. Biden is still negative. Or so the news says
  4. Telmex internet is still down here in upper Ajijic as well. Their phoneline is up and running. And I was able, to phone up north for free, as usual.
  5. I hope I am wrong, but I understand that there is only one MRI location "Lakeside". And it is the one mentioned above at the San Antonio Hospital. Oh, I recently had an MRI there, and everything went well. What did they charge me? Well I had both a sonogram and an MRI and the total cost was $11,550 pesos. And sadly they did not break the cost down for each, just the total combined cost.
  6. I had the same problem at the top of Juarez in upper, slightly west Ajijic. It stopped doing so several hours ago. And things are back to normal, now. Luckily, I have a battery backup system that kept the electricity going to some of my more important appliances and lights.
  7. I was taught in school that learning Spanish for an English speaking person was one of the easier languages to learn. And I found it easier to learn than other European languages I was exposed to in the 1960s. Do I speak Spanish well? God gracious NO 😃. But I found it easier to learn than Dutch or German, the other two languages I was exposed to in the '60s
  8. Where is the car licensed? Jalisco? And assuming that it is locally licensed, I presume, it is not in miles as you kind of, sort of, posted but in Kilometers.
  9. I just tried to find "Beto's" Shack in the local phone book and it wasn't there. Weird . ..
  10. Yet, I'm at the top of Juarez in Ajijic and have only seen one fly and only one or two bobos this year, so far
  11. Could GringoHombre and Bobby Brown be the same person, just playing games with us? What do you think? ?? ?? ? ?
  12. Could they be the same person, just acting differently to get your reactions? Just curious if anyone knows ?? ?? ? ?
  13. As I posted above, Eric. I got a pair of hearing aids from the new hearing aid office located at the LCS earlier this month. And they are working just fine. These folks have their main office in Guadalajara and are providing local service for us lakeside, several times per week. Oh, the brand that was recommended for me, happened to be the same brand as I had been provided by Costco some 6 years later. I needed the replacement because my old ones failed, as was expected about every 6 years or so.
  14. I checked with Mr. Google and he said that as of 2018 "In Mexico, a country of almost 125 million people, it is estimated that just over one million foreigners live, of which most were born in the United States, according to the 2018 National Survey of Demographic Dynamics of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI)." The population today is more like 130,000,000 and the number of foreigners has also increased. So we are slightly less than 1% of the total population
  15. We will all miss you RV May you Rest in Peace
  16. Thanks for the information about size of the virus compared to oxygen and carbon dioxide. I had no idea there was such a size difference.
  17. The peso is very slowly becoming stronger again. It is down to only 20.70 pesos per US dollar.
  18. Slainte39 was a great guy. Terribly knowledgeable about things lakeside and a great source of information. Most all of us who knew him, greatly miss him. I wish his son, Mike and family the best during these difficult times.
  19. Yes and there are a few using DirecTV which has fewer channels reaching this far south than DISH. My condo up north offers DirecTV and not DISH so for a while I brought a receiver down and got some of the channels available up north. I gave it up though, especially now that there is both streaming and of course Shaw Direct. (which are both much better than DirecTV.
  20. My Telmex infinitum went down at about 19:45 to 19:55 hours in upper, slightly West Ajijic, I'm on my backup connection with the local cable company.
  21. I don't quite remember. It was about 7 to 9 days. It wasn't any longer. They had the hearing aid units in stock. They simply had to program them to meet my needs and bring them to lakeside from Guadalajara. I just went back today some 9 days after I got them to see if I needed any fine tuning. I didn't. Everything was and is just working fine. They were the same brand as the ones I used to use, PHONAKS. The last pair I bought were purchased at the Seattle Costco some 6 years ago and one of the two had broken and apparently, the average life of hearing aids is around 6 years. So it was suggested that I just get new ones rather than trying to get the broken on repaired.
  22. Just did a Bing search and here is what I discovered. The US springs forward on.......... Sunday, march 13, 2022
  23. The number shown above has a minor error in it. The number on their business card starts with 332 not 333 as shown above. The number is 332-945-3267
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