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  1. I love my solar system. Thank you Opiere solar and Go Solar for all of your help. My last CFE bill was $50.51 pesos
  2. At first, I believed it to be a major outage over a large area. Yes, there was an outage, but the outage was over a much smaller area than I thought. The great thing was, that CFE came through and had the power back on in the very early afternoon
  3. I love my Apple watch. It just told me that I have taken 2,276 steps so far today and that I have walked up and down the equivalent of thirteen stories. I haven't checked it yet for the weather, my heart rate, my blood oxygen level or any other of the many things it can do, should I ask it. It's about time to do an ECG though Oh and if I loose a device, like my iPhone, it has a "find your device mode" that will lead me to it. I could bore you to death listing all the other things it will do. Yes, it even tells time
  4. Why all the fear? gosh Pedro, if you keep on posting on Facebook, you might become an antique yourself, and that's no fun.
  5. Yes I did. It was pretty high this month it was rounded up to the nearest peso, 51 pesos. Yep, I put in too many electric solar panels and my bills are always less than $100 pesos per billing period. And the power came back on a little after 12 noon.
  6. Glad to hear that. Sure hope CFE finds the problem and fixes it.
  7. remember that this Saturday morning the power is out in much of Ajijic and just maybe the phone systems if also powered by electricity are out as well.
  8. Gosh most local telmex phone numbers I have tried in both Chapala and Ajijic will not go through because of an apparent major power outage. Luckily I have backup power. When my house was first built in 1986, there were often outages. As a result, the previous owner put in a backup power system powered by a generator. Today my system has been upgraded to solar panels and backup batteries for the evening hours. No, not every light or any pool pump will work without electricity. However my two refrigerators and several lights in every room are connected. And, of course, so is my TV, radio, computer and alarm system. Now opening and closing the garage doors is another matter. I have to do that manually. And living on a steep hill, luckily my Aljiba is the equivalent of about two stories above the house. So, we have water until the Aljiba runs out
  9. Yes, I only got 21.7 pesos per US dollar. What did you get Mainecoons? My secret as to how I get such a good exchange rate? It's really simple, I wait until the value of the dollar is high and wire the money at that time. Oh, and it depends upon whether you wire one thousand or ten thousand dollars down. Actinver has always provided me with a good exchange rate. Oh and I should add, the exchange rate today is closer to 20. I always wait until the exchange rate is in my favor before wiring from B of America to Actinver, which isn't today
  10. I stopped getting money from ATMs years ago. All I got were a bunch of 500 peso bills with the final $500 pesos of the withdrawal, two $200s and one $100. I hated buying something for about 20 pesos and having to hand the seller a $500 peso note. I finally broke down and opened a bank account. What a relief. I chose Actinver simply because it was between my home in West Ajijic and the restaurants, grocery store, and pharmacy that I usually visit/use. I can usually go into the bank and enter the very short teller line and within a few minutes what out with the change that I want. How do I put money in my Actinver bank and/or brokerage account? In my case I either wire money down from my Bank of America account to Actinver or write a check on a Bank of America account made out to me and deposit that in Actinver. Oh and the parking at the bank is great. I have been doing this for more than 15 years and have never had a problem. I take that back there is one very very small problem. There's no free coffee these days because of the new Covid19 Virus restrictions. PS rumor has it that soon the ATMs will also be regularly dispersing $1,000 peso notes along with the $500s.
  11. I bet that single solar panel doesn't do much to charge the golf cart batteries. But I'm only guessing.
  12. I gave up ATMs years ago because almost all they gave out were 500 peso notes and now possibly $1,000 peso notes soon. Why? because I felt guilty buying small items costing a small fraction of $500 with a $500 peso note. What bank did I choose? One that is located on the way between home and my favorite restaurants which happens to be Actinver Bank. How do I get my US funds to Actinver Bank by either wiring funds from my US bank to Actinver or by depositing US checks written to me in my account at the bank. Sure, it takes maybe 4 to 6 weeks for a US check deposited in my Actinver Account to clear. But no problem. I ensure that there is already enough funds in my account for that not to be a problem When I need money I go to the teller and within a few minutes I am able to request and get one thousand to two thousand pesos all in small bills broken down as I wish. So NO I never carry large amount of cash in big bills with me, rather an average of less than $1,000 pesos in small notes at any one time. It makes life easy for me and and the retailers happy
  13. In 1997, I bought a house way up high in Ajijic. When the house was build in 1986 there were often water outages to the homes at the top of the hill. So the previous owners put in a very large storage tank that is easily 15 by 20 feet by 8 feet deep. As a result I have never had a water outage that I noticed. Gosh, though, I think it's time to check the tank and see if it is time to clean it out again.
  14. Sorry I do not have contact information for Matt. I can only say that I have never had any problems with my solar hot water system nor my electric solar panels. However, I do have to occasionally dust the panels, but nothing else.
  15. I agree, because I could not open the link that the vine should be called NOT NAMED Or how about Not Visible
  16. I would rather keep that much in the bank, rather than hidden in the house or wherever.
  17. Gosh, I haven't seen any $1000 peso notes for quite a while. I wonder how willing the locals are to accept a large note like that, especially if you are purchasing something for a few hundred pesos or less? Many folks have no problem with having $5,000 or so pesos in their wallets or purses. Me? I try to keep at most, about $2,000 pesos. It's really all I need. And often, when I buy something worth more than $1,000 pesos, I simply use my NOB credit card
  18. Congratulations. By the way, what did you buy the stock for? And, what did you sell it for?
  19. Check out the dates on this topic. It looks like it was started 2 years ago. And also, Be careful folks, when posting negative information about others. I understand that the laws in Mexico are such that you can get yourself in legal trouble saying something negative about someone else.
  20. oops. You beat me to it, Bisbee Gal. 😁 Message saying about the same thing, deleted
  21. Thanks for sharing, RickS. I read fast and often miss some of the information. So, I was sure that one could get great internet all over the world for about 100 US per month. I'm sure glad that I just accidentally happen to live a few blocks from the Ajijic Telmex office and that therefore I get great speeds for $499 pesos per month. I sure would hate to have to pay $100 US per month.
  22. I guess it's back up all over. It's connected here in upper slightly West Ajijic as well
  23. Telmex out in upper Ajijic as well. However my backup IZZI is working well. IZZI is very reliable where I live, but the fastest speed offered by IZZI is only up to 10mb/sec down by up to 2mb/sec up.
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