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  1. I keep on hearing about so many problems about Riberas Del Pilar. You know, dirty water, no water, bad internet, bad telephone connectivety, no electricity, etc. Riberas Del Pilar is quite large. I hope we are only talking about small portions of this area that have so many outages and/or problems.
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    With telcel, just dial *133# and wait the message to pop up on your screen. It costs less than phoning *333. I think I pay 40 or so centivos instead of up to 1.19 pesos per minute when I dial the *333 number and listen to a voice message.
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    How much do you pay? I have had the Amigo plan for more than a year and pay a fraction of what is posted above per minute Amigo Fidelidad: Amigo premia tu Fidelidad y al cumplir un año con tu línea celular en Sistema Amigo puedes llamar a cualquier Telcel local por sólo $1.19 el minuto. Once you've registered your phone after a year, you can pay as much as $1.19 pesos per minute for a local call. I don't pay that much per minute because I can buy say $500 pesos of time and receive, depending upon the time of year either usually $900 pesos of time or $950 pesos of time. Or as little as $63 centavos per minute. I don't always buy such a large amount of time. Usually I average about 80 centavos per minute for a local telcel to telcel call. But as Spencer has pointed out those extra points or pesos only work when calling another telcel phone. Movie Star has much better rates. Now if I could only get all of my friends to use Movie Star. Sadly I haven't checked the long distance rates because any time I call long distance in Mexico I do it for free because of my Telmex plan and any time I phone out of country I use VoIP which costs me about 2 cents per minute. Check out Skype. I know persons who still have dialup who can use Skype, because Skype's compression is so good.
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