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  1. Been here since 1997. I usually shop after breakfast or after lunch. So far I have been lucky. Never have I been attacked or harassed as some of you have been as explained above. Could it be that it is safer in the mornings and early afternoons?
  2. Unbelievable (I am not doubting what you posted, just shocked). Thanks for standing up to them. I hope you will pass this info on to Poncho.
  3. Yes you can watch it on Shaw Direct, DirecTV and apparently Dish USA. You can also listen to it on SiriusXM Radio on channel 112. Still looking? Using Mr. Google, I am sure you will be able to finds several streaming sources both in audio only and on TV. Sure you might have to hide the fact that you are in Mexico, if so, just use a popular VPN. You might also try the app on your Iphone, iPad or Windows 10 machine called TuneIn Radio
  4. I went in later and asked the lady if I could get 14 for 12 months in Dec when my 14 months would be up. She said it all depends on the new owner, but that I couldn't do it now. So things are changing
  5. They did for me maybe 8 years ago. I believe they hired an independent delivery service and I had to pay for the delivery
  6. Remember, Telecable still has CNN and even CNN in HD. Back in 2010 or 2011 first the US and then Canada converted from analog signals to digital signals. A short time thereafter, Mexico while keeping the old analog system that the US and Canada gave up added the digital system. And if you upgrade to the digital method here in Mexico, like you had to do in the US and Canada your channel numbers start at 101 and go up to 999. You have many more channels to choose from in various packages and yes they have CNN in Esp., CNN in both standard definition and in HD and they have CNNI where the I stands for International (English news feeds from many places in the word and includes some programming from CNN. What they don't have in the digital package are the 4 US network channels added to your lakeside analog feed from the US, channels 84,85, 86, and 87
  7. Just to join the crowd, I just drive to Costco (39 miles) and purchase there and if the product is too big I pay them to ship it to my house. Works great for me. Sorry I can not answer the question made.
  8. I thought Telecable had the 2.4 meter Ku dish lakeside, the biggest normally available. Me? I like Shaw because I get my Seattle stations. Oh and in Seattle in my condo I had a choice between DirecTV or Comcast Cable, I chose DirecTV and rented an extra satellite receiver and using one 2.4 meter Ku dish and three LNBs each pointed at a different satellite get most of the HD channels (not to include my local network channels) that I pay for up north in Ajijic. But like dish, when the signals are weak because of rain etc I loose the signal.
  9. They used to have wonderful posts with carpeting around them at the animal shelter, which I know Natasha remembers. I still have several that my 2 newly adopted kittens just love, (a cute brother and sister). I don't think this type is still available; they were the best. But what the shelter had the last time I looked (several months ago) were acceptable.
  10. Both Ruben and Mike the computer guy are good. I saw and spoke to both of them this morning. Mike will be dropping by my house this early afternoon. Do you want me to relay a message?
  11. How very sad. Skip was a great person and shall be missed by all of us, who were lucky enough to know him.
  12. Gosh, something seems very wrong there. That is way too much. Could you be charged for data or something? If I were you, especially if you kind of sort of speak Spanish is to go to the Telcel owned outlet at the Laguna Mall across from Wall*Mart. They can, should they have the time, determine exactly where all those funds went. Good luck. Oh the last time it happened to me, I went to the US and forgot to turn my Data roaming off and when I wasn't close to WiFi and I tried looking something up I forgot to turn my data roaming switch off on my iPhone. So it used a foreign cell service to provide me data. It was all my fault. This time when I went to the US and Canada, my data roaming switch was off and I had no surprises. Again, good luck. I hope you can figure out where the funds went.
  13. Also remember that Telmex will set the download speed in your modem different than your neighbor even though you have the same package. Or put another way, if everyone at the $599 package has one speed, and then when Telmex upgrades to a higher speed, it would appear that they slowly upgrade a few clients at a time. Telcel offers faster packages, as I recollect up to 15 down by 2 up. It's just that they seem to have more internet interruptions than Telmex in my neighborhood.
  14. To determine the speed that Telmex has assigned me, I enter my modem via my keyboard and look. Because I have an older Thomsen modem I have go, while surfing the net, enter And when I do and link to DSL settings I come up with the following which I just copied from my computer screen. Ancho de banda (ascendente/descendente) [kbps/kbps]: 959 / 12.542 No I do not expect to get that much or high speed rather I get about 85% thereof under ideal condition. sometimes like right now I get I have the $599 package. I am lucky, I have all new wires in my house and according to Telmex I am only 1080 or so meters from their office where they have the DSLAM card connecting me to the internet and that the wires on the streets leading to my house are all new. If you live too far away or if the wiring in the street or your home is old, chances are that your speeds will be much slower than those set in your modem by Telmex.
  15. Sorry you are having bad luck with Telecable. I only use them for TV. luckily my TV works great and I even get CNN in HD. Sure I needed to upgrade to digital, just like we had to in Canada and the US In fact for the last perhaps 4 years Canada and the US don't even have old fashioned analog TV like we still have here in Mexico (Channels 2 through about 90)
  16. Yes Latin American countries are found in North America, South America, Central America, and anywhere else I forgot.
  17. Channel 115 on my XM version of SirusXM changed and is now a Fox Radio news station where they repeat the news every 15 minutes. And yes they update this 15 minute session as the news changes. I haven't listened more than a few times, but it seemed OK to me
  18. The only email I have recently received from Telmex was about getting my monthly bill on line rather than delivered to my home. Nothing else. I also just entered my modem and saw that my assigned speed is the same as before Ancho de banda (ascendente/descendente) [kbps/kbps]: 959 / 12.542 So no changes here yet. Oh well, I don't often need anything much faster than what I've got.
  19. I live within about a Km from the Telmex office where my DSLAM card is located, (where my telephone line is connected to the information highway) Shown below is what I get wirelessly, when wired I get maybe 8% faster on average. I have the $599 peso package and get what I pay for. Like what has been stated above it depends upon how close you are to the internet source and the quality of the lines between your router and that source. Some folks who live quite close to me receive much slower service, because of the poor quality of the connection between their router and their DSLAM card Edit: tried again this time wired;
  20. Telcel 4G Telcel can provide very fast internet service, much faster then Telecable but at a very high price per unit of data
  21. You can check on line as was explained somewhere here on the forum maybe a month back. Sadly, I don't remember the URL (The www.?????.com) address where you would go to check.
  22. I presume that it will be great for you making calls and sending and receiving data, when in Mexico. I understand but do not know, that should someone a block or 5 away in Mexico wish to call you, he will have to pay to call long distance to the states to your assigned US #. Now the rates to call the states or another country have greatly dropped down here. So it may not be that big of an issue.
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