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  1. I don't like what I see, yes most all channels are transmitted in MPEG 4 and on Conus beams. But did you notice that almost none of the general interest channels are in HD? HD has been around quite a while, at least ten years. I was about average I got my first HDTV in 2008 in Ajijc. And frankly when enjoying TV I want a medium or larger size screen and HD. It looks like the only HD channels on 77W are the US network channels ABC, CBS, NBC FOX etc which although on Conus beams, are meant for only one location. (The location being the city you are registered to on DISH.) Heck, digital Telecable has a larger variety of HD channels to include the CNN, NFL, etc channels in English than is available on the satellite you refer to at 77W. Heck digital Telecable even have the Playboy Channel in HD. Oh then there is the Concert Channel and other Music Channels, the many local Guadalajara Channels, HBO, Etc in HD some of which are sometimes in English
  2. I checked with Comcast when I was up north and purchased a combination splitter line amplifier and brought it back with me to Mexico and installed same. It works great for both digital and analog TV I also brought a two way line amplifier should I need same for a two way internet connection.
  3. Shaw Direct is great. Their 36.5 by 26.5 inch elliptical E 75 satellite dish and matching LNB is all you need to get great programming, from both the US and Canada. Interestingly they provide West US network feeds from stations located either in Seattle or Spokane, WA and East coast US network feeds from Detroit and one station, I think from Rochester, NY Another option requiring only one Satellite dish is DirecTV USA. Again only one satellite dish is needed, at least 2.4 meters (8Ft) in Diameter and three LNBs. One gets most of the HD channels above channel 100 and they provide US network feeds from either New York or I believe LA on channels 389 through 399. The problem with DishUSA is that their satellites are located so far apart. At 110, 119, 129 and also perhaps 77 degrees longitude West that you need a separate satellite dish and LNB pointed at each satellite.
  4. In my case the best way was to wire funds from my Bank of America and linked Merrill Lynch account to Actinver. Not to their bank but to their brokerage house. I got very close to the spot exchange rate, something I could not have done, had I wired my funds to Actinver Bank. Then my Actinver Broker wired the needed funds directly to Spencer and/or S&S Auto.
  5. Yes it comes in both Red and white. I found the perfect combination for not too much heat or too little was to mix 50% white and 50% red. It's not the most beautiful color in the world, but the amount of heat produced as a result of this lighter red works best for me.
  6. Sorry I have not answered sooner. I'm up North in not so sunny Seattle for a break. (Actually I'm working on my taxes, getting a free physical maybe an iWatch etc) The last time I tried getting digital signals with my analog and digital TV connected directly to Telecable's RG-6 cable I got all of the analog channels and only several digital channels. To get the digital channels numbering 101 to 999 one needs a digital tuner provided by the cable company, not the digital tuner in your TV. My tuner which was provided by Telecable appears to be a used Comcast box set up to work with Telecable. It appears to be about 8 years old and is much bigger than what Comcast now uses. There of hundreds of digital SD channels many of which are also available in HD and also in English to include the NFL channel, FOX, CNN, many local Guadalajara channels and Playboy, you name it all in HD. To learn more I would either go to a local Telecable office to get a handout or three and also go on line at I believe, Telecable.net.mx, enter your location and then left clicking on the correct link. It helps if you are better in Spanish than I am. But it is all there. Good luck
  7. Wes, he does both. He has designed and built two homes for me, once in 2001 and a second one in 2008
  8. He has been on vacation, outside the country,
  9. I'm pretty sure she does sell books. What I don't know is how many she has or needs. But I am guessing that she would be most appreciative of any books received.
  10. I thought that if you picked up the salt bag yourself from H2Ole the price was $110 pesos for 25 Kilos, at least that is what I remember. Sure hope I am remembering correctly
  11. I think the weigh-in will be at 5 PM this Friday evening El Pesaje, Mayweather VS Pacquiao It started at 5:14 PM, live from Las Vegas. It's also on Showtime. On DirecTV US, channel 545 and 546 in HD. Free tonight, PPV on HBO Saturday, apparently 9PM Eastern and 6 PM Western
  12. Sadly, HookEmHorns, if you watch the local Mexican news, or the Jalisco Governor when he spoke to the public, earlier today, this is for real, not just US propaganda.
  13. the fight starts quite late. I read 10:30 PM Saturday night with coverage starting at 9:30 PM. I hope I am wrong. The weigh in ceremonies are tonight, I believe between 5 and 7 PM on Telecable Digital SD channel 107 (AZT7HD). If you have HD that same channel broadcasts it's digital HD feed on channel 744. Sadly I no longer have an analog tuner connected, so I don't know what the 1 to 2 digit channel # is. I presume they are the numbers mentioned above.
  14. Thanks for correcting me Every day, I learn something new. Now the big question is, and maybe it has been answered too,, what is/are the footprint on these birds?
  15. I thought 4G was a cellular speed. I get 4G Lte via Telcel on my newer iPhone and 3G on my old cell phones. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4G for a definition thereof
  16. I usually bring down my Shaw equipment, have done so since before it's first day of transmission on then Anik F-1 at 107.3 W. in February, 2001 I love my 75 E elliptical dish and yes the footprint which is pointed toward Canada does leak into the US and Mexico from all but the newest satellite, Anik G-1 which doesn't reach this far south. And yes, if I wanted to communicate back with Shaw Direct, I would need to connect a telephone line to the back of my receiver. I guess I would use a VoIP device so that my telephone number would appear to be from my up North Canadian cottage. And yes, when I need a rehit, or to renew my programming information, I go on line using a VPN to suggest my location to be near my cottage. No, Shaw Direct satellites located at 107.3 and 111.1 West to not receive information from our satellite dishes and pass it on to someone else. The are there to receive data from their upload stations and send those signals back down to the ground, Sadly the new satellites are better focusing their signals over their intended target with less bleed-over reaching this far south. Remember that these satellites sitting over the equator focus their signals on the countries they are trying to reach, and if they are pointing to Europe even though we can point our dishes toward them, we don't get the signal. It doesn't matter that we are close to the equator, the same goes for signals meant for South America. So just because we are closer to the satellite we might want to receive signals from, we are only get signals from those that are pointed toward or almost toward us.
  17. It sure would help if you would show pictures of your dogs. If you don't know how, read the easy to follow instructions shown at the beginning of the Ajijic Forum.
  18. Yes, It's a Federal Holiday, apparently much more important than Cinco de Mayo which is not a federal holiday. So as Sparks pointed out, the banks will be closed. It's Labor Day or in Spanish, Dia del Trabajador
  19. I happened to be at the Telecable office today two times, because I needed a new remote for my digital TV receiver. Apparently Telecable was down where I lived in Ajijic during part of the day because they were updating the cabling down below in or before Ajijic. And they stated that it would be running again soon when I was there around 3 PM. PS The were very helpful and replaced my remote with a new one free of charge.
  20. Yes both analog and digital Telecable is now out in my part of upper Ajijic. In fact the three or four US network channels from the antenna at the West Chapala Telecable office near Maskeras are out as well
  21. Sorry to hear the bad news. If money were no object you could used Telcel 4G Lte which is available from a Telcel Tower to the West of me and possibly visible where you live.
  22. Can't you still renew your drivers license or obtain a new one locally? The drivers license office was open and working when I renewed my license 20 months ago. It was located in central Chapala (no longer in Riberas). Someone in Spencer's office would, of course, have the answer.
  23. Sorry Ferret, I did not mean that, even if it accidently sounded that way. I was only trying to say what is happening with me. And all I know is the more Spanish slang I can speak and the more I can joke around the better luck I have getting better service. I'm just very lucky to live where I do, where they can give me fast service, should they want to.
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