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  1. I had my solar hot water system installed maybe 13 years ago. And I haven't ever turned the gas on to the instant on hot water heater. Yes, a few days per year the water isn't quite as warm as I would have liked when taking my frequent showers. But so far I have been able to resist going out and turning on the instant on hot water system.  Sure I would find it more comfortable on those few days per year when the water isn't quite hot enough, I would like it warmed. But I can manage.  


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  2. One piece of good news is that yesterday the Doctor running the San Antonio Hospital mentioned to me during my quarterly visit that there were no recorded cases of the corona virus lakeside.

    And also, even in the states where there are 236,339 recorded cases, that is less than 1/10 of one percent pf the population of the US which has a population of approximately 330,000,000 persons. 

    Have I delayed my late spring trip to the greater Seattle-Kirkland area? You're darn right I have,

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  3. Based on the press announcement I was afraid to go out this morning to get a scheduled blood draw for my annual physical, Wednesday. So before I went, I phoned up the San Antonio hospital asking if it was OK to go out and come down and get my blood tests.  They said sure. So I went in at 8 AM, and there was almost no one there. And I asked the doctor on duty ( in the area of the hospital that I had my tests) if the had seen any persons testing positive for the Corona Virus. And he said no. So I guess our lakeside community hasn't been hit yet.

    As long as I was out, I stopped  by Super Lake for food supplies so I could stay home and at a local pharmacy to pick up my meds, There were a few people shopping at Super Lake this morning and we all spaced ourselves when I went through the checkout line.

  4. 2 minutes ago, happyjillin said:

    All my doctors including my excellent Cardiologist charge me in pesos as do any other medical services including hospitals. I pay the hospital using my Intercam debit card and the Doctors who did their thing on me in the hospital prefer a cheque which is also from my Intercam account. Spell check should learn real English instead of putting a red squiggly under the word cheque.

    I am sure what you post is the normal procedure, I only posted my experience, because I, like you, have been here quite a few years. And this is the first time I can remember that I was charged in US dollars. In my case, no big deal, because I happen to have an active US checking (bank) account.

  5. 16 minutes ago, glws7777 said:

    My only wish is that people would use Pesos when they talk about cost of services and NOT US dollars. The doctors get paid in Pesos.

    That is what I thought too glws7777. But when I had my first (and so Far, only) stent inserted and installed in a major artery on Jan 6 of this year, Dr Garcia Garcia quoted me a price of $4,000 US dollars and I paid him writing a US check (from my B of A account) for the amount of $4,000 US dollars . The hospital in Guadalajara, where the surgery was done, charged me in Mexican pesos for their share of the costs.

  6. I watched it as well.. I understood the spacing should be at least two meters, Oh well, I have my surgical gloves and masks and I'm going to overprotect myself. I will probably get teased by some of my friends, but I plan to make the best of it and always have an unopened can of Corona Beer with me as well.

    I wish all of us the best of luck during these scary times :)  :) 

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  7. Do you even know what "The Schengen Area is. I have to admit I didn't and I lived in the Netherlands and Germany in the  1960s for 7 years.

    Here is what it means:

    The Schengen Area is an area comprising 26 European states that have officially abolished all passport and all other types of border control at their mutual borders. The area mostly functions as a single jurisdiction for international travel purposes, with a common visa policy. Wikipedia

    Area: 4.312 million km²
    Population: 419,392,429
    I am always learning something on this forum. :) 
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