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  1. Yes Cedros, earlier in the year I too found most folks in the rear of the plane  and very few in Business or first class. It seems to me that it used to be that way almost always in the past.

    Oh and when I used to have a cottage in the states that was slightly closer to Vancouver than Seattle, I would often fly to Hongcouver sorry I meant Vancouver :) and then take the train down to Bellingham or Mount Vernon.

  2. 4 hours ago, cedros said:

    True but there are some precautions you can take. Fly in business class. Do not take an aisle seat as the hoi polloi will walk pass you when loading. Window seat only at the bulkhead so one one is in front of you. I recently flew Aeromexico to Vancouver. The aisle seat beside me was empty. The only person within a meter of me was the person behind me. Masks were required. I did not hear any coughing in business class.The Aeromexico video clip claimed that the air inside the plane was almost operating room quality. 

    Thinking it would be safer, I flew business class from  Guadalajara via Dallas to Seattle in mid June. On my two flights it was a mistake. Every business class seat was occupied but when you looked back into the tourist class area less than 1/4 of the seats were occupied on one flight and about 1/3 full on the other..  I have no idea whether or not this is still happening.

    For protection, I wore an  N95 mask (175 pesos) and  several pairs of surgical gloves.

    I would be much more happy if I were home in Ajijic. The only advantage of Seattle is, that I can buy TV dinners  :)  

  3. But Mainecoons, I want to fly back from Seattle, and it is too dangerous, because I would be in three airports and on two planes. It's not fair  :)  The say flying is one of the most dangerous things one can do. Now getting back to what you posted. right now the US death rates like you said is about 4%  My data for today shows 3,165,058 cases and 135,094 deaths which is 4.3%.  And if one were to be able to count those cases where there are little to no symptoms I'm guessing that the death rate would drop below 2%.

    But I aint no expert, And I could be way off  :) 

  4. If you get your money from an ATM, all you are going to get is one 100 peso bill, two 200 peso bills and all kinds of $00s and if you pay with these, it will take a long time and you could be holding up the line.  Why not open a banking account and wire your funds to that account, usually getting a better rate of exchange when the bank receives the dollars and converts them to pesos.  Next, when you get funds ask for 20s, 50s, 100s, 200s etc and when you buy sometime pay in cash using those smaller bills along with your 500s if necessary and pay close to the exact amount owed, and it's not going to take the cashier much time when the change is just a few pesos.

    Oh sure, if what I am buying  costs a lot of money, I would use my credit or debit card, because I do not believe it's smart to carry large amounts of cash..

    Life is so much easier when you have the option to use either a north of the border credit/debit card or one from a Mexican bank.

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  5. We are mighty proud up here in Seattle which is considered by many to be the center of the world where Google and Microsoft are located. Even Bill Gates lives up here.

    Why did they all choose Seattle? Well, it's because it rains so much that everyone stays in and works. And the second they are old enough to retire they move away. What am I doing in Seattle? I'm trying to figure that out.  Maybe it is this Corona thing. Yes that's it, Costco is having a sale on Corona beer and afterwards maybe I can get the new anti-corona injection. I'm getting so old, I can't remember...…..

  6. Eliquis is very expensive up north. After Medicare or Medicaid or whatever its called, I paid $370 US for 30 pills for a 30 day supply up in the US. . I went to Mr. 'google and it said

    "The list price for a 30-day supply of Eliquis is an average of over $470.US.  I am sure glad that I was only on the pill for one month  :) 


  7. Just for the heck of it, I went to Google search and looked up Canasa. There is such a word and one of the definitions is

    Generic Version of Canasa Rectal Suppository Now Available ...

    www.empr.com › Home › News › Generics News
    Dec 18, 2018 - Mylan has launched a generic version of Canasa Rectal Suppository 1000mg (mesalamine; Allergan), indicated for the treatment of ...
    Forgive me for posting this. I just couldn't resist :) 
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