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  1. Back in 2007 when I ordered my first panels which were rated at either 160 or 170 watts per panel, I also got 8 deep cell golf cart 6 volt batteries. And when CFE fails, I still have power provided by both the batteries and also the solar panels when the sun is out. (only the batteries at night) When I added panels later, they were independent and connected to other circuits and these stop working when CFE fails
  2. Well that explains your accent, gringohombre.
  3. Up north in BC and I believe the rest of Canada, plastic is being replaced by recyclable products. The same in much if not all of the US, And it would appear also beginning in all of Mexico.
  4. Hey Gringo, I take it English isn't your first language. I want to compliment you though, you do not make that many mistakes. What you could do when you do not know what simple words mean like blanch, is to ask Mr. Google. This is what I have instructed him to tell you Blanching is a cooking process in which a food, usually a vegetable or fruit, is scalded in boiling water, removed after a brief, timed interval, and finally plunged into iced water or placed under cold running water to halt the cooking process. Blanching foods helps reduce quality loss over time
  5. You have made some great posts here and above, Mainecoons. When was it, about 15 years ago when we were all getting calls from fake millionaires wanting to share some of their money with us? There was one slightly well to do widower lakeside who wanted to believe these con letters. He went through all of his funds sending these funds to the con artist who needed just (for example) $2,000 US dollars, so that he could pay the overdue bank fees so that the con-artist could get his gold or millions of dollars out of his safe deposit box. And promised to give whoever helped him, by giving him 1/3 of severl million dollars or what have you. Con artist after con artist chipped away at all of his savings.. His children finally had to come to Ajijic and take him back up to his former home town the states. We never heard from him again
  6. What year is this Pontiac? I'm guessing maybe a 2006 +/- 4 years. Are the license plates from Jalisco? I notice that for some reason you do not have a picture of the front or rear of this car showing the license plates. Thanks in advance for your response.
  7. Hey virgo lady, I am just curious. How long does it take for the "pill camera" to make it through the body. Do you remember? Or do you know? Thanks in advance for your answer. I have always wondered, when I eat something, how long it takes for the waste to work its way through me.
  8. Well, fordtruckman is a member and he was made 332 posts, and Phil in Mexico has 267 and is a Newbie so just maybe when you hit 300, you go from Newbie to Member.
  9. Oh but we scientists do, it's our opinion of you, Gringohombre But we can't figure out the best way to tell you in private Only kidding, gringohombre.
  10. Not a billion dollars or a billion pesos. That would be too much. I know what they meant. One billion centavos which would be $10 million pesos or about $450,000 US dollars at 22.222+ pesos per US dollar. I just know that Carlos Slim is coming through for me and I am getting 19.9 down by 5.1 up regularly for either $389 or $425 pesos per month, I can't remember what I pay because it is so little and I'm in Seattle. Oh, and I can phone some 50 to 65 countries long distance for free on his Telmex phone line.
  11. I too have had great results using Jackie at H2ole.
  12. I always try Google search, and there are a few Joe Rayners mentioned, not always the right one though
  13. So, tell me, what is in Kool Aid? I bet a lot of sugar. I remember the name, but I'm guessing because it has a lot of sugar, I chose not to have any. I was lucky. My parents taught me to hate sugar. Don't bother to tell me, I just asked my friend, Mr. Google. He said that each cup of Kool-Aid includes 5 teaspoons of sugar and 5 artificial dyes that could be bad for you. No Kool-Aid for me.
  14. Hey, Youngtimer, I guess it is dependent upon where you live. In upper West Ajijic, I almost never have had problems with Telmex infinitum. Yes my speed isn't that fast, but it meets my needs. I almost always have about 19.7 down by 5.05 up. It has been very reliable. I have Cable as a backup. And hardly ever need to use them for a backup. Also have their TV which is in more use than their internetas a backup for Infinitum.
  15. Hey Mostlylost, thanks for suggesting I watch the video. Somehow I forgot to. The older 20 peso coins I have are circular, the one in the video has many sides. So they are reissuing it again. Looking at it in the video, it's beautiful. I wonder, though, how practical it will be to use. I'm up here in Seattle sitting in kind of sort of quarantine trying to get my taxes done (we've got until July 15th instead of April 15th this year to get them done because of the Coronavirus)
  16. I have one that I saved from years ago at home. It is bigger than the ten. I didn't know that they were reissuing them again. Check the date on your 20 peso coin, Eric. I thought that they stopped issuing them. Are they reissuing them again?
  17. Eric, don't you have the senor citizen discount card, you know the INAPAM card? It often helps drop the price to make it a much better deal than what I would have paid in Chapala without this card. Warning, Not all stores will give a client a discount using this card.
  18. Being a young 80 years of age, I don't know what sex is anymore
  19. Yes, Go Solar. And in fact I think it was suggested by the owners/providers of this board that we should not make posts about any Real Estate matter on this forum
  20. Actually it wasn't many many years ago. He left Lake Chapala in 2014 and moved up north. If I remember right it was because of high altitude problems. He now lives fairly close to the Texas, Mexico border in Texas and had commented perhaps a year or two ago that he and his wife occasionally visit northern Mexico, I, for one have. greatly appreciated many of his very informative posts over the many years he was lakeside,, which may have applied more to folks from the US than from Canada, I don't know
  21. I am not taking sides here. But no one is always right I only know that RV has been very very helpful over the years he was here and once he left and moved up north (I understand for health reasons) the he has continued to post trying to be as helpful as he can be
  22. I have had the same Telmex phone number since 1997 and internet as soon as they offered it. I never needed a contract.
  23. Yes, I should have. But I was too lazy. So far, no signs of the Corona Virus and it's been almost 13 days. To protect me, though, I did take the recommended Corona anti-virus treatment and it seems to be working. In fact they provided the anti virus treatment on the plane for all business/first class passengers for free. Oh, Eric the treatment, and so for it has been working is 2 corona beers per day.
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