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  1. You folks do keep me entertained. I say that with a friendly smile on my face.
  2. Leaving from Seattle this morning. I will be traveling from the Guadalajara Airport to Ajijic this evening. If they are on the road at that time, I will post what happens. Can hardly wait to get back to what I now call home, Ajijic.
  3. An interesting fact about how the Corona Virus is already impacting many retail store in Seattle. I went to three stores looking to buy Corona Beer, so I could play a practical joke on my GP when I visited him later this afternoon. All of the stores were sold out of Corona Beer. I guess there are a lot of practical jokers out there.
  4. Up here in Seattle, I am told that a maid service charges you $30 US or so per hour for cleaning. When friends in my Condo ask me how much I pay in Mexico, I say about 60 per hour. I don't mention that I m talking pesos. And whether I get 17 to 1 or 20 to 1, it's darn cheap compared to Seattle, where I have to clean my own condo
  5. I just checked Spot rate (half way between buy and sell) at the peso seems to be getting stronger when comparing to a US dollar. At this moment it is 18.4323. Gosh, a while back, we were getting more than 20 pesos per US dollar.
  6. I remember the Swine Flu lakeside very well. Before I could check in at the airport to fly up for a visit to Seattle, they had to take my temperature. No problem, I passed and flew for a visit in Seattle. What I remember most was that Mexico actually had people at the airport checking ones temperature. (At least that was so at the Guadalajara Airport)
  7. Yes, I too have had great experiences with Dr. Haro and his staff.
  8. Yes, I am rather scared, after what has been happening with some banks in Mexico, and that is why I am allowing my Mexican Brokerage account to get smaller and smaller. And I am keeping more of my brokerage retirement account up north.. That is I am drawing funds only from Mexico and not from the US and only wire small amounts when the exchange rate is above 20. I got 20.4 or 20.5 last time, So you know it was a while back
  9. Same here, happyjillin. No more ATMs for me, I hope. I opened up a checking account at Actinver Bank. They also have a brokerage branch. And I am able to wire funds from my US Merrill Lynch brokerage Account, to my Actinver brokerage account free of charge and am able to get a slightly better rate of exchange than I did at this and other bank accounts. I get almost the spot rate. Oh, and the last time I wired money down, maybe a year ago, I got 20.5 or 20.4 pesos per dollar. I don't remember which. And I am waiting for another good exchange rate for the Mexican Peso before I send down more funds. Oh and I forgot to say Go Millet Oilers, or is it Edmondchuck Oilers,. My Calgary relatives said I should always say/write that, when communicating with folks from the far north.
  10. We have got to get our spellcheckers to correct capital letter errors as well .
  11. I'm curious. I was told to take 80 mg of Lipitor for one month and then revert back to my normal 20 mg per night for the rest of my life. Might you mean 80 mg rather than 800?
  12. I guess I am just lucky. I almost never get robo calls on my Mexican Telmex number which I have had since 1997 nor my Telcel # which I have had for maybe 15 years. In Seattle, I get about 2 or 3 per week on my landline # which I have had since 2006 and none on my Seattle Ooma (internet) phone which I take with me when I am in Mexico. No, I have not taken any special action to stop robo calls. For some reason, I almost never get them.
  13. Hey, that's a very good point, MtnMama. I never would have thought of that.
  14. A few months ago, they were talking about Nov. or Dec. Maybe they meant 2020, not 2019. All kidding aside, the local contractors are almost always late at completing a job. I don't blame the Doctors. I bet they are just passing on what they were told by the overly optimistic contractors
  15. And considering how few miles, many of us put on our small cars each day, (I drive to a local restaurant each day for breakfast and lunch and that's about it) many of us spend next to nothing each month for gasoline. (I only have a Honda CRV)
  16. I've got to have a connection to the internet. It's an addiction with me. So I have Telmex and Izzi cable. and 99.9% of the time I've got internet. And the very few times both were down in my neighborhood, I used my cellphone to create a hotspot (internet access). With these three options I don't ever remember an internet outage. Oh I have 8 deep cell golf cart batteries attached to my electrical backup system so that I always have power to important things like my laptop, internet modems etc, Now if I only had faster internet
  17. We could always by it Angus. What do you think?
  18. Heck, you may be right Ferret. I don't know. But whichever, it aint new; rather it is very old for this type of tank. I would want to give it away for free too.
  19. I read Dec 1985. It's even older. That thing is dangerous with gas in it.
  20. Right now, I'm on a short visit to Seattle, and staying in my very small condo. Guess the speeds available in my building. I am only getting about 75 Mb/sec down which is more than enough. But should I want more, I can get 1,000 Mb/sec down for $45.88 US per month. Oh, 1,000 megabits = 1 gigabit The world is changing and I can't keep up And I don't really care.
  21. Gosh cedros, that is slow. So sorry to hear that speeds like that still occur lakeside.
  22. And I thought my 15.6 Mb/sec down was good . I have the fastest service offered to my neighborhood by Telmex. And the closest customer with ILOX is only 3/4 of a block away. So I could probably get ILOX if things get bad. Things are changing for the good, lakeside.
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