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  1. I am afraid to suggest this because the picture suggests that the wall in which the window was installed might be concrete. But should it be wood, could one get several pieces of 4 by 8 foot plywood and some 2by4s and with a screw gun install something covering the opening created by the broken window?? Yes I know we are on the metric system down here so what sizes of wood available are probably a little different and my idea might not work, But I am always surprised by what these builders can do down here. They are so talented.
  2. The humidity, according to the Ajijic weather station had been showing humidity levels as low as maybe 18% and up to perhaps 29%, since yesterdays light rain, every time I have looked the humidity was at least 50%. Why am I so interested in the humidity? Too save money. When or If the humidity is low, I can turn on my very economical evaporative (swamp) cooler to cool the second floor of the house, however when it is higher, I must turn on my A/C which uses all kinds of electricity, just to cool the bedroom
  3. After the high wind yesterday evening, the Ajijic weather station showed the highest gust for the evening of only 26 miles per hour. I don't know how fast the wind actually was at my home at the top of Juarez in Ajijic. But I'm guessing that it was a lot faster than 26 miles per hour.
  4. She also has an office in Jalisco. She was just pointing out the differences between offices in different areas and/or states across the country
  5. It's kind of cute , Ibarra. I'm from Seattle where Amazon started (or a suburb thereof) and so I recognized my area code, and then with my kind of sort of Spanish, I remembered that in College I learned that España was the Spanish word for Spain. We all make mistakes, and I loved your very minor error
  6. That first telephone number that you showed, Ibarra, +1-206-922-0880 is the local Seattle number for Amazon.com You also posted "número de teléfono de Amazon de atención al cliente en España es " If I am not mistaken the word España means Spain. So if I am correct this second telephone number is in Spain for clients in Spain. Too funny
  7. It didn't rain that much. But it sure is nice and cool tonight.
  8. My last mail for me forwarded from my Seattle condo to Sol y Luna took about 21 days usually it takes a few days less. I got it about 2 weeks ago, which I think is great. Only my Seattle Condo staff know and use my Sol y Luna address.. No mail is on the way at the moment, because I put my mail on hold up there, as I will be heading north for a visit.
  9. I was happily surprised to see the rain. It wasn't that much, but the wind gusts were quite high for short periods of time. The Ajijic weather station recorded 26 miles per hour on their website. It seemed perhaps higher, up at the top of Juarez in Ajijic where I live. There was enough rain to drop the outside temperature from the mid 80s to 72 F at my house and 75 F at the weather station. I love this weather
  10. Yes I am very familiar with that model. It is a good basic model that gets great HD and I have two up north at the cottage.
  11. Hey SoxFan, what model numbers are these receivers, 500s 600s or 800s? The actual model number if it were a 600 series might be a 600 or 605 or 630 or something. The numbers change to show whether they can record one channel while you watch another, etc. or you can just watch one channel at a time Thanks in advance for this information.
  12. That is because you had one of Shaw's old receivers. The 600 and above series worked and still work just great. I go north three times a year to Seattle and Vancouver Island. With Shaw I can watch home town stations from both Victoria and Seattle be I up north or down here, lakeside. I love it
  13. Yes. In fact when I walked into El Torito, for the last few times, I have seen at the entryway a stack of handouts provided by someone who provides this service, you know, home delivery. Sadly I did not pay attention to the name of the service nor the telephone #
  14. Hey I am in three different phonebooks lakeside and have been for many years. All Mac needs to do is to look up my number and phone me here in Ajijic. And should one wish to reach me on the internet, he can either message me here or get my email address which is also shown in these local phonebooks next to my phone # and send me an email. Don't try leaving a message on my Telmex landline because either it isn't working or no one has tried to leave a message lately. I don't know which. If for some reason I do not answer your phone call, the most reliable method is to email me. That way when I am up in Seattle for a few days I will get the message as well.
  15. I have had the same Telmex landline that I got in 1997 and I have that $389 plan that you do Kyle. If I used one of those special 880 connection numbers to reach an 800 number up north I have always been charged. So I never use that service. I find using my internet Ooma phone which I pay a small monthly fee on it and has a Seattle telephone number is the best way to go.
  16. At the moment I am down to one 12 foot C-Ku band moveable dish that I do not use and have two four footers, one of which I use, a 6 footer that I could use, an 8 footer that has 2 LNBs on it, but not used and an old Shaw Direct Elliptical dish that I no longer use. All the bigger ones are in the back yard and one small 4 footer that I use is on the roof. Sure I could take a few down, but maybe I will need one or two of then I am not now using in a year or four. When I bought the place in 1997 there was actually an 18 foot in diameter C band dish that allowed me to watch channels from all over the place. But I removed it during a remodel around year 2000
  17. What is the most economical option, that is streaming of course and should you have a solid internet download speed or at least 5 to 10 Megabits per second there are several options. I hope that this discussion includes what the minimum internet speeds you, the user say is necessary. Please read what I have posted and at to this topic and/or correct me where necessary. Another option is satellite TV. Shaw Direct for a short time longer, maybe for another 5 months to 3 years has the strongest signals lakeside and one Satellite antenna of about four feet in diameter is all you need. The trouble is when the older satellites that one can so easily receive if you have a Shaw receiver and an average account of maybe $130 Canadian per month, will eventually wear out and when they do the older birds will be replaced with much more efficient satellites that can better focus their signal on Canada and you will be lucky to pick up the signals as far south as maybe San Francisco, 'But certainly not Mexico. Another option is US Dish network. The signal is fairly strong down here using a 4, 6 and 8 foot satellite dish each pointing in a different direction. Now you need only one satellite dish for US DirecTV, but the signals are a little weaker than DISH above and it would be nice if one could get a Ku satellite dish that is larger then 8 feet. I am told that the average monthly cost for one of these US satellite TV is about $130 US per month I could go on and on, but I am hoping I can start a discussion , Normally I would start this in the Mexico General topic area but because dish sizes could vary a great deal all over Mexico I will start this topic here under the Ajijic, Chapala, Guadalajara Topic where satellite dish sizes would be the same
  18. Me? 23 years ago, I lived in Seattle and came down to Mex for a few weeks every winter for a visit. As time has gone by I have been staying in Mexico more and more months each year. And I go up to the states three times per year for a visit. The last trip lasted only 23 days around Christmas. Well this trip which will probably start in early June will be for about 45 days because the sun will be out up there. And I will admit that part of the reason I am staying so long has to do with the Corona virus
  19. I guess I am just lucky. I get 19.6 or so MB/Sec down by just over 5 up on my Telmex infinitum connection and on izzi I am getting 9.75 down by 0.8 up. I have the most economical speed package offered by both. This speed has been pretty normal throughout this year. In previous years there seemed to be greater variance depending upon whether the snowbirds had left yet or not. That might be because the Covid virus has scared/motivated more snowbirds to go north earlier this year
  20. You are too funny Gringo Hombre, I greatly enjoy your posts.
  21. You were at a restaurant and I believe I heard you say Fake Foods, the last time I overheard you. You were answering your friend who asked what the fake news was about the restaurant you were at. At least I think that was you
  22. But gringohombre loves that word. And it gives me a smile every time he uses it. But I aint telling nobody why.
  23. Thanks for the explanation, dichosalocura. I always wondered why I would occasionally find a separated tail, but no blood or other sign of injury. Again thanks for explaining what happens
  24. All I can say is that I am very happy with 20MB/Sec down by 5 MB/Sec up. Would I like fast speeds? Yes, but I don't need it.
  25. A cat expert I am not. But I know that one or more of my three cats is/are bringing in large bugs/lizards from the garden which they love to play with at night in the master bathroom. I often discover that the 3 inch long bug or lizard with a long tail has escaped and gotten under my treadmill. Usually when they bring a bird in, it dies. But the little lizards are also used as toys often escape under the tread mill, which I then rescue and throw out in the garden. By the time I find it or them the cats have often cut off the tails of these lizards. But I don't see any evidence that the cats are eating the birds or lizards. The cats seem just to use them as toys.
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