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  1. The FM low power repeater station is available again on your FM radio at 107.1. This legal, and very weak FM transmitter is repeating Boston's NPR FM radio station with the call sign of WBUR. Because this is a legal repeater station, the signal is very very weak, and although it comes in well in central Ajijic, it gets weaker as you pass Wally Mart heading east or going over and down the hill of the West side of Ajijic. Oh and because the source of this signal is the internet, should the internet be down, the station will go down as well; sometimes for only a few seconds because of streaming problems and sometimes for much longer. I think this is the third year this signal has been available during the snowbird season. I met the gentleman offering this service and although I forget his name. I would like to again say THANK YOU.
  2. johanson

    Cold Coming

    Yes I believe that is the name of the big hill/small mountain I was thinking about. That is not what was said to me in Spanish. Thanks for the help.
  3. johanson

    Cold Coming

    Yes Colima will and that is a higher mountain further south, that many of us in and near Ajijic can not see because of the lower very high hill or almost mountain close to Lake Chapala on the South side.
  4. johanson

    Cold Coming

    First I spelled the name of the Mountain wrong. I asked in Spanish what the highest hill or mountain on the other side of the lake is called and I was attempting to spell, sadly incorrectly what it is called. I just went to google earth and know that what ever it is called that it is about 9000 feet tall, some 4000 feet above the lake level
  5. That's for sure, Ellie. She has done a great deal for this community and our cats. I too wish to thank you as well, Natasha.
  6. johanson

    Cold Coming

    They suggest a slight dusting of snow at the higher elevations (much higher). Maybe we will see snow at the top of Mount San Loise on the other side of the lake.
  7. johanson

    Computer repair

    Why not check with Mike, The computer guy who posts here on the Chapala Forum. He has a good reputation and knows his stuff. His contact information can be found on the left side of the page under his name.
  8. johanson

    Amazon delivery drivers stealing

    Not in Seattle where as I posted above some come by the UPS ,or DHL, or Fed Ex, etc, etc, etc.
  9. johanson

    Amazon delivery drivers stealing

    I use Amazon when at my Condo up north in Seattle. Because there are many people there who do as well, we get up to 9 deliveries per day according to the person working at the front desk. And he says there is no one service that delivers the packages, rather there is the Postal Service, UPS, Fed Ex., Amazon delivery, and often guys not in uniform or anything who drive their own cars and drop off packages. My point? Apparently Amazon uses all kinds of delivery services in the US and perhaps MX as well, which might make it more difficult to find the guilty person/s in Mexico as well. But, by all means, report what happened to Amazon. Just maybe they can do something about this.
  10. I knew it would be something that I should have known Sorry. Of course I have known about the Lakeside Friends of Animals. I guess I have never heard it called the LFA before.
  11. johanson

    Foam roller for yoga class

    I just bought one at Wally Mart. They had them in three or four colors I am pretty sure there were enough there to ensure that they still have some. I don't remember the exact price, but I think it was in the high 200s (in pesos, of course).
  12. johanson

    Abbeyfield in Ajijic

    I will be having breakfast with some friends at The Moon tomorrow. I will let Jim know that he is still up on the MLS site. Thanks for the information. They are filling the units and so far the people who have moved in or made deposits waiting for their house to sell seem very happy and have no problem with the monthly charges especially with the great food etc. I feel lucky to be able to eat breakfast there about three times a week, until more units are filled.
  13. johanson

    Abbeyfield in Ajijic

    I had breakfast with our regular breakfast group which included the owner (actually husband) who answered that yes it had been for sale. But they took it off the market once they decided to develop the site themselves. Again the Moon is no longer for sale. It is now a "Luxury Adult Community" for persons 50 and over.
  14. johanson

    Knee problem

    Yes both he and his son also a Dr. specializing in orthopedic medicine come to the Maskaras Clinic. Several months ago, the younger Dr. Gonzalez came Wednesdays and the father on Fridays and often also Saturday mornings. I would check to see what their schedule is today. The Maskaras Clinic can be reached at 765-4805 or 765-4838
  15. What is a throw? You say it is smoke free, but I still do not know what a heated throw is.
  16. johanson

    Television options

    I'm guessing that perhaps a third to one half of all folks receiving Shaw Direct in Mexico, do not have a Canadian address. There are satellite dealers here who can help you get a Shaw Direct account. Other viewers share accounts with someone who already has an account and has room for an additional receiver. EDIT: To Mark. It was I, not computer guy who incorrectly said Sky doesn't get Fox News. Thanks for correcting me. Oh and I am about to cancel my Telacable digital programming and replacing it with Sky. I will continue to use Telecable for analog TV and as an internet backup. Telecable's internet is getting much better and more reliable in my neighborhood in upper Ajijic.
  17. johanson

    Television options

    I think cedros means that the Shaw Direct LNB that is mounted on your 75e Shaw Direct satellite dish has four outlets and one can connect up to 4 cables to the LNB and that each cable would feed a different satellite receiver. Oh the 830 receiver, the one that will let you watch one channel while recording another program uses 2 receivers at once and will need two of the four (RG-6 satellite) cables that connect to the satellite dish (to the LNB mounted on the front of the dish that looks at the dish)
  18. johanson

    "Thrill the World" rehearsals start TODAY!

    I always think a larger % of us lakesiders read these forums than do. There were 5 of us having breakfast one morning and I asked who had seen the stupid post made by blank that morning. I was the only one reading the forums. I was and always do get surprised when I comment about a post made by someone on one of the forums or Facebook and almost no one knows what I am talking about. Oh well. I'll get over it.
  19. johanson

    Television options

    Many of us want to watch our home town stations and that is hard to do unless you are from Canada. Shaw Direct broadcasts most Canadian network Channels from many cities all across Canada They also offer the US network Channels from Seattle Spokane, Detroit and one from Chicago, Rochester and maybe a few I missed. And all of the signals from 2 of the 3 satellites reach into Mexico (The US networks are broadcast from the satellites that blead into Mexico) The trouble with US DISH and DirecTV is that yes they offer programming for many cities up north but in the form of spot beams with no blead over into Mexico. Luckily, both offer signals from all of the major networks from two or three cities like NY, LA and perhaps another that are broadcast all over the US and blead over into central Mexico. Interestingly, you need a smaller satellite dish for the Canadian Shaw Direct provider than you do from the US Dish or DirecTV. And as Mike just posted above the Mexican Dish or Sky most likely do not broadcast any US networks. They used to and perhaps still, however offer both the English language and Spanish Language CNN channels, but not MSNBC or FOX.
  20. johanson

    Abbeyfield in Ajijic

    You can have pets, as long as they are fish Only kidding, I have no idea what's allowed. I only know that I'm sure not ready give up my 3 dogs or 3 cats. But if I were and if I were ready to downsize this would be an ideal place to consider.
  21. johanson

    Abbeyfield in Ajijic

    The Moon is located on the south side of the old Billy moon properties. And I believe all of the structures on this portion of the old Billy Moon Property are new. I have visited the property and find it very well designed and put together. They even have units with real bathtubs, something one doesn't often see in Ajijic. Oh and I have had breakfast there with friends quite often. And the food is great. I know a couple who have just signed papers to sell their present home and will soon be moving into the Moon. I have already met several other retirees who were/are the first to move in. From everything I have heard and seen this is a great place to consider renting/leasing or what ever one agrees to. I also noticed that it was a smoke free facility which is nice for those of us who no longer smoke.
  22. johanson

    The lake level

    Exciting times are ahead. Sure would be nice if the lake would become higher than what was recorded on I believe Thursday, when it reached a Cota of 96.62 which was the record in 2010 and only ten centimeters short of the 2008 record, which was the highest recorded since 1979. For a more detailed record, left click on THIS LINK. And then for dates and heights move your mouse arrow over various points. Nothing is shown yet on this chart for this year and wont until around the end of the year. CEA Jalisco has other charts showing the daily rates which are only measured on non holidays and not on weekends for this year.
  23. johanson

    Pancho's Grand soft Opening

    I just went to Pancho's new and much larger Deli Market. It was fantastic. It is so much better than anything else lakeside. He did say it was a SOFT opening and that means that not all of the shelves are totally stocked. But things are getting closer to totally filled. There were many many clients and the lines were long. But the staff worked as fast as they could. Again, it is so much better than Superlake. You have got to take a look. It is just east and same side of the street as Clinica Maskaras. He is going to do very very well.
  24. johanson

    Abbeyfield in Ajijic

    I know that the older tenants have moved out, that it is no longer a retirement home, and that the former manager, Kevin, has a new job managing "The Moon", a Luxury Adult Community, but I have not heard what the owners of what was Abbeyfield plan to do with their property or whether it has been sold. ( Updated Saturday afternoon)