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  1. Question? I thought the KN95 masks which are much more expensive, and are apparently the type doctors wear, would also protect the wearer from the coronavirus. Am I wrong?
  2. I did not know what an Ampersan character was so I asked Mr. Google and he said the word Ampersan is the name of a Musical group.. I suspect what you were trying to ask was how to type an ampersand on a Spanish keyboard. I then aske Mr., Google what an Ampersand was. His answer is there are many variations as shown below of an ampersand ﹠, ∧, ۽, ⅋, &, et, 🙰, 🙱, 🙲, 🙳, 🙴, 🙵 Once you have decided which symbol you want, go back to Mr. Google and he will be able to help you. Please note though, that what works on one Spanish keyboard may not work on another, Apparently there are three different ways dependent up upon your computer and/or computer software I wish you good luck and hope that Alan's solution posted above will work with your computer.
  3. I think this is the first time I have seen this. but I am getting older and more forgetful minded. )
  4. I have one full time gardener and I pay him $2,600 per week for 45 hours of work per week which according to my property manager is more than fair for a full time job. If he were working fewer hours per day and or week, of course the hourly rate would be higher. I provide all of the equipment, gas etc.. I have two maids (sisters) instead of one because when I first hired them one of them was still going to High School in the afternoons. They come four times per week for three hours at a time. Each maid therefore works 12 hours per week and makes $700 pesos per week or $58.33 pesos per hour which my property manager says is fair. If they were working full time, the hourly rate would be less. I have a night watchman who makes $2,100 per week who is provided a very small casita to sleep in after 1 AM where he can sleep during the night (However he must be on site until 7:30 AM when the gardener arrives. During the daytime he works as a gardener for a neighbor. Oops You were only asking the rates paid to a gardener. Oh well, maybe some of the added info about other positions would be interesting to some.
  5. It was a while back, I just know that I get a slightly better exchange rate using my brokerage account than my checking account. Oh and I always would ask them for the preferred rete of exchange or the best rate of exchange they could give me at that time. And that would sometimes make a slight difference. Oh and the larger the transfer, the better chance I had for a slightly better rate of return. If you have a brokerage account in Mexico, those would also be good questions to ask your broker, You know, you could ask what would help give you a rate better rate of exchange, one that was closer to the spot rate. Why do I not remember the latest specifics? Because the last time I wired funds to Mexico was more than five years ago when I increased the size of my brokerage account.
  6. I'm up north but have been using Ajijic Electronics since about 1997. I remember their telephone # it is 376-766-1117 When I first arrived we only dialed the last five numbers, you know 61117 then it went to a few years later and we dial seven numbers, 766-1117 and now 376-766-1117. Guess what is coming next. I aint telling
  7. What I read is that or % of those with the coronavirus who die therefrom is going down. But sadly the infection rate is going up so fast that the # of deaths is still going up
  8. Gosh Texas has had 385,924 cases while Jalisco has had only 11,903 and the State of Washington, one of the Coronavirus starting points in the US has had only 55,548 cases and all of the US has had 4,398,994 cases as of noon 7/28/2020. That Texas number seemed way too high, so checking on line on Texas and I got as of early morning the 29th, a slightly higher #. the latest data shows 411,876 cases and 6,451 deaths in Texas.
  9. I sure hope you are making a joke, Upfront. I would hate to see anyone wearing a swasticke mask.
  10. Quarantine is an exaggeration. It is sort of like the rules lakeside in early June before I came up north. The greater Seattle area or King County has a population of 2.7 million and the death rate from the Coronavirus has been down to about 60 per month. I go to the Grocery store about once per week and also go to the first floor 0f the building to check my mail. And that is about it. The rest of the time I'm watching TV, on the computer or cooking and eating TV dinners; BORING. But rules are rules and just like lakeside, I can cheat, but I choose not to.
  11. Thank you TelsZ4. I have an old trickle charger that I was contemplating using.it. I shall use a new battery maintainer.
  12. I am sorry, I couldn't resist from up here in Seattle. where I am bored to death up here in quarantine,
  13. My Actinver Broker executes the operation for me. And sitting here in Seattle, I seem to remember a large spread between the spot rate and how many pesos I received when converting dollars to pesos for my bank account, (typical of what other banks offer) But with my Brokerage account it seems to me (going by memory here) if the spot rate was 22.5 pesos per dollar that I was given 22.3 to 22.4 pesos per dollar when wiring $10,000 US dollars to my Actinver Brokerage. Account. Again, I think this is what I have been getting. Oh and the larger the value of you brokerage account the greater the chances are that you are going to get a better rate of exchange. Oh and remember that at 22.2 pesos per US dollar, you only need a little more than $45,000 US dollars worth of pesos to be a Mexican millionaire.
  14. I have information, Eric but because it is unsolicited, I shall follow your instructions and not post it here,
  15. I have a broker at Actinver in the Ajijic office, And my brokerage account is much smaller than my US based Merrill Lynch brokerage account. My Actinver brokerage account is totally Mexican and the stocks and bonds that my brokerage account has are mostly Mexican, Sorry I don't know the answer to your other questions
  16. Is a trickle charger the same as a battery maintainer? And are they readily available lakeside? I just decided to extend my short visit to Seattle,, until this covid virus thing calms down or a vaccine becomes available and my car battery (1 year old) will need one
  17. How about getting X-rays at San Antonio Hospital-Clinic? I have had good luck there
  18. I have both a checking and brokerage account at Actinver. The exchange rate at my bank account is competitive with ATMs. However the exchange rate I get at my brokerage account is very close to the spot rate at the moment of exchange
  19. hey. I am in Seattle for a visit where we had had quite a few virus related deaths. Apparently there are only a few cases of virus down there, and it is probably not that dangerous to go around as if there were no infected folks down there. Now is the time to wear these darn things before it catches on down there. If only they had done that in Seattle, starting in Jan or Feb of this year, where they have had over 600 deaths this year. The experts say that if they had all been wearing masks starting in January the death rate would have been greatly reduced, Now most everyone is wear a mask in the greater Seattle area Being a hypochondriac not only do I wear N95 masks, but also surgical gloves any time I go out,
  20. I have a small condo in Seattle that I come up to several times per year. I wire funds to Mexico maybe two or three times per year when I am in Seattle. To have a place in Mexico to wire the money too, I opened up a Bank Account in Mexico. Before coming north I check to ensure that I have the correct bank account wiring instruction from my Mexican Bank. When back in Seattle I ask My stock broker at Merrill Lynch to wire maybe $10,000 dollars to my Mexican bank following the instructions I received from my Mexican Bank. I have been doing that for about 20 years. It works great. My bank in Mexico converts my US dollars to Mexican pesos.
  21. gringohombre. I thought we were just kidding around and having a good time posting here. I am sorry that I got you so mad. You got especially mad when I said you were happily married, when you knew that I know better. Please forgive me. Even though you shared my email address on the forum, I shall not share yours here. That would be wrong
  22. He is a great guy, Slainte. Dennis apparently found my email address in one of the telephone books lakeside. And he emailed me. I now have his telephone number, email address and street address. We are communicating on a regular basis. I have both his US and San Antonio telephone #s as well. Unlike some people I keep my email addresses in several different phone books. Edit: I also received a post from someone who shall go nameless who knows Dennis much better than I who gave me more of his contact information. Apparently he is happily married to...…. More later. Don't worry greengo, I will not share any personnel info I---we may know about each other I am a moderator in the Technical Mexico topic on MexConnect. We Don't have much activity over there any more. Why not post a message there for me too, greengo
  23. But greengo we are not questioning what MC posts. We are questioning your ability to understand them and to accurately copy what you sometimes say are copies.
  24. I live up by one of those trails that leads toward the Cross and more than twenty years ago, a group of us would hike to the cross and to other destinations higher up. We understood it was/is ejido land and I have talked to the ejidos I even ,learned how to say hello is several native Indian languages, but we were never told by anyone that they minded if we hiked on their land and we did it almost every day for about four years. Are they suggesting that one not hike up to the cross these days
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