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  1. Same here. I am an RP and will turn in the small or bottom portion of that form in a couple of hours right before I board international flight to Seattle via DFL (to the ticket agent at the boarding gate)
  2. johanson

    Roku 3600R Streaming Media Stick - US Version

    That product has a good reputation. What kind of internet download speed is required for HD. Someone said at least 5 Mbits/sec which most of us have. I thought it had to be a little faster. Just curious about your experience. Thanks in advance for your response
  3. johanson


    Remember that the Shaw Direct receivers models 500 and less to include 300s basically don't work any more as they can not receive Mpeg4 signals and Shaw Direct is in the process of changing all of it's channels to Mpeg 4.
  4. He is my GP medical Doctor and has been for some 20 years. I have never had a problem with him. However I have no idea if he has had specialized training in ENT or not. I wish you the best with your health issue.
  5. What was it, three days ago, that they said that everything will be fixed in two days? I wish there was someone out there who could tell us. Well, I will not be driving much. No more trips to Costco, etc.
  6. johanson

    Shaw xku LNB

    Looking at the new 75E LNB, unlike the older model the label on the new model says TRIPPLE SATELLITE QUAD OUTPUT SWITCHABLE xKu LNBF I presume that is the one for sale
  7. How many likes or opinions are you allowed to make each day? I have never received such a notice, but then that could be that although I read many posts each day, I do not always want to show emotions.
  8. johanson

    Interesting writings on the meaning and origin of Gringo

    I remember that song very well when it first came out, to include the word that was also beeped out. I recorded it on my very primitive cell phone and used it as my ring tone, and would have someone call me when Mexican folks to include females were around and pretended not to know what that word meant. How stupid and immature of me. But it sure was fun.
  9. johanson

    Septic Tank Locator

    I remember someone mentioning a small transmitter that is sent down the drain and a person with a receiver would track it from above ground and once they found the septic tank, the transmitter is pulled out. I heard this a long time ago and do not even know if the guy was "BS"ing or if this was a fact.
  10. johanson


    That was the radiator you fool. Oh well maybe the water will help your mileage
  11. johanson


    Maybe it is stated somewhere above when we had that serious shortage in the US, I just know that I was living in a house that I purchased in 1973 and it was sometime thereafter. I purchased a 42 gallon empty oil barrel and buried it in the back yard and began filling it with gas. I never filled it too much because there always seemed to be regular available at the service station some 4 blocks from my house. Today on the way south from the Costco just south of GDL on the way toward Joco, I witnessed two traffic jams. The first was because of construction and the second which was even larger turned out to be cars in one of the three lanes weighting in line to buy gas from the only station around with any gas. All of the traffic heading south in the remaining two lanes were moving very slowly. What a mess. Thank God I still have 3/4 of a tank full of gas.
  12. johanson

    TelMex out last night

    No problem with any service in upper, West Ajijic, just above Las Salvias. I, at least, have had almost no problems other than the very occasional CFE power outage when a fuse or two pops on a neighborhood transformer.
  13. johanson

    Hourly wage for "domestic diva"

    Pedro. I'm from Seattle, although I have been here some 9 months of the year since 1997. And I am not an expert on the subject, but I thought 15% was a normal and generous tip. Have things changed? Or am I wrong?
  14. johanson

    information mini split air conditioners

    I bought my mini-slit air conditioner/heater at Electroventa Home appliances. My bill says Hiddalgo #48 Riberas del Pilar The telephone # is 765-2222. When I bought it, I did not notice that it would also act as a heater. I was looking for an A/C and it worked great. I was happy to learn it would also heat the room it serves, something I will use if needed if I run out of the tree trimmings this winter.
  15. Ah, The Chapala Reporter by Lisa Jorgenson. Is she still around and does the Chapala Reporter even exist anymore? I thought she left town.
  16. johanson

    CFE charge to hook up solar panels

    I can only add that back some 11 years when I had my first solar panels installed, all I had to do was pay for a new CFE digital meter that could measure power both going to my house from CFE and excess power going from my house back to CFE when my panels generated more electricity than I was using. There was no further charge to CFE other than the fee for the meter. Oh, I already had a 3 phase system so I didn't need any new wiring coming from the power pole. And in those days because CFE had a lot more outages than they do these days, I put in a separate battery backup system which means I have power 24/7 whether I am getting it from CFE or not. I understand that without a battery backup system that when the CFE goes down, your inverter shuts down too and even when it is very sunny the electric solar panels are turned off and can not go anywhere.
  17. johanson


    I just stopped at the Ajijic Pemex near the Telmex office. I was the only car there. And yes they had Magna, but NO they did not have premium, something I never buy anyway
  18. I too qualified for a Permanente, not on retirement income, which is only US S.S. but on the balance in a Bank/Brokerage account I had in Mexico. It could have been a US account but by using my Mexican account I did not need to get the statements translated into Spanish.
  19. johanson

    Hourly wage for "domestic diva"

    For much of my life I have lived south of Vancouver in Washington State. As little kids we could cross the border without IDs. The only difference we noticed was that they used a different kind of money. We also picked up both US and Canadian TV with a rooftop antenna. Because Idaho and Oregon were farther away, we felt closer to those living in the lower mainland of BC than US citizens in other states. Even down here we have had Canadian TV available since Feb 21, 2001 when the Canadian Anik F1 satellite went live. It's now called Shaw Direct and it gives me the TV from the same cities as before, Seattle Vancouver and Victoria. So for me, I do not really notice a difference. Sure they speak a little differently in some parts of Eastern Canada. But I could say the same thing about someone from Boston or from someone from the deep south.
  20. johanson

    photo radar infraction

    I think there is. I go to S&S auto to pay my annual fee. They go to some site online and check to see if I have any unpaid tickets. Sadly I do not know the name of the site. I just know that they check every year before telling me how much I owe. So far, I have never been caught for speeding, something I hardly ever do anyway. I don't think the site shows exactly where the ticket took place, just fine, should you have one.
  21. johanson

    Hourly wage for "domestic diva"

    My property manager said last January that $55 per hour was the norm. I will be increasing them again this winter based upon her recommendations.
  22. johanson

    Domestic vis Police wages in Guanajuato

    I pay mine $55 pesos per hour for three hours several times per week. My property manager says that's the going rate these days, lakeside. Do you folks think that is about right? I don't know
  23. They started doing that up north too. At first it was confusing. Now, no problem. So my new Ajijic Tel # will be 376-766-4321. Otherwise, lakeside, we must add the Area code our to our 7 digit Telmex phone numbers and that adds up to 10 numbers. OH!, if you want to phone me, use the phone book. The above 376-766-4321 phone number is for example only. Did I get that right, chicamysterious?