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  1. Welcome to the forum Danny. You may remember we have talked on the phone. I think you will like it here
  2. And the only reason I got a triple LNB was to use up north. I do not need it down here. Therefore I do not have one down here.
  3. I need and have the new LNB up north so I can pick up all three satellites, but down here. I do not need the new one because I can not pick up the third satellite this far south anyway.
  4. I do not remember the charge for a bag, but you can drop by when you are at Spagos or El Toritos and pick up the salt yourself from his office for a slightly lower price. For me, if I am already in the building for a meal, why not drop by H 2Ole' and pick up the salt for yourself and save a little money. Besides, when I need technical help, I can get it from Jackie. He has all of the latest equipment and makes house calls.
  5. I use Jackie of H2 Ole. Their office is in the parking lot side of the East wall in the El Torito parking lot. Telephone # 766-5999. Why is Jackie's office on the inside of the parking lot? Because people who want to save money can enter the parking lot and drive their cars to where the salt can be picked up, or loaded in their car for them by the salesman Jackie is tri-lingual, English, Spanish and Chinese. His in store local salesman does Ok in English. I highly recommend them.
  6. Yes, I think Tiny is correct. But I am not sure. I am sure glad we have Go Solar here to help us Pete
  7. I thought you were kidding slainte, when you started talking about boats to take you across the flooded parking lot. Thanks for correcting me. I saw cars parked outside of the facility today. I guess I will have to go check it out.
  8. The above photos show the same type of meter I have. I received this meter sometime after my panels were installed in 2008. In those days my panels were rated at only 170 watts per panel. Today, I understand that they are much more efficient and perhaps a little larger in area and are usually rated at or over 250 watts per panel.
  9. I think there is a rule against posting adds, which this appears to be in this part of the forum. I think just maybe it should be moved to the classified section.
  10. Yo1. I sure hope your are just kidding about the flooding. My doctor, Dr. Garcia, and the rest of Maskaras Clinic will be moving there. As soon as it opens, I guess sometime this month. Does anyone know when this new facility opens? I think it is this month.
  11. Tiny, my meter was installed maybe 12 years ago. Thanks for updating me. I am not surprised but did not know that CFE had upgraded their meters. Again thanks for the update.
  12. This will help. If you have a solar panel system that is set up as normal where when the panels generate more electricity than you are consuming, it sends the excess electricity back to CFE. And you have a meter reading for that. But at night you will be drawing electricity from CFE and you need a meter for that. OK houses without solar only draw power from CFE. They draw power that is measured by Kilowatt hour. So for the simple house with no solar you have a meter with 5 numbers that can measure from 1 to 99,999 Kilowatt hours. Typically the electric meter reader comes once every two months and notes the increase in the value of the number shown. Typically a frugal person will use maybe 300 Kilowatt hours or units per billing period while a big spender might use ten times that much. Now should you have solar panels, where the extra electricity in the sunny day is sent back to CFE you need a second meter to show much extra energy you produce and sell back to CFE. Guess what? The two new meters for the solar users are combined into one meter, The numbers shown on the left side of this double meter are the units of electricity received from CFE and the set of numbers on the right side of the meter show the amount one sells back to the CFE. I hope that my explanation makes at least some sense. If not I am sorry. Oh and just to help to explain what a kilowatt hour is. If you have ten 100 watt light bulbs burning for one hour you have consumed 1000 watts for an hour. or 1000 watts per hour which is one kilowatt hour or for short, one KWH. And your electric company charges you by the number of KWH you consume per billing period
  13. It was in the Guad Reporter and posted here several times. That said, many is the time that I have missed important posts and stories in the paper
  14. Nice picture. Thanks for sharing. Staying away from crowded areas on popular Holidays, I missed seeing this.
  15. You are correct, Tiny. I check my meter readings on a regular basis. Doing so shows me that my panels are still producing the expected power. Should they not be, maybe I simply have to reset the inverter and/or the system. So far so good as of late. Maybe 8 years ago, the breaker on my panels flipped and I wasn't producing any power, and I didn't catch on until I got a CFE bill showing bad results. There is also the possibility that the meter reader could make a serious error which could create a problem as well.
  16. How about my pet alligator? I bet I could train him to go after and eat those loud barking dogs.
  17. Yes, you should see some of the great pictures of the large fish they are catching in Lake Chapala. I guess the fishing season is off to a great start.
  18. Although I love reading all of this, we had better not get too political. If we do, those in charge are going to close us down.
  19. Still out. As I drove home after breakfast, CFE was working to reset the fuses on top of the power poles. Apparently last night with the high wind we had a tree make contact with one or more power lines and shorted the system out in upper Ajijic, West of Juarez. The power should be back on very soon. UPDATE: as of 9:27 AM, the power is back on.
  20. Got up this morning at 7 AM and have no CFE power. I hope the outage is small. In my case, I have a battery backup system working in conjunction with my solar panels. ( 6 volt deep cell Trojan golf cart batteries- I have 8) So the important things are powered, you know refrig. TV, sat receiver, and lights in the master bedroom and bathroom. Hope the power comes back on soon.
  21. For those of us not familiar with these restaurants, could you tell me where it is located? Thanks.
  22. I don't ever remember the traffic being this bad at noon especially going East. I too had to turn around and drive West for Lunch. Getting back home on the side streets was bad, but much faster than the Carretera.
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