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    Glad to see that today everything is OK
  2. johanson

    So quiet in here...

    Yesterday it took a little extra effort to enter this "dangerous" site. All I know is that when I entered the site today, there was no problem. I am very glad, that everything has been worked out and that I no longer get that Written in RED danger warning. Now all is safe
  3. johanson

    Warning message against this website

    Yes I had the warning problem yesterday. But I could enter. Luckily today there is no longer this warning and everything is OK. I use Edge and /or Internet explorer on the laptop I have with me on my annual Sept. visit up north.
  4. johanson


    Not OK here. I have a message saying in RED certificate error and I wasn't allowed on unless I chose to ignore the error message "Apparently the Security Certificate presented by this website has expired or is not yet valid".
  5. johanson

    Emissions place in Chapala

    That is what I remember. My last number ends in 9 so I am in October.
  6. johanson

    Recommended RV parking?

    lakeside7 mentioned the altitude, it's over 5,000 feet here. I hope that doesn't matter as your wife is already on oxygen. But that might create a larger breathing problem here. I don't know.
  7. some people are taking today off as a holiday. It was yesterday.
  8. johanson

    Mom's Deli - Cinn. Buns

    I only go to Mom's Sundays. And usually the Cinn.Buns were available by 9:15 when we ordered, but not always. They are the best. Sorry you have had such bad luck. They are worth going back for. And if they aren't ready, ask them when they are. I sure hope they haven't changed the time (Pete in kind of sort of rainy Seattle for a short visit)
  9. johanson

    Jalisco municipality works on noise bylaw

    Oh my God, I sure hope that this is a fake picture and that maybe only two or so of those speakers are connected to a weak amplifier.
  10. johanson

    Canelo Triple G

    With a large rotating antenna I was able to get 3 channels from Guadalajara, the last time I tried some12 to 15 years ago, and the reception was not that good. Now I can point my antennas (AKA satellite Dishes) out into space toward various satellites and can pick up satellite TV from Shaw Direct, DirecTV, Sky, or DISH etc.
  11. johanson

    Ladron Vet place

    I drove by one Sunday and they were open. I do not know if it were an emergency or a normal schedule. And they did have some meds there the last time I needed some. Maybe you could phone them and see if anyone answers
  12. johanson

    Local Social Media Sites

    I agree, Gingal. It's that after some twenty years in Mexico, I had lost contact from some of the more distant relatives and friends. In fact I just recently heard from a good friend and neighbor from my teenage years. No we did not communicate much but it was fun to find out what she is doing these days.
  13. johanson

    Local Social Media Sites

    I've been on Facebook for quite a while now. And I use it for one reason, to communicate with my younger relatives and friends from the past. I almost never post on it, and try to keep the number of friends down to below 60 instead of several hundred to a thousand, like most people. Do I like Facebook? Not really, but I can ignore those posts that do not interest me, especially the political ones either loving or hating the latest politician. If you decide to join Facebook, make sure you limit those persons who want to be your friend to as few as possible. I greatly prefer this and TOB to Facebook
  14. johanson

    Dr. George

    I get pedicures from a technician at the Dr. George office. They give the greatest of service. Parking can be a little difficult though. I have never visited a Dr. there. And I am not sure whether there is a Doc there called Dr. George. It was recommended that I go there because of my toenail fungus and things are slowly getting better.
  15. johanson

    Telmex in West Ajijic

    geeser, don't you know you mean megabits per second? I get up to 10Mb/sec down by 0.6 Mb/sec up on a good day from Telmex.
  16. I had heard the same thing Bournemouth just posted. ie that sharing wasn't allowed.
  17. I had a pool rebuilt to a smaller size as part of a much larger job on the whole house 11 years ago. Sadly I have no idea the name of the pool contractor who did the work. If I did, I would recommend him.
  18. johanson

    Pancho's Deli/Grocery

    I sure hope you are wrong, lakeside7, but an expert on this subject, I AM NOT!
  19. johanson

    Pancho's Deli/Grocery

    I dropped by Pancho's new Deli/Grocery this afternoon and talked to the workers. Right now they are working on one large space inside the structure. The area is much larger than his present side but still maybe as much as a third the size of Superlake. There is additional space he could expand into and the workers did not know anything more than that they were fixing up the first nice somewhat large space. He could turn this space into a wonderful place to shop. I wish him the best in this endeavor.
  20. johanson

    Salvador’s Restaurant

    A month ago the plan was to have it ready to open by the end of Sep. I looked at the inside of the structure a week ago and it did look like it was indeed getting close to being finished, I hope by maybe as early as the end of Sep.
  21. johanson

    Digital CFE Meters

    I have had a digital meter for about ten years. And I have Solar. They used to bill us every month, now for about the last year we are billed every other month as well.
  22. johanson

    Pancho's Deli/Grocery

    Looks great. One post suggested that parking will not be a problem. Will there be a parking issue there? It's been a while since I have driven by there. I can't remember seeing much of any parking around there but I could be very wrong.
  23. johanson

    Telmex in West Ajijic

    No problem in upper West Ajijic above Las Salvias.
  24. I remember somewhere back there many years ago the expression, "Only the Shadow Knows". It brings back good memories, something we need right now because of all the strong negative expressions by the folks on both sides of this debate.
  25. I'm really glad to hear the other side of the story. I really did not know her; but my infrequent contacts with her, were always pleasant.