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  1. johanson

    Amazon Mexico Questions

    Good point Bisbee Gal. I neglected to mention that option.
  2. johanson

    Amazon Mexico Questions

    Most persons whom I know, either have it sent to their home or to a mailing service like Ishop, Sol Y Luna, or Handy Mail. Of course you need to have an account with the service you have the package sent to. Oh and up north, Amazon uses any one of several mailing services, not just one, which I would guess happens in Mexico too.
  3. johanson


    Rony comes from a country where everyone speaks at least three maybe four languages fluently and as a result, he had very little trouble learning yet another, Mexican Spanish fluently.
  4. The dams are already open and the water is rising as it does almost every year in September. You will be OK parking on the upper beach. I do it every Friday when I go to the LCS computer club meeting. Now if it were 2010 when the lake was much higher, there might have been a problem, but not this year. Yes the lake is already much higher than it was last year. But the water level would have to go up almost one meter higher to block parking on the upper shore and that aint going to happen between now and tomorrow, nor this year.
  5. johanson

    New 500 pesos bank note

    I have a nice new 20 peso coin. It's great to look at, but I would hate to have a pocket full of them. They look much like the 10 peso coin only LARGER and of course heavier.
  6. johanson

    What is this plant?

    Thanks, Islander, when I saw CVN, I was thinking it was some place far away from Lake Chapala. And any time I see the word "Islander" I think of Vancouver Island where we once had a "cottage". Let me hold back on that blog, maybe sometimes later.
  7. johanson

    FUI: 5G Internet

    I would be happy with only 4G instead of the 4G(light) now offered lakeside. 4G is much slower than 5G but still much faster than what we get lakeside. The important thing is that the internet is slowly getting faster and faster lakeside; and that will be a wonderful change for those of us who want to be able stream in 4K once providers like Shaw Direct no longer have signals that reach this far south. The good news is that Shaw is going to be around for a while and just maybe when Shaw does leave us, the internet speeds available lakeside will be much better and we will be able to stream high quality signals to our TVs
  8. johanson

    What is this plant?

    Islander; you mentioned "we were renting in CVN couple of years ago." Where is CVN? Using "GOOGLE", I got all kinds of strange answers. Is it Clovis, NM?
  9. johanson


    Glad to see that today everything is OK
  10. johanson

    So quiet in here...

    Yesterday it took a little extra effort to enter this "dangerous" site. All I know is that when I entered the site today, there was no problem. I am very glad, that everything has been worked out and that I no longer get that Written in RED danger warning. Now all is safe
  11. johanson

    Warning message against this website

    Yes I had the warning problem yesterday. But I could enter. Luckily today there is no longer this warning and everything is OK. I use Edge and /or Internet explorer on the laptop I have with me on my annual Sept. visit up north.
  12. johanson


    Not OK here. I have a message saying in RED certificate error and I wasn't allowed on unless I chose to ignore the error message "Apparently the Security Certificate presented by this website has expired or is not yet valid".
  13. johanson

    Emissions place in Chapala

    That is what I remember. My last number ends in 9 so I am in October.
  14. johanson

    Recommended RV parking?

    lakeside7 mentioned the altitude, it's over 5,000 feet here. I hope that doesn't matter as your wife is already on oxygen. But that might create a larger breathing problem here. I don't know.
  15. some people are taking today off as a holiday. It was yesterday.