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  1. johanson

    Need a Computer Fixer

    Sorry about your bad luck. Once I learned how to use Win 10 and that took a while at my age, I have learned to love it. I understand that Linux will do that Eric, but I hope someone else will confirm that, for it is only hearsay on my part.
  2. johanson

    ILOX install

    I just read your post, Mainecoons. Sorry to hear that. I guess I have been lucky. It has been a long time since I have had an outage for more than a few housr. Luckily, like you, I think, I have Telecable as a backup, which didn't used to be very reliable but seems to be getting better all the time. Now only if they would offer me more than 5 Mbits/sec.
  3. johanson

    ILOX install

    I guess I am lucky. My Telmex line comes directly from the pole to my home which was rebuilt in 2008.And according to the Telmex computers, I am 1070 meters away from my Dslam card. Volunteering at Lagunanet, the first internet provider lakeside, I understood the importance of a good connection between the pole and my modem, and the part I was responsible for was done correctly. And my Ajijic speeds may be slow compared to Tiny or my speeds up north, they are pretty good for Ajijic. And yes Ricks, the wiring between the street in front of my house and the Ajijic office, although pretty good by Ajijic standards, could be a lot better. Oh well. I remember when I thought dialup was fast up north because we had only 28.6 kbits/sec not megabits per second down by a little faster up lakeside when internet was first offered in about May of 1997 and up north I believe it was about 56 Kbits per second
  4. johanson

    ILOX install

    That is great. I am paying $60 US per month in Seattle and I am only up north 3 to 4 months per year. And I have to pay for that whether I am up there or not. (No discounts given for vacation time). What is the advertised speed that you are paying 600 pesos per month for?
  5. johanson

    ILOX install

    In my Seattle condo, we have fiber to a distribution point on every other floor. The final 50 to 150 feet (I'm not sure how many feet, just a guess), is by 2 of the 4 wires of my telephone line. I am paying for 100 mb/sec up and down and I get about 90 down by about 70 up, which is much (MUCH) faster than I need. My point? You may want but do not need fiber optics all the way to your modem.
  6. johanson

    Cold weather warning

    Another factor impacting your readings, Bisbee Gal, is most likely your closeness to the lake.
  7. johanson

    Food stalls in Guadalajara

    I am confused what you have to offer and from what country but maybe the local street markets, on Mondays in Chapala, and Wednesdays in Ajijic. Many other lakeside villages also have these markets. They are called (sorry I don't remember the spelling. This is close but not correct ) Tiangis
  8. Thank God. I know how I would feel should I loose a favorite pet.
  9. johanson

    Cold weather warning

    I guess the reason I was that somewhere I read or thought I read that people taking the weather forecast data from the GDL Airport would always add 5 degrees F to the cold weather projections during the winter and subtract 5 degrees F during the summer because of the effects created by that great "heat sink", lake Chapala. and this weather forecast did not seem to do that. I have always in interested in the topic of weather, but I have to admit I know almost nothing about the topic.
  10. johanson

    Cold weather warning

    The www.ajijicweather.com measured a low of 50.3 F. So we all measured about the same. Why this weather forecast is always so far off, suggests that they are basing there projection from weather station data from somewhere else perhaps at the GDL airport.. Does anyone know where?
  11. johanson

    Cold weather warning

    I get up at about 7 AM and I too will do a couple of days of checking and posting my results in upper Ajijic just above Las Salvias, especially tonight and or tomorrow morning when it is suggest that we will reach the high 30s or low 40s. I'm guessing that I will be no lower than the low 50s. At least I hope that is the case. EDIT temperature update Sat morning checked between 6:50 and 8 AM 51 F
  12. johanson

    Missing Cat

    Could you please let us know in what part of town this took place? Maybe those of us living close could walk around the area and help. I wish you the best of luck. And I truly hope he wonders back.
  13. johanson

    Cold weather warning

    Me too. And all I know at the top of Ajijic (only the woods and a steep hill behind me) that the weather forecast is usually pretty close most of the time. I sure hope that they are wrong about tonight though : 37 F or 2 to 3 C is too cold for me down here in my non insulated home.
  14. johanson

    Lakeside Express.com out of business?

    I am sure glad I am wrong. They must have freezers or something or they deliver frozen products in less than a day or two. How do they keep items below freezing? Or do they deliver frozen orders in a short period of time?
  15. If you go into your telmex modem (at at least that is what I use, I can see that my maximum speed my connection is limited to Bandwidth (Up/Down) [kbps/kbps]: 0.638 / 12.542 and the best one can get is usually about 80 to 85% of that if your connection is good, you can get, and I get about 10.3 down by perhaps 0.4 up.