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  1. Sure wish you could post a picture of your love seat
  2. My Calgary relatives told me that there is a city up north called Edmonchuck which is next to and a suburb of Millet, Alberta. And the team is called the Millet Oilers and they are first in the Pacific Division
  3. My smaller Actinver triangular calendar, explained above, has Sunday, not Saturday as it's first day of the week, as well. I don't remember seeing any calendars starting the week with Saturday. But I am not a calendar expert.:)
  4. I go to Scallions several times per week, usually for breakfast. The food is served on very large plates and the amount of food served is also quite a bit more than one would expect. The service is fast, and I think they will do well once they are discovered by more patrons.
  5. I agree with cedros and if you have the classic Shaw Channel listing and CNN is on 95 and CTV now is on channel 94 and CBC National news if now found on channel 96. So the three national news channels are now on channels 94,95, and 96 where channels 94 and 96 or Canadian national/world news and channel 95 is US national/world news
  6. We all know I am just kidding around. But in all seriousness, when I purchased my home in 1997 the typical C band dish was 10 to 12 Ft, in diameter, and the one on my house was almost 18 feet in diameter, which was way overkill. Now my biggest and not in use is a 12 ft C/Ku band satellite dish that one would point toward different satellites some years ago, before we had options like DISH. DirecTV, and Shaw Direct.
  7. Hey slainte, I ordered a 21 foot in diameter Ku band satellite dish to test reception from Anik G-1. I may have to go one size larger, I do not know. What size would you recommend?
  8. Yes they did have some of the type I explained above, but not the large wall calendars
  9. I just know that every year one or more local artists make large calendars of the type one would hang on a wall. And banks offer slightly smaller triangular calendars that stand up on ones desk. My Actinver Bank triangular calendar is about 7.5 inches high by about 8.5 inches wide, with a new page for each month.
  10. Thanks for the correction. I had only discovered channel 94 and I knew about 95, CNN. I hadn't yet noticed that now we have the CBC national news network on channel 96 As a kid living in the states south of Vancouver, BC we always watched CBUT (CBC) channel two and I greatly appreciated Peter Mansbridge on The National. I was sad when he retired after 30 years with CBC on July 1, 2017. (I had to ask Mr. Google when Peter retired)
  11. I was told that we have converted to the new ten digit system, but there is an overlap where you can still call only 7 numbers like we used to. But that soon we will have to dial all ten #s. I confirmed same by calling my next door neighbor using both the 7 and 10 digit number and unlike in the old days, both numbers work I am presuming but am not absolutely sure that I am correct.
  12. For those of you who have the classic channel listings on your Shaw Direct satellite receivers, you get CNN on channel 95. Well guess what popped up for the first time on Channel 94? It appears to be the Canadian equivalent CNN on CTV. It is called CTV NEWS.ca What I wrote about this channel is what it appears to be to me after a couple of hours of watching. If I am wrong please correct me. All I know is that in the past I didn't have anything on channel 94. It was a blank channel.
  13. Hey, vista lake, I thought we converted to the 10 digit call system, here in Mexico, just like the US. Now when calling my next door neighbor, I have to dial 376-766 -xxxx when in Ajijic or 376-765-xxxx when calling a person in Chapala
  14. It wasn't long ago that I bought a Dell Computer from The Seattle (University District) Microsoft brick and mortar retail store. I wanted Microsoft Office as well, and I was given the opportunity to either rent or purchase Microsoft office. I chose to purchase it, of course. I don't remember what the annual rent would have been, but I sure didn't want that option.
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