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  1. There is only one airline flying nonstop from GDL to Seattle during the daylight hours. It's Volaris The next best choice is AA it is not nonstop and one has to sit around in the DFW airport for perhaps 5 hours doubling the the time it takes to get to Seattle from GDL. Volaris has such a bad reputation that I guess my only choice is American Airlines.
  2. The trouble is, it can be raining very hard in one neighborhood and not in another. I have a favorite weather site for Ajijic, but that only talks about a very small area of the lake. Their URL is https://www.ajijicweather.com It also shows the lake level over the three previous years. Yes the lake is lower than it was at this time for the previous 3 years, but the lake level is climbing faster than the previous 3 years.
  3. The guys referred to above in San Juan Cosala are the best. They have a well deserved very very good reputation 😄
  4. I am happily vaccinated with Pfizer. I went North last year and got those 2 vaccine shots ASAP. Oh and I am a conservative and go to Church too for what ever that is worth.
  5. At least one of the two deaths was a person riding on a two wheeled vehicle, probably a motorcycle. I only saw one body covered with a cloth on the road. Maybe the other person who died was being transported to a medical facility.
  6. I find it hard to believe that there are so many folks out there who have yet to get their vaccine shots. I have had the same family GP up north for more than 20 years and when he suggested that I get my vaccine shots as soon as practical in January of this year, I did as he suggested. (in spite of what was being posted in Facebook etc.) I trust my Doctor. I hope you will check with yours as well, should you not be planning to get your vaccine shots.
  7. I hope it will be easy to fix which sadly isn't always the case. Good luck
  8. I have had a few very short outages during periods of heavy rains etc. But so far most if not all of the Shaw Channels I normally watch are viewable most of the time. Maybe it's time to call your satellite dealer to either fine tune your antenna or if he deems it necessary, to increase the size of your satellite dish.
  9. I have a basic Telmex phone service as well and I can call for free to Canada, the US and I believe some other countries as well. There are a few catches though, you can only call local numbers for free. And there are local numbers for almost any city or business in those countries. However I can not call a US or Canadian 800 number for free. I am always charged when making those with my Telmex phone.
  10. I too have had excellent luck with that guy (and/or his staff) over the years. He's the best 😃
  11. That is a real cutie. I wish I had room for another animal, but I am overbooked and wouldn't dare add another pet to the family. Thank you for rescuing that him. I hope you are able to find a good family for him. He's so cute
  12. Yes both Ron and his brother are great mechanics and have a very good reputation. And many have spoken highly over the years of Ron's ability to repair VWs.
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