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  1. I haven't used Windows 7 for more than seven years. According to Mr. Google, Windows 8 was introduced on Oct. 26, 2012 and Windows 10 had an Initial release date: of July 29, 2015. And you are still on Windows7 which was introduced more than 10 years ago? Gosh, I don't know what to tell you other than. I wish you good luck trying the latest version of Windows 10 which will seem very very different to you. Maybe you should follow Computer Guy's recommendation which is the next post
  2. Another way to look at it is that as you drive to the airport from Chapala you are going more or less North. When you get to the turn off to the airport and cross over the you road you were on, you are going West toward the Guadalajara Airport and once you reach the terminal and the road turns to the south, get off as soon as you can because the United Airlines counter is near the north end of the building. And just a few meters to the north of the United Airlines counter is the INM office. I am sorry if that sounds confusing I did my best trying to explain to you where the INM window is.
  3. We too went to Panino's Restaurant. I was given a plate full of great food. It was the less than $200 pesos and more than I could eat. I shall definitely return for future Thanksgiving dinners.
  4. Telmex internet has been out since yesterday in upper West Ajijic just above Las Salvias. It is still out this morning at 10 AM.
  5. I am sorry about your losses. If I remember right, you are from the "Lower Mainland" where I know that like everywhere, there are very good Doctors along with some who are not as good. I would feel much better having health emergencies up north only because, up there, I know who is good and where to go. I bet that were I to better understand the health system down here that I would feel better and not be nervous about having a medical emergency down here.
  6. I live in Ajijic about 8 months per year, and I have about the same costs as Mainecoons except for the added expense of having a satellite service providing me what I consider my hometown stations of Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA (where I live about 4 months per year).
  7. If you live in Ajijic, got to The Sol y Luna mail service office on the East side of the building holding Scallions Restaurant on the street where the Wednesday market is held. I have used them for sending fax messages.
  8. As I posted on Saturday, above, and is still happening today, there seem to be many fewer cohetes being fired off these days than in previous years in the greater Ajijic area.
  9. Thank you very much, Shriners, for the great effort you make helping those children who need medical aid. It is truly wonderful what you do.
  10. I thought that because my Honda is 6 and 1/2 years old, that it would not be a target. I see I am wrong, Eric. Your car isn't new either. Yet it was targeted. Sorry to hear of your loss.
  11. Yes Dr. Hector Ladron is a wonderful person and Veterinarian. I have taken my pets to his clinic for maybe 15 years, now. I have never had a problem; only great service.
  12. Now you guys tell me. An expert on this subject, I am not; but my outdoor 500 liter propane or natural gas tank was used when I bought my house in 1997. Sure I have repainted it when I remodeled the house 10 years ago. But that is it. Do I have any volunteers to take a lit match and go around the tank and see if it is leaking? So far there is no gas smell coming from the outdoor tank that I refill about once every 10 months or so
  13. Yes, Slainte, I am very happy. I knew the Seahawks were good, but I didn't know they were that good. I think they are now 6 and 0 on away games. They aint perfect, but they are getting better and better every game. Go Seahawks Oops I just looked at the subject title. This is the La Cosina section discussing Haggis. Sorry folks. Let's get back to Haggis
  14. I guess I live in the wrong or right neighborhood, depending how you look at it. Been living in upper Ajijic for 21 years, and never has anyone from any government organization come to the gate/door and asking for a donation for a party..
  15. I sure hope Russell Wilson is able to make it happen this weekend. Go Seahawks
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