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  1. Could it be the "Hospital San Antonio"? I think I saw a sign saying they can use your Medicare account to pay for the services. I would check with Medicare in the US to see if they would accept a bill from a medical facility outside of the US. I know people tried doing that at another medical facility down here several years back and found that they were not covered by Medicare down here. I sure hope things have changed and that I am wrong.
  2. A friend, who is a Fire Fighter in Chapala told me that there were two persons who returned from Germany who had tested positive for the Corona Virus. I asked him if he was sure of this. He said No, but that is what he was told. Apparently they were tested at a local hospital and taken to a hospital in some city or possibly a suburb of Guadalajara that I was not familiar with. He commented that he sure hoped that what he had heard was not true. Oh, he said he believed that the testing was done either at or via persons from the New hospital in San Antonio.
  3. I just phoned Actinver and yes they ae open today, Wednesday, but will be closed Thursday and Friday because of Easter.
  4. I post under my real name to force myself not to make the rude comments I would be tempted to make should I post under a false, fake, or pretend name. Or whatever one calls it I even know folks who post their real phone numbers under their name,
  5. Some have posted that the name and/or term "gringohombre" is racist. Is that possibly true?
  6. I had to look up the word Cremaria. and discovered it meant crematory. To funny, happyjillin during these scary times.
  7. The Wednesday Ajijic Tianguis is closed. And presume the Chapala Tianguis is closed as well.
  8. I thought that is what I read at first, as well. Oh well, it beats going out and looking for the corona virus.
  9. What I thought the Doc said about testing was that they would draw blood or take a swab from ones tong and send that sample to Guadalajara and that results would be available about 24 hours later. Again, I think this is what he said. I could be wrong/
  10. I agree. Go early in the morning. But I forgot what time they open. Is it 8 or 9 AM?
  11. I had my solar hot water system installed maybe 13 years ago. And I haven't ever turned the gas on to the instant on hot water heater. Yes, a few days per year the water isn't quite as warm as I would have liked when taking my frequent showers. But so far I have been able to resist going out and turning on the instant on hot water system. Sure I would find it more comfortable on those few days per year when the water isn't quite hot enough, I would like it warmed. But I can manage.
  12. One piece of good news is that yesterday the Doctor running the San Antonio Hospital mentioned to me during my quarterly visit that there were no recorded cases of the corona virus lakeside. And also, even in the states where there are 236,339 recorded cases, that is less than 1/10 of one percent pf the population of the US which has a population of approximately 330,000,000 persons. Have I delayed my late spring trip to the greater Seattle-Kirkland area? You're darn right I have,
  13. I called two neighbors this morning, and although the reason for calling had nothing to do with Shaw, I asked both of them if their Shaw accounts were working.. Both neighbors have their own account and both were working the same as usual. So I would presume that those with problems are a minority.
  14. Thanks for sharing your photos, happyjillin. I haven't driven in to Chapala in more than a year and when I do, I would not normally look at the top of the mountain/hill.
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