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  1. Yes it was David McLaughlin who started Mexconnect, which is still up and running. I'm moderator of the Technical Mexico Forum and I still get a little activity, about one post every month or six. I guess what I am saying, go take a look at the forum if you want, but there is basically no activity anymore. Most any time I see a post there in any topic, I try to answer it, but as I said above, there is basically no activity there, these days, which is sad.
  2. I had forgotten all about this wonderful person. I am glad that he is again a topic of discussion. I wish I had something interesting to offer about Rolly. All I can say is "Thank you Rolly for all of the great things you did for others. I greatly enjoyed seeing his website again and all the great pictures. Thank you all for those great posts.
  3. I had the same experience as Ferret. I admitted that I had lost the original. "They scowled a bit but let me back in." Being honest seems to work best for me.
  4. Me too. They do great work and sell quality products. They are the best.
  5. Chapalence. Look at the sellers lack of activity on this forum. She has only made 2 posts and probably has no idea how to send or read a message sent to her
  6. No additional news and although I should be getting close to 85% of the settings for my download speed of 19.195 all I got was 12.87 MB/sec down just now which isn't bad, but I would like a little faster. (Oh, the speed shown below was wired not WiFi between my modem and computer. https://www.speedtest.net/my-result/d/4a020977-29d5-4e96-8beb-aef6f0a23f05
  7. I trust the folks at Ajijic Electronics. The problem with paying a year in advance is no one knows when Shaw Direct will start changing channels from the satellites we can receive down here over to the new Satellite Anik G-1 which can not be received this far south of Canada
  8. I have a snowbird neighbor from BC. He does not share with anyone. And I just phoned him (he's here in Ajijic) and asked him if he has had any problems with his Shaw account.(so I could answer this post) He said, none whatsoever . Everything is great Me? I stream and have Izzi (local cable) TV. I have no trouble as long as the internet is fast enough, which isn't always the case.
  9. I was at the Animal shelter yesterday and my B of A Visa card did not work. Luckily I had a "citi" MasterCard with me and it did work. Strange.
  10. I'm glad it is back on. I wish I could take credit for it.
  11. What type of TV are you talking about? In Ajijic, with an over the air antenna on the roof, I can pick up a couple of local stations rather poorly, and IZZI (formerly Telecable) is sending out its 80 or so channels, and my satellite TV is working normally as well..
  12. I have a WA State plated car in Seattle and keep a small condo unit there for my visits north of the border (I always fly between MX and the US). It is my understanding that I have to have a WA State license because I maintain a small Seattle Condo unit and own and drive a WA plated car when up north I also was told that because I have a Mexican home and car and have a Mexican green card called Residente Permanente that I am required to have a Mexican drivers license when driving said car in Mexico. I "aint" no attorney" and could be wrong, but I have always been told that under these circumstances, I need a drivers license for both countries. I suppose it would be different if I only had one car that I maintained primarily in one of these two countries. And would only occasionally take it to the other country for short visits.
  13. I am not a member of a closed FB group. However, I presume, because I have an active FB account, I am/was able to easily go to most other FB accounts, to include the FB link shown above. However, now that the cat has been returned, when I try to go to the link, I now get The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page. which I would expect
  14. You would have to show a drivers license that works in the US. Is my Jalisco or other Mexican state license excepted up north when driving a Mexican plated car? I don't know. But that could be a problem too. I have always had to keep both my WA State and Jalisco drivers licenses active, as I have a residence and car on both sides of the border.
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