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  1. I agree with you, Greengohombre. You could just look it up in your phone book
  2. Talking about cluttering, you seem to be one of the champions, greenGohombre . I think we can most all agree that there are some great dentists lakeside. Me? I am happy with Dr. Haro and staff.
  3. It's been since 2013 since I bought a new car from S&S Auto and I could either take my own car into Guad for free service or pay S&S Auto a fee take the car in for me and get the free service when the car was new. The fee which might have been $600, I don't remember, was only for the transportation of the car and then waiting at the dealer for the work to be done and to then drive my car back either to S&S Auto or to my home.
  4. I can only tell you that when I purchased my 2013 Honda that I did compare prices with the dealer in Guad and with S&S and the prices were the same. The folks at S&S also told me that the prices were the same. I assumed that they still were or still are.
  5. Is this a Mexican or Canadian plated vehicle? If Mexican, does it have Jalisco plates? Thanks in advance for your response.
  6. I bought my then new 2013 Honda CRV from the Guadalajara dealer via his lakeside representative, S&S Auto 765-4800. Apparently S&S Auto is able to sell several different brands of new cars at the same price offered by the dealers in Guadalajara.
  7. The forest fires are really bad up here in Washington State. It is even worse in Southern California. And yes Cortana and my other friend Siri can be quite helpful. Really, you ought to try using them. And yes I did notice that you were trying to friend me on Facebook and that you had been going into my personal files to learn as much as you could about me. But no big deal.
  8. Thank you hombregingo for letting us know about where you grew up. I'm so sorry about your difficult life. By the way, why take the time to type out a question when with Microsoft for example, you could simply verbally ask your laptop, you know, ask Cortana for the directions and maybe she could keep you happy. She could talk to you any time you wanted. And answer your questions no matter how silly they might be. Gosh though, if you left us we could no longer help you or learn other things about you we didn't need to know. Here is what Cortana told me to tell you: "Cortana is a
  9. Maybe 10 years ago when we had FM-2s and FM-3s, I was incorrectly requested for my FM-3 by some crooked traffic officers. I used to write for the Guadalajara Reporter in those days, and showed them my press card and asked them if they would help me right an article about them and the new rules and about how polite they were. To make a long story short, they said this is just a warning and said they wouldn't fine me the $1,000 pesos or some other fake exaggerated amount
  10. It has been suggested that Trump will be rushing the tests and trying to get the vaccine available before the November voting date so that he can take credit for this and gain votes. I trust my Doctor. And I will get the vaccine when my Doc says it is safe.
  11. I'm getting mine up North, Senior citizens are high up on the priority lists, And with good luck, I will get my first vaccine shot in late November, and possibly a second one two to four weeks later.
  12. Sorry, I probably am wrong. I was just hoping that this barking noise is and or was a problem that one could eventually get used to. I too agree that the placement of this animal shelter was done with little to no thought of the future neighbors. However I still hope that one is able to get at least partially used to this obnoxious noise until the problem is solved.
  13. In 2006 I downsized my Seattle residence to a very small condo unit half way up the building facing a large hospital across the street. I was in shock the first night I tried to sleep there to be awakened by very loud sirens as the Ambulances brought in patients. And they were and still are much louder than a barking dog. I was sure that I would have to move away. I tried ear plugs, you name it. Nothing worked. Some four months later, I learned how to ignore these sounds and now when I am up north, I don't even hear the sirens. I truly hope that you (all) too, will be able to somehow be a
  14. Too funny. When I make mistakes like this, I first get real mad at myself and then start laughing.
  15. I believe Canmex does not have a phone line like we have at Telmex rather he has VOIP or voice over IP or as explained by your friend and mine, Mr. Google "Voice over Internet Protocol, also called IP telephony, is a method and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks, such as the Internet." canmex, could you be a little bit more detailed as to your internet speed? You know, bits per sec, or Kilobits per sec or Megabits per second when you do a speed test on line? If you do not have a speed/test app
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