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  1. I have KN95 masks only and I can choose whether the straps hook on the ears or completely around the head. When wearing hearing aids, I use the KN95 masks where the straps go around the head
  2. Hey. I have learned a lot here. Thank you all for your very informative posts. It reinforces what I more or less understood and posted. Now if they would only hurry up with the coronavirus vaccine shot so that this hypochondriac can return home from Seattle to Ajijic.
  3. Maybe 15 years ago, when I went north for a month, I was able to take my two dogs to a kennel where they were cared for and exercised. Being up north right now, I don't have the contact information. I just remember that it was (perhaps still is) east of Ajijic. Sorry I can not be more helpful at this time. These days, when I am away my dogs stay in our home in Ajijic where they are cared for be I there or not.
  4. I'm up north right now, and I am not an expert on the subject but the best surgical masks are rated N95. The best I can get, not being in the medical profession or anything else special are the KN95s Now I am told that the N95s are made in the states or Canada and have to meet the highest level filtration etc and are for the medical professionals, first responders etc. And the KN95 are the best (highest level of filtration) we. the public can buy. I have purchased KN95s in both Mexico (from a pharmacy lakeside) and up north on line from Amazon (I think) Please correct me if the info
  5. What are these surgical masks rated at? KN95 or N95? Apparently there is a difference.
  6. How is what? Tech service? I have never needed it. I learned how to use a phone when I was a little kid. And I already know what to plug the various cables into. There are only a couple. One that goes to the router and one goes to the phone. Oh and because the phone is wireless, I have to plug that into the power. It is all so basic and simple.
  7. Yes it was. I was trying to figure out or find something to enjoy. I think Angus is just teasing us
  8. I think you could port that Alberta phone # from the very expensive Vonage account to an Ooma account and start paying much less for, as far as I know, the same service.
  9. Greengo Ambret. You are something else. You are so entertaining. Too bad most of it is BS. Have a great day Greengo. And keep on posting those weird and funny messages.
  10. I hope you are wrong Rick. I was thinking that us old folks get out shots right after the first responders, hospital workers, Doctors etc. and that might mean as soon as early January 2021.
  11. Because per recommendations and/or regulations I am staying in my condo 24/7. Except when shopping for food, picking up Rx's at the nearest pharmacy or checking my mail on the first floor of the building my condo is situated in. It's even being recommended that Thanksgiving get-togethers be canceled. No problem have a Thanksgiving dinner with those who live in your home but not with relatives and/or friends from other areas, be that area down the block or in another state.
  12. I'm in Seattle, so I am going by memory here. but I seem to remember getting a large 20 peso coin, maybe a year or two earlier and I put it in my old coin jar to save. If I were in Ajijic, I could look. It's one of those, I think I have one, kind of sort of memory, us old farts sometimes have. In that jar I have an old 5 peso coin from maybe the 70s that is almost as large. On another matter; I sure hope the medical folks start giving out Coronavirus vaccine shots soon. This hypochondriac is getting terribly bored up here in rainy Seattle. The second I get that shot or two, I will be m
  13. I wish you the best Pedro. Thank you for all of your interesting posts and great pictures. Keep on fighting
  14. I don't think you mean 10 gigabits. That would be terribly fast. Don't you mean 10 megabit down?
  15. Most phone books lakeside have the Mexican number needed to dial to reach a north of the border 800 number. Sadly I am in Seattle and my older two Mexican phone books show conflicting information. So I can not help you.
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