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  1. I remember maybe 5 months ago when most or many of the experts where suggesting that it would be above 20 to 1 or even higher at this time of the year.
  2. I'm in upper West Ajijic, and have not heard a thing. I hope what ever is happening is not serious.
  3. Many of us got our CURPS more than 10 years ago. My original CURP card is in Black and white. It doesn't have to be in color does it?
  4. johanson


    Happychillin, over the years you have always included great pictures to your post. Thank you, happychillin.
  5. You don't recycle? It's been there more than 5 years. Maybe 8.
  6. Too funny, Computer Guy I didn't look what was written on the earlier posts, I just looked at the date posted.
  7. They are so cute. Sadly I already have 6 animals or I would be very interested..
  8. I looked at the first posts. About 15 of them were in 2010, a few in 2016 and now this month. No big deal. I just found it interesting
  9. And also some channels from the US, ie.3 or 4 from Detroit and Seattle, and one from fox Rochester, PBS Buffalo, and PBS Spokane. At least that is what the "on screen" schedule shows; what I do not know is if all of them are viewable down here.
  10. I also want my home town stations, something that Shaw Direct would do for me.
  11. That is so true, barcelonaman. Half of the bike riders seem to have their own driving rules. It's like they are contemplating suicide.
  12. But you are a Saint and thank you for your help, The score is now 10 to 3 in our favor. And as a Saint you must have helped a little. So do I have to start being nice to you? That is going to be so hard
  13. The Slainted Saint knows I am from Seattle. We do have a good time teasing each other, though .
  14. The game is broadcast on Shaw Direct and viewable down here for those with Shaw. It will be viewable live at 3:30 PM, our time, Sunday, on KING 5 TV which is transmitted on channel 240 on most Shaw receivers. Go SEAHAWKS!!!!!
  15. Yes, I simply delete the spam marking it spam, not trash. I use gmail and it works for me.
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