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  1. I checked in one of the local phonebooks and their number starts with 766. I tried phoning an after about 8 or 10 rings, I gave up. I hope this means they are in town and on the way to pick up their cute little Dog.
  2. Where in Chapala is the side window? Where do I pay? How do I get an appointment? Yes, I'm getting old.
  3. I used to always renew my Jalisco Drivers license on my own. It was quite simple to do, and probably still is. But as I get older and older, the process seems to be getting more and more difficult, (it's not) and I would like to find someone or some agency in or near Ajijic that will provide me (this old man) help, you know make copies of my bills, CURP and PERMANENTE card and walk me through the process of renewal. Any recommendations? My drivers license is about to expire. Thanks in advance for your recommendations
  4. Sure would love some photos. without photos there is little chance anyone will respond.
  5. Some of us actually need a 4 wheel or all wheel drive to make it home during the rainy season. Yes, I live at the top of a steep hill in Ajijic and during heavy rain, one can not make it up one section of the steepest part of the hill leading to my house unless they have 4 wheel drive. So, I need a 4 wheel drive. I never thought a 4 wheel drive vehicle would make a difference driving over, even the bumpiest cobblestones. What is most important over bumpy roads is the lift or sufficient space between the road and solid parts of the vehicle being held up above the road by the tires.
  6. All I know, is that the power is back on and when it was down it involved a single phase. (I hope I spelled that right). So whatever the problem it has gone away. Gosh, it is great to be back from the far north and fully vaccinated. I've been going out now to eat, twice per day. And there are not that many people at the local restaurants. Our breakfast group that used to go out 5 times per week, goes out about once per week, these days. Sadly most of the people, I know, who want to be vaccinated, have yet to get their shots. And most of those who have received their first shot,
  7. It's just after 4PM and the power is out in upper Ajijic. Anyone else having problems?
  8. johanson


    You seem confused, gringohombre. Relax, take a deep breath and read all of the posts again. It will help. May you have a great day.
  9. johanson


  10. It was back in 1997, when I first got a landline from Telmex. My home # was quite small. It was a total of not 10 numbers as it is today, but of 5 numbers and you were charged when making long distance calls from Ajijic to Joco. However, it was free to phone closer cities like San Antonio and Chapala. The phone numbers in Ajijic all started with the number 6 followed by a unique 4 digit number assigned to you. In Chapala the first number was always 5 followed by a unique 4 digit # to each Telmex phone client. I don't remember what it cost to phone the states in the 90s, but it was quite expens
  11. I am one of the lucky few who have almost never had a Telmex line or internet breakdown, so I do not remember the last time I had to make a service call. And therefore I have no recollection of ever having to make a service call. So I guess I can say that my Telmex is excellent. 🤑
  12. Yes I do. I bought my home in 1997 in upper Ajijic. I will be back Tuesday. I was up north getting my two Pfizer shots. And it took a little longer than planned.
  13. I've also had both Pfizer shots. I normally do not react negatively to this type of vaccine, and I didn't after the first shot, but some 24 days later, when I got my second shot, I didn't notice any strange feelings until maybe 1/2 a day later. At that time I began to feel tired and maybe weak and perhaps fuzzy headed. I guess that this is a good sign. Everything was OK 24 hours later. I am supposed to wait 2 weeks after the second shot for the vaccine shot to have fully activated my body to protect me, which is today. I wish you all the best and hope that we all stay healthy.
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