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  1. I am in Seattle for three months per year and am a heavy Amazon user up there. And I am a satisfied customer. And I did not know of the review function on the Amazon pages. I am always learning something new here on the Chapala Forum,
  2. YES. That is the same number I was given when visiting the hospital in early May PS I wasn't sick. I just wanted to see the setup. I was impressed and am glad to have a medical plan with Dr. Garcia.
  3. How about us men when we buy underwear, should we be allowed to try the product on? We come in different sizes as well. Edit: I am talking about size of ones waist, I think.
  4. It was first built in 1986 I am told. They have been living up the hill for years. My next door neighbor is even higher than I. Up north they have methods of collecting the water into street drains and try to remove excess street water so that no problem exists. Here one of the reasons they use cobble stone streets, is to handle the street water that way. I knew I could not afford to buy shoreline property along the lake. So I decided to go for view, and went up about as far as practical. I love my view and don't mind not hearing the loud Ajijic city center evening party noise.
  5. I live at the top of a steep hill in Ajijic. And thank God our streets are made of cobble stones, If the streets were paved and it was during a typical heavy rain, the water would go crazy rushing down the street. Luckily we have cobble stone streets which help control the downflow of rain.
  6. I too, have had great treatments and cancerous growth removal on my face at Dermika
  7. And Mexican savings time started on April 7th. And, yes, they did change their schedule at that time, What makes you think they didn't, cafemediterraneo?
  8. Can't an American still go to Cuba? Why not just leave from where we live, here in Mexico?
  9. Come on guys. I learn so much here. Then when things are just getting interesting, politics comes up and then the mods lock the topic. And yes I have very strong political opinions as well, and if I were to post them, not only would the string be locked but I bet I would be banned for life Please don't get this string get locked.
  10. Lezlie, the post you responded to was posted on March 11th, 2018.
  11. What a game. As said above, I had reasons to want both teams to win. This game was so close and so exciting to watch, also nerve racking. The best team won tonight and Golden State played so well that they had a good chance until the end to win. The second best team was so close. I could go on and on.
  12. Because of the great posts here, I have learned to be much more careful. Thanks all for the great information.
  13. But RV, that is the way they spell that word in Canada. Not true. I am .fibbing. You got me
  14. I am grandfathered in. I just renewed for another 5 years.
  15. Why don't you drop by Slainte. I am presently in my condo located between Vancouver and Seattle. Although I have satellite, I can pick up both the Vancouver and Seattle channels over the air. Which team am I hoping will win? I do not know. I like them both. I went to high school in the bay area, and now I live close to the Canadian boarder. I guess I am routing for the best team, whichever that turns out to be.
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