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  1. Greengo, I think that is the bobbie Lue, whose famous lakeside. Please be nice πŸ˜ƒ
  2. The Millet Oilers? What are they, tennis team, or is it ping pong? Only kidding. Just helping out my Calgary relatives.
  3. But as soon as we, they, or in my case, I get my second shot on April 13th, I will make reservations from Seattle to come back home to Ajijic. (I am scheduled for my first shot on March 20th up here in rainy Seattle.)
  4. Hey Mainecoons, what is DAC these days? You know the DAC rate per KWhour? I suppose I could ask Mr. Google but I was hoping someone would remember or know what it is lakeside.
  5. But you are so fun, Greengohombre . Please, keep on posting, greengohombre
  6. Thank you Go Solar, for sharing this photo. A 3 year payback? That is fantastic. That sure, is a lot better than it was when solar systems first arrived lakeside back around 2007, say I guessing the year up here in Seattle waiting for my Corona Vaccine shots before returning home to Ajijic πŸ˜ƒto
  7. I thought I understood Global Warming. I thought it meant only that the earth was getting warmer and that high temperatures were going to be slightly higher each year on average. Boy, was I surprised to learn it also meant extra cold weather like much of the US and especially in the Texas area. Gosh I was so wrong.
  8. I promise you that slainte39 knows what he is talking about when it comes to mail to and from the states.
  9. You make a good point. I never thought of it that way. Thanks for your comments
  10. I was glad to hear the good news that the spread of the virus is slowing down
  11. Another alternative which is located in Ajijic, is Sol Y Luna. According to the phonebook, their # is 376-766-5870
  12. I think Costco sold, maybe still sells, these overly heavy bags of Kittie litter, which years back I did not think was that heavy. Boy, have things changed as I grew older and older and ................
  13. johanson


    Yes, at the beginning his pizzas were great. I was sad when things got worse.
  14. I call him greengo However, I think goofy is better. Or maybe goofy duck? I do not know
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