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  1. I just went to Pancho's new and much larger Deli Market. It was fantastic. It is so much better than anything else lakeside. He did say it was a SOFT opening and that means that not all of the shelves are totally stocked. But things are getting closer to totally filled. There were many many clients and the lines were long. But the staff worked as fast as they could. Again, it is so much better than Superlake. You have got to take a look. It is just east and same side of the street as Clinica Maskaras. He is going to do very very well.
  2. johanson

    Large wood desk $500 pesos

    A picture would help sell this product.
  3. johanson


    My CFE bill has always been sent to the address receiving the electricity which is my home. I do not know if you could have it sent to a different address. You can also go on line and check latest account billing and usage. The online billing information is usually available a day or two before I receive my bill at my door via mail. My property manager always pays my bill so I will let someone else recommend whether it is better to pay in person or online
  4. In Seattle one can not use plastic sacks or bags, and we have to buy paper bags for 25 cents per bag or bring our own. And it is working. We keep on using the same bags many times over until they wear out. The bags then go into the recycle bin which in our condo is picked up weekly. (We fill 3 to 4 large bins per week for a 120 unit condo).
  5. johanson

    Potholes riberas

    Too funny HenryLaxen. I would be afraid to try painting that. But it actually might work. I don't know whether to smile of frown
  6. johanson

    Grout sealing

    Good question. I have been here twenty years and wondered why they added more grout but never a sealer. Sure hope they have a good product here.
  7. johanson

    How to call 1-800# with cell phone?

    It is the same. the LCS phonebook will give you the telephone numbers if you need help.
  8. johanson

    Coming home

    It's great to be back home. 21 years ago, when I first started coming down here. I never thought I would be calling lakeside, in my case, Ajijic home. Now I can't imagine ever calling Seattle or anywhere up north, home. I say again, it is great to be back.
  9. johanson

    Telmex Arcadyan Modem questions

    Not that is that important but it is 2.4 and 5. Sorry as I sit here at the airport flying back to Lake Chapala, I can not help you but I bet Mike the Computer guy can.
  10. johanson

    Hector's email

    Remember, that the keyboards are different in Mexico. So it would make things easier for Hector if he had a Spanish Language keyboard. Remember they have a few different letters than us. The only one I can think of right now is the n and the n with a ~ over it.
  11. johanson

    Coming home

    Gosh I can hardly wait to leave to Seattle and return to Lake Chapala tomorrow. Normally there are all kinds of posts. But the forums are almost dead. Absolutely no activity. I sure hope I have internet when I come home Wednesday. I checked the weather station and the weather is not that bad, and they have internet. Just checked several Facebook accounts as well. Very little activity. Oh well, I'll get over it.
  12. I noticed the music was quite loud in the morning, but when I would return for lunch on the first floor at Salvador's or Chopsticks that the volume was not noticeable around noon. Someone said the noise was turned down before about 10 AM. When is the music loud? Only in the early morning?
  13. My suggestion is, if possible, schedule flights that allow you to come at a better hour, you know not so late or early, something I can do when commuting between Seattle or Vancouver and Guadalajara. When it wasn't possible I chose to stay overnight at a stop-over that landed in the early evening, and then took an earlier flight the next day that landed mid day in Guadalajara.
  14. Remember that when you have to use a VPN, often the internet speed is somewhat to greatly reduced, depending on which one you use.
  15. johanson

    Men's electric shavers

    I have never used pre-shave oil with an electric razor. I don't even know what it is.