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  1. johanson

    Shaw High Definition

    We all make mistakes
  2. johanson

    Shaw High Definition

    And that third "station". actually a satellite sends a rather focused signal to Canada with some signal strength reaching as far south as perhaps San Francisco, CA, but not as far south as Mexico.
  3. johanson

    Telcel messages

    "Text the word Baja to the number 2222" as Frijoles suggested above" It works on my iPhone
  4. johanson


    About 1/2 of what he posted was very entertaining. But there was another side of him that seemed to be breaking the forum rules, as posted. I know that one time when I went way too far over the line that I was given a 2 or 3 week posting ban. And I hate to admit it, but I truly deserved it. If that is what happened to him, maybe when he comes back he will show his fun side. I sure hope so
  5. johanson

    Telcel messages

    Have you tried responding with "Text the word Baja to the number 2222" as Frijoles suggested above? It works.
  6. Just go on line and check your CFE bill or if you have not set that up, you can still go to the CFE home rates information page, and it still shows 75 for the first and 65 KWH for the second step. So yes it is still 150 and 130 for two months. Oh and for the exact charge per KWH, we are in the Tariff 1 zone. It has been the same for ages. And having solar does not change the 150 and 130. Having solar lowers the amount of power you consume from CFE, not the charge per KWH schedule.
  7. It has been that way for many years 75 then 65 or for two months the first step is 150 and second 130. Pretty sure it has been that way for ten or more years. If I remember, when I come back to Mx next week, I can check back even more years.
  8. johanson

    Telcel messages

    When I get messages from advertisers, I simply reply using the BAJA word and that organization stops sending me these messages.. How do you do that? When I forget, I find someone much younger, like my gardener or maid to do it for me. It works.
  9. I have my panels cleaned perhaps every 4 weeks, depending on the time of the year. And with less sun during the previous months, it would be normal to need to use more electricity from CFE.. I just checked my CFE bill on line for the period 11 Dec to 11 Feb. and I generated fewer KWH than normal, but because I had two extra panels installed, I still generated slightly more than I used. So my bill is/was as always $46 to $47 pesos. I also checked the per KWH rate for our area which is tariff 1. and there were no major changes. Shown below are the monthly rates for lakeside, as long as you are not in DAC for February, Remember that CFE charges you for at least 25 KWH per month whether you use any electricity or not. Therefore the minimum charge is 50 KWH times $0.779 pesos per kilowatt hour plus 16% IVA or about $47 pesos for two months. Consumo básico 0.799 por cada uno de los primeros 75 (setenta y cinco) kilowatts-hora. Consumo intermedio 0.964 por cada uno de los siguientes 65 (sesenta y cinco) kilowatt-hora. Consumo excedente 2.824 por cada kilowatt-hora adicional a los anteriores.
  10. johanson

    Shaw High Definition

    I am not in Mexico. I am visiting up North where Shaw channels are changing but most are working. Am I hearing that even with the newer 600 and 800 series receivers that there are no channels available lakeside? Is no one getting Shaw Direct down there? I sure hope I do not have to give up Shaw when in Mexico. But when Shaw moves all of it's channels to Anik-G1, we wont be able to get Shaw anymore down south.
  11. johanson

    Shaw High Definition

    I upgraded up north and today many of the standard definition channels and the audio or music channels are gone. I am guessing that just like Shaw said they are transferring all of their signals from the two older satellites, Anik F1r and Anik F2 which were launched around 2004-5 to the newer satellite Anik G1 which was launched in 2013. And of course sadly the signals from that satellite are better focused on Canada and only reach as far south as maybe San Francisco CA. but certainly not to Mexico. ' They say the average life of a satellite these days is 15 years and sadly it would make sense for Shaw to upgrade to MPEG-4 which uses less bandwidth and stop using satellite bandwidth for both SD & HD feeds on only transmit HD signals therefore decreasing the number of channels needed. That way they and with higher compression, they can move all of their signals from the two older satellite to the new one that doesn't reach Mexico. I sure hope this is not what has happened. But if you are all only getting 3 channels on Shaw, all saying upgrade, it would appear that we shall no longer have Shaw in Mexico.
  12. johanson

    Shaw High Definition

    What Satellite Service are you using. Shaw Direct, Dish etc?
  13. johanson

    Our adventure with the Mexican FCC

    In many countries, and I believe in Mexico as well, if the power of the transmitter is less than 10 or 2 or 1 Watt, it is not illegal. It is called a repeater. I bought one that is legal in the US that has an output power of one watt and can be picked up much like the station we have in Ajijic. Say I from rainy Seattle where I have said repeater. So this repeater we are able to hear when I am in Ajijic could very well be legal, I do not know. I for one hope it's still working when I return next week.
  14. johanson

    need info on renewing US passport

    Cricket, when I made that same error years ago, someone corrected me to, and I appreciated the information given. Al Berca was most likely trying to be helpful. I've been here 21 years now and am still learning about Mexico. And although I speak Mexican Spanish, sadly I accidentally use a lot of street slang. And people are always correcting me. The more I am corrected the better Spanish I speak. And I appreciate the help. Have a great day, say I from the rainy and snowy north for five more days.
  15. I suppose it maybe should have gone somewhere else, but I greatly appreciated the opportunity to read this posting; something I might not have done were it posted where-ever that should have been posted.