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  1. The pictures did not show up on my screen. I guess I don't have Visar, whatever that means :). I went to Mr. Google and he said Search & Rescue History In 1988, at the request of the Government the group of people running the informal search and rescue service was ... VISAR - Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org › wiki › VISAR en.wikipedia.org › wiki › VISAR Cached Similar VISAR may refer to: Acronyms. Velocity interferometer system for any reflector, a velocity measurement system; Video Image Stabilization and Registration,
  2. I did a speed test and I was getting 3 mb/sec down, even though when I went into the modem it was still set at 19 down. I would usually get about 15 or 16 down, but not today Well a little Telmex is better than no internet
  3. Mine was down too and I was connected to my back up ISP, IZZI cable. Because of what was posted here, I rebooted my Telmex modem, and instead of a red light, I got a green light. Thanks for the tip Alpha1.
  4. I'm in upper West Ajijic. And my Telmex Infinitum has been off most of the time since I got back to Mexico Sunday Morning.. The phone works fine. And like I posted above, I have IZZI cable as a backup, which I am using now.
  5. How about Opiere Solar at 376-766-6148. At that is the Tel # in the phone book. They are a good company
  6. You folks do keep me entertained. I say that with a friendly smile on my face.
  7. Leaving from Seattle this morning. I will be traveling from the Guadalajara Airport to Ajijic this evening. If they are on the road at that time, I will post what happens. Can hardly wait to get back to what I now call home, Ajijic.
  8. An interesting fact about how the Corona Virus is already impacting many retail store in Seattle. I went to three stores looking to buy Corona Beer, so I could play a practical joke on my GP when I visited him later this afternoon. All of the stores were sold out of Corona Beer. I guess there are a lot of practical jokers out there.
  9. Up here in Seattle, I am told that a maid service charges you $30 US or so per hour for cleaning. When friends in my Condo ask me how much I pay in Mexico, I say about 60 per hour. I don't mention that I m talking pesos. And whether I get 17 to 1 or 20 to 1, it's darn cheap compared to Seattle, where I have to clean my own condo
  10. I just checked Spot rate (half way between buy and sell) at the peso seems to be getting stronger when comparing to a US dollar. At this moment it is 18.4323. Gosh, a while back, we were getting more than 20 pesos per US dollar.
  11. I remember the Swine Flu lakeside very well. Before I could check in at the airport to fly up for a visit to Seattle, they had to take my temperature. No problem, I passed and flew for a visit in Seattle. What I remember most was that Mexico actually had people at the airport checking ones temperature. (At least that was so at the Guadalajara Airport)
  12. Yes, I too have had great experiences with Dr. Haro and his staff.
  13. Yes, I am rather scared, after what has been happening with some banks in Mexico, and that is why I am allowing my Mexican Brokerage account to get smaller and smaller. And I am keeping more of my brokerage retirement account up north.. That is I am drawing funds only from Mexico and not from the US and only wire small amounts when the exchange rate is above 20. I got 20.4 or 20.5 last time, So you know it was a while back
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