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  1. Thanks again,I guess I have and old manual,lol,:)
  2. Thank you very much,that surely will help. After a thorough reading of the pvr´s manual this morning I found this(page5) : "When installing your HDDSR, 1 direct coax line is required to connect to your satellite dish or multiswitch. If you have an HDPVR, 2 direct coax lines are required. The HDPVR will not function if only 1 line is connected. " I guess that is old information.I didn´t know about that tweak in the configuration, thanks again.
  3. Please some advise:A new customer of mine from Cabo San Lucas asked me to check his satellite tv signal because he just moved to another place and in this new place he wasn´t getting some channels that he was getting before.We went over there,his set up: One 75E dish with 2 630 pvr´s .We checked the dish(a 75E antenna) ,it had a 60 xKU lnb!, we corrected that, realigned it, one of the pvr´s got all the missing channels back, but the other one didn´t, but we noticed that this receiver had only one of the 2 satellite inputs wired and therefore connected, could this be the cause of the missing channels?How does a pvr operate with only one tuner input connected?Regards and thanks in advance
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