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  1. I am very surprised how the local taxi and private drivers are handling this.
  2. Yep they are replacing the existing ones before they fall down.
  3. Chillin do you have it delivered to your home address?
  4. Considering they already own the USA it is the next step.
  5. After the current construction boom then you will see an abundance of handymen as in the past.
  6. He should do well in that location. Smart move.
  7. My dog loves Orson and crew. They do a great job.
  8. On the west side of th Pantheon.
  9. Yes CG tha intersection is extremely dangerous. Many near misses of cars,motos and people.
  10. Do you have a picture. I am looking for a steel door also. TIA
  11. Are they going into where Pepe and Aurora were?
  12. Did not see any activity today?
  13. He has done numerous projects at my home over about 7 years. No complaints. Because of all the new construction sometimes he is hard to get.
  14. I enjoyed La Pacena's tacos more.
  15. I went to costco last week. It was 70 going and another 70 coming back.
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