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  1. Before you emailed the cms 1763 form back did you have to visit face to face with a rep?
  2. Can cartons of egg whites be found locally? tia
  3. It was a great experience! Congratulalations to Pancho. I may never leave Riberas!
  4. Hi Brian Will you be available on Nov 19 thru 23. Can you house and pet sit at that time. Bob & Linda
  5. Harry you need to get out more. There are more than you think.
  6. Certainly one of the least enforced traffic laws.
  7. Where is Aguagente located? TIA
  8. Found ours at the little store just to the east of Bancomer and across from the Ajijic plaza.
  9. Geeser at least it wasn't your spare tire. I had mine taken from under my pickup during a wash at another very popular place I have not gone back to in 6 years.
  10. Did anyone come up with the rotten egg smell solution? Besides the hot water heater. TIA
  11. Has anyone seen any countertop icemakers locally or in Guadalajara? TIA
  12. Actually that is part of what I am looking for. What brands did you decide on? I have read so many negative reviews so I would appreciate your input. I realize I will probably end up ordering from Amazon. TIA
  13. Has anyone purchased a portable countertop ice maker locally or in Guadalajara?
  14. Easy solution fair to all concerned! NO DOGS ALLOWED! Problem solved!
  15. So what is to become of the property?
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