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  1. Please report how the transaction thru Transferwise goes. TIA
  2. Also in May! Of course remember the operation cost. Invest in solar otherwise you may faint when you receive your CFE bill. LOL!.
  3. I have 2 and we use them when we need too. Really comes in handy on these cool evenings.
  4. Don't they hand weave bedspreads and blankets across the street from Cuisinarts?
  5. I took all the expired ones off because they were blocking my view. I only have current stick ers in my rear left window.
  6. At Walmart the prices are sometimes not changed in the computer usually resulting in a higher prices at the checkstand.
  7. I love the store buttttttttttt-Some things are SL priced!
  8. Actually a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of agua first thing daily works great! I was on prilosec for along time now I have no problem.
  9. Sayers is just east of the Pemex in Riberas.
  10. Ranatadina available here.
  11. Anyone had their metal doors and window wrought iron painted lately? What paint did you use? Having a rust problem. If you were satisfied please let me know who you used.. Gracias
  12. Did they email you the form after you requested it and you emailed it back? Please share the email address for SS in Guadalajara. TIA
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