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  1. Just got the 500 peso limit at Riberas. Long line but well organized. Only took 20 minutes. Thanks Tom!
  2. CG are you referring to earth?
  3. Next door to Sherwin Williams paint store. Across the street from the gym and Dr Youcha.
  4. As you go in the front door do you go straight ahead to the main counter or do you go to the right?
  5. So do we have to wait until we get to the teller to find out what our taxes are?
  6. Where is the Bambu restaurante in Riberas?
  7. Jonny you truly are in trouble!!! lol!
  8. Dominos is moving in that direction also.
  9. I live closeby and I totally avoid that area. Extremely dangerous. When they put the speed bumps infront of 7-11 it was enforced then it was ignored and that is now another dangerous spot. Also cars for sale park ed on the west side of San Juan turns that portion into basically a blockage of traffic coming off of Hidalgo.
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