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  1. Respectfully Harry I have been here 5 years and never heard that before.
  2. Riberas has the most neglected streets in the area. There are potholes as big S your swimming Pools!
  3. The worst and most neglected streets are in Riberas. Without a doubt! There are potholes as large as your swimming pools that stay filled with water and you almost have to swim across.
  4. Maybe we could move all the signs from Chapala to Ajijic then maybe they would get confused and spend money here instead of Chapala.
  5. Wait till the hotel goes in next door. Curve, crest of hill, many places to go on and off road=accidents. Probably will be safer to go thru Chapala?
  6. Yummy I will be back---need fans--- too hot inside
  7. These are wonderful people. My rescue dog absolutely adores them.
  8. I agree with gringal!!! I would rather support the local mechanics and tire shops.
  9. Wilkie from what I read it costs more than a regular debit card to use and you are charged 3 percent foreign transaction fee?
  10. Do they have brunch daily? Do they have a menu online? Thanx
  11. SunshineyDay


    Didn't Christian used to have Funky Munkey?
  12. SunshineyDay


    Do they serve pizza?
  13. Were you a bean or brussel sprout? Arelio's ribs are very good!
  14. Haven't you guys figured out that this how microsoft keeps all their nerds employed? Their operating systems are always flawed.
  15. SunshineyDay


    Where is Alex's pasta bar?
  16. If you have no prior criminal record what steps would you have to take?
  17. It appears to be the French version of Bocce Ball. Both have been around a few centuries. Never heard of Petanque until now. Looks like it would be a fun game.
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